Luxury Prefab by Marmol Radziner in L.A. Is Listed for $2.5M - sliding room dividers

by:EBUNGE     2019-07-08
Luxury Prefab by Marmol Radziner in L.A. Is Listed for $2.5M  -  sliding room dividers
Modernist fans in Los Angeles have a new object of admiration on the Street: $2.
5 million luxury pre-built houses in the local firmMarmol Radziner. The three-bedroom, 2,637-square-
Walking home is just a few steps from Hollywood Boulevard and just a block from Runyon Canyon, combining the best Los AngelesA.
Both in construction and entertainment--
And provide enough privacy for those journalists. shy.
This square mat is tucked away in a private closed street with only eight homes, offering eye-popping
Enjoy the view from every room in the House and the thin deck with a thin swimming pool.
Here you can look at the world without yourself-
So Jason Oppenheim, a listing agent for the Oppenheim Group, said the space is popular with celebrities and they also like to be "behind the Gate ".
"They also like the idea of living in their own winner's house ---
The home won the AFLA design Green Award in 2009.
Marmol Radziner--
A company founded by architect Leo Marmol and Ron Radziner-
Special Repair high
Introduce vintage homes and create pre-made hymns of modernism, including this home known as the "Hollywood hybrid.
Constructed of steel, glass and concrete, mainly in factories (
Basement not included as base)
, The tan tower is delivered and assembled by the crane.
Its prefabricated structure brings a lot of ecology.
Friendly benefits including 3-
Kilowatts of solar panels, floor radiant heating, wall insulation made from recycled Cowboys and flooring-to-
Ceiling windows with natural ventilation (no AC needed).
Gold is home--
The second certification
Highest rating from the United StatesS.
Committee on green building
The entire space offers an amazing accent, including indoor
Outdoor living space with sliding doors and plenty of light-
Shades of kitchen cabinets and spacious buildings covering the entire wall
Ins in the bedroom
The sliding divider separates the living and entertainment spaces, providing privacy at night, and providing extra space and relaxation for visitors during the day. In the resort-
Like a white main bathroom
The bathtub on the wall snuggled up on the picture window overlooking the trees, and the glass shower provided plenty of room for the long relaxing steam.
The sun in Southern California is rarely more than a few steps away, and each floor is decorated with wooden planks, providing enough space for several airy reading corners. s.
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