lighted room divider/privacy screen - room divider wall with door

by:EBUNGE     2019-08-31
lighted room divider/privacy screen  -  room divider wall with door
After being completely frustrated with the price of these things, I created this simple light room partition/privacy screen.
My parents are going out for a trip and we plan to have them sleep on the futon in the office but our office has a big entrance with no doors.
This room partition is perfect for their trip here!
I also plan to use it as a privacy screen on my backyard patio when we entertain guests.
This Instructure requires minimal woodworking skills and no sewing experience!
Let's start! -2X2 @ 8 ft. lengths X 7 (cost = $13. 09)
Hot glue guns and lots of glue sticks-Scissors-Clamps-
3 packages100 count in white or color string lights of your choice (cost = $14. 37)
DingTalk guns and DingTalk
Kreg fixture or bag hole clamp and bag hole screw-
3 cloth shower curtain 72 in. X 72 in. (cost = $42. 72)Sandpaper (
100 sand, 150 sand, 220 sand)-
Matte polyurethane-6 door hinges (cost = $7. 14)Power drill-
Total cost of Mittal saw, fixture saw, round saw or hand saw = $77. 32 (
This may vary depending on if you have certain items already in my garage, such as polyurethane, glue gun, Kreg fixture and screws, and nail gun)
I regret not taking more photos in the process, but I will be as detailed as possible.
I want to cover the width of about 6 feet.
The overall size of each panel is 72 in. H X 28 in. W.
First cut 6 of 2x2 s to a length of 6 ft.
This will be the side of each panel.
2 feet left.
Pieces of each cut will be the top and bottom of each panel.
You may need to trim them a little so that their length will match according to how accurate the store is. Great!
Now we cut our parts to a certain size.
The next step is to drill 4 pocket holes at each 2 feet.
One piece, two ends and two pieces on the same side.
To create a frame, queue 2 ft.
The top has 2, 6 feet ends.
Make sure there are side blocks with pocket holes inside the frame (
Orientation down if the frame is upright)
Clip them in place
Fix the joint with pocket hole screws on both sides.
Next, measure 12 inch up from the bottom of the leg and mark it with a pencil on each side.
Line up a 2 ft.
Part with 12 inch mark on the bottom, pocket hole facing down and clamping.
Fix the joint with pocket hole screws on both sides.
Now you have your frame!
Repeat this process for each panel.
After your frame is built, give them a good polish to remove any rough places and make them visually more attractive.
If the wood is very rough, start with 100 or 60 grains.
Next, enter 150 sand.
You can polish with finer sand if you want, but I find that it doesn't make much difference. Next, apply 2-
3 polyurethane coating for sealing and protecting wood.
Remove any rough spots with 220 of sand after the first coating.
For drying time and re-application, be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions.
First, test your lights to make sure they work properly.
When connecting the lights, make sure to leave enough wires in order to be able to plug them into the socket on one side and be able to connect to the next panel on the other side.
Connect the lights with a DingTalk gun.
You have some freedom to try and make it look like you want, but be sure to tighten the connections so they don't hang too loose.
When you put the fabric on later, this can lead to odd bumps and make the overall look a bit odd.
Now is the time to add fabric!
Some people may be able to find fabric that is cheaper than the shower curtain I used, but I found that for the size I needed, it was the easiest to buy at the time.
You may notice that your shower curtain is a bit wrinkled outside the package.
I ironed my three after my first cut.
It's really an eye-catching thing for me because I know my size inside the frame is 60. H X 24 in W.
Each side of the panel.
Because there are 72 shower curtains. X 72 in.
, One will cover both sides of each panel.
I make sure to leave myself an extra few inches on each side for playing and connecting the top and bottom.
It helps to make your initial cut a few inches larger and then keep it on the frame to see where you need to make adjustments.
Do not cut the size precisely, it takes at least 1 inch to create the seam.
When you cut the shower curtain to the right size, you may realize that the end you cut begins to wear out.
Some of you may want to fix this by sewing the seams to make it look professional, but I am not a tailor!
I did a little experiment with fabric glue and other types of adhesive, but I found that the fastest and easiest thing to do is hot glue.
I just applied the hot glue on the end of the worn fabric and folded it about 1/4-1/2 inch.
In order to better control the folds and make the seams no folds, I work in small parts.
Work all the way up and complete the seams.
Once your seam is done, place the frame on a table or work space and align the top of the fabric so it covers 1/2 of the top of the frame.
Hot glue the fabric together and carefully match the fabric to one side inside the frame.
Now move down to the bottom and tighten the fabric.
Mark a cutting line above 2 ft at the bottom of the frame on 1/2. bottom piece.
Cut on the fabric and glue to the bottom with heat.
When you glue the fabric down to get a cleaner panel look, be sure to stretch the fabric.
Repeat this step with another part of the fabric of the first shower curtain on the other side of the panel.
Repeat these steps for the other two panels.
Connect the door hinge by equally spacing three of them on the frame and marking the hole with a pencil. Pre-
Drill holes and attach hinges with the supplied screws.
For accordion folding room partition/privacy screen, make sure to attach a set of hinges to the other side of the full frame as the first set of hinges. Congrats! You're done!
In any case, you can turn off the lights during the day, or turn off the lights at night and enjoy your new house partition/privacy screen. :)
Extra Special super bonus use! ! ! !
Bring this portable privacy screen to your terrace for a night's entertainment in the backyard.
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