Les Zyg beckons; the fries are French - room divider on wheels

by:EBUNGE     2019-08-06
Les Zyg beckons; the fries are French  -  room divider on wheels
Zygomates is a labyrinth of French entertainment.
French fries, French fries with flying out.
The poster celebrates tytingjie and other spirits;
In France, a hostess chatted on the phone.
The zinc bar on one side of the cafe has a ladder fixed on the wheel and the ladder goes over a pile of wine bottles --
Our library.
There is also a small booth at the back, a hallway to more restaurants, and another bar.
On Friday night, they smoked, drank and sang Blues at the bar by Sir Les Zyg.
However, as a thin singer in a suit and sunglasses, there is nothing in the mood except indigo.
After months of renovations, a sparkling new bar track and some banquet seating now separate the restaurant from the bar scene.
There is a glass partition on the railing with a red light hanging on it, which looks suspicious, like a sneeze guard in the salad bar, only it is upright.
It can do this.
"A standing bar crowd really doesn't exist because there's someone's back end on the diner's face at the table in the bar," chef --
Boss Ian just said.
We had a meal at the cafe because there was no reservation.
This place is stuck;
The staff flocked in all directions.
Garcon, who we don't agree with, is ready for our order and is beautiful enough to have his own reality show.
But notice we are reading the bar menu carefully
$7 snack list per serving
He tends to remind us: "Just to let you know that you can't order at the table.
"We just wanted to see the drinks.
Fortunately, we can have one of them.
When our waiter describes a glass of espresso orange juice Martini, Jundu coffee and Italian espresso in an ice-cold martini Cup, we take it as a warning.
We sent it to the hatch with a dozen oysters and a plate of escargots, and the meat was drowned in butter.
Joe helped demonstrate how to mash the hard crust French bread into the cup of the snails to capture the remaining garlicky butter.
Crispy haricots with whipped cream and a plate of short ribs;
They are completely French and it is difficult to match this side of the pond.
This product is a very rare product, but the carrots that come with it are very delicious.
While the steak is a bit chewy, fried food is everything they should do, crispy and seasoned.
Tatt Tating is disappointing, apple and a mushy shell.
Joe claims this is a distortion of the classics, it is named after the sisters of the Ting who put the pie down, which is why it is turned upside downdown.
Chocolate hot pot makes up for this.
Les Zyg can be addictive and when we come back with a friend on the evening of the week, Bartender Christine greets us as a friend.
She asked us what wine we liked instead of the standard "What will you have ".
"We want something very red and very French, but the pomade Castle is not the same as our UN.
French snack: Olive shrimp, hummus, with fried dumplings.
The bar menu launched last summer offers a rare opportunity to have a vino that is twice as expensive as you eat.
We assume that the kitchen did not try to properly feed us with anything on this list: cheese plate, fried food, charity food, shrimp, hummus and shumai.
Just to admit that this is not all French: "French food is not very suitable for bar meals. . . .
I am in Chinatown so we bought these cool shrimp and shumai and we bought the products here.
"The Brotherhood is a must. have.
"When they weren't even on the menu, a lot of people were asking them all day, so I put it on," he said . ".
"I didn't go to cooking school all day to make fries, but that's what I seem to do.
"It's just a scathing plan, and his next plan is to issue an upcoming smoking ban for Boston restaurants, which will take effect on May 5.
He said: "We were annoyed by this matter, so on May 4 he would serve smoked salmon, smoked appetizers, cherries --
Smoked pork chops with salad and smoked bacon
There are, among other things, baked cream Brunley.
A "dressed exposed" cigarette head nurse will take out free cigarettes, roll paper, tobacco and cigars from the box, and the restaurant will donate money to the American Cancer Society.
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