kitchen organization made simple - build a room divider wall

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kitchen organization made simple  -  build a room divider wall
Do you need to sort it out?
This is an opportunity for you to organize your life because the "Early Show" has partnered with a truly simple magazine to launch the "Early organization" series.
Let's start with the kitchen.
Pots, napkins, cups, plates and other things in the kitchen will pile up and disrupt the appearance of the kitchen.
However, there are many ways to maximize the space of the kitchen with elegant storage options.
Kate Parker, a contributor to "really simple" magazine, shares her organizational skills and several products on the market to maximize the potential of your kitchen.
The following product description is prepared using the assertion provided by the manufacturer.
Popular news Google cloud service disruption missing connadik state mom Virginia Beach shooting protesters disruption Harris Oaks holding rectangular food storage Pop container (
Bed Bath and others)
Use this efficient rectangular food storage container to maximize space.
The air-tight seal can keep things fresh by just pressing a button.
This modular stacking system provides the best table top and food storage room organization.
The garage, playroom, sewing room are also very convenient.
Pop container for dry grain storage;
Microwave or freezer is not recommended. Hand wash.
Guarantee lifetime satisfaction. Price: $9. 99 -$14.
Make it transparent, Kate said.
The more you can see, the easier it will be to find what you need when you need it.
Many of us, coming home from the grocery store with a box of cereal, oatmeal and candy and throwing it into the cupboard, could take up such precious space.
Clear containers to help a cleaner pantry-
Not breathable means your food is fresher. Kamenstein 16-Spice Rack (CAN)
Bed Bath and others)
The rotating spice rack is designed with modern brushed metal and glass.
There are E-bottles of spices-
Z inverted shake function.
16 kinds of spices such as coriander, laurel leaf and pepper.
Measures 14 1/2 "height 7 1/2" diameter. Price: $39.
Integrate spices into a rotating shelf, which saves space and can easily grab what you need, Kate said.
Oom room mail sorting machine (
Storage Room)
The Oom room mail sorting program allows you to organize at any time to avoid Magazine and mail stacking.
Our sturdy faux leather mail sorter can help you classify your bills, invitations, catalogues, large magazines, etc as soon as you receive them.
Our mail picker is equipped with five compartments with pre-displayed windows-
Print to custom label.
The five compartments allow you to organize your mail, homework, notebooks and desk supplies in a convenient place!
Its vertical building maximizes surface space, leaving room for projects, bill payments, etc.
The faux leather design features white stitching, adding style and elegance to any home office space.
Can accommodate up to 9 "x 12" all mail in oversized envelopes.
Black, Brown, ivory and red. Dimensions: 9. 5" long x 7.
5 "wide x 9" high. Price: $29.
99 Kate said: kitchens often become "landing sites" or "command centers "--
Bills and random paperwork can cause losses at the otherwise orderly counter.
Check the paper with such a separate trash can.
Ultra Caddy (Container shop)
For practical products, our super caddies cannot be defeated.
In addition to the two deep compartments, the bottom and edges are reinforced for greater strength and longer life.
Fill it up with hand or cleaning supplies, gardening tools, pet beauty supplies, car wash essentials or tools. Price: $4.
Kate said: keep the product clean in one place.
Let them "catch-
So the housework is not so heavy.
When you need to do a little cleaning, you don't have to look around under the sink for all the right supplies, they are in one place. Lack Bookcase (Ikea)
Both sides are done.
Can also be used as a room partition.
Can be placed vertically or horizontally;
Suitable for use as bookcase and sideboard. Price: $129.
If you don't have enough space, Kate says. -create some.
The unused wall space can be turned into a custom "cabinet" with a simple bookshelf and basket as a drawer "!
Boja table lamp (Ikea)Handmade shade;
Each color is unique.
The shade of the bamboo, creating decorative light patterns on the walls. Price: $39.
Kate said: Light It Up-
The bright kitchen makes it easier to prepare for meals.
Kassett magazine box with lid (Ikea)
Including the label holder and paper;
Indicate the content for a simple overview.
The handle can easily pull out and lift the box. Price: $11. 99 for 2-
Kate said: Take advantage of every corner
The white storage box is a cheap way to use unused space above the Cabinet --
They "disappeared" on the ceiling so the room wouldn't feel cramped.
Basket on the beach (Pottery Barn)
Our beach basket is hand woven with sustainable natural fibers and is ideal for storage and lightweight handling.
Add a drip tray and you can also make a planter.
Hand-woven natural seaweed. Price: $89 -
$129 Kate says the basket is a lifesaver
A place to "dump" things without creating confusion.
Call it "include chaos" if you want ". It works.
Savannah practical basket (Pottery Barn)
Use our natural seaweed woven baskets to keep daily necessities at your fingertips while avoiding confusion.
Practical basket: 12 "square, 8" tall basket: 16 "wide x 13" deep x 10.
Woven from natural seaweed. Cut-
The handle makes the basket easy to carry.
Dimensions used with our studio ledge. Price: $29 -
The baskets are strong and have a handy handle, Kate said.
They can enter the shelves of Ikea and store glassware, plates, utensils, etc.
Blackboard wall decal (Art of wall candy)
When you use these amazing blackboard wall stickers in your room, you are a royal diva!
WallCandy®Decorative stickers are extreme in fashion form and function.
Write a note on the most beautiful reusable blackboard wall sticker!
Louis XIV has nothing in this amazing wall art!
Put it up and turn your room into a palace.
Each kit includes a 31 1/2x18 1/2 blackboard decal.
Including chalk.
Price: $36 Kate says grocery list and reminder notes are the backbone of any kitchen --
Give them a whimsical place to stick to with this fun Rococo-shaped removable chalkboard wall. Expand-a-
Cutlery tray (drawer)Container shop)
A large collection of tableware makes the placement of many drawers too lengthy. The Expand-a-
Drawer®The cutlery tray has compartments of various sizes for the separation and organization of tableware, gadgets and accessories. Our Expand-a-
Drawer®The organizer adjusts according to the width of the drawer in order to make a custom installation in an instant. Price: $17.
99 erasable food storage labels identify your frozen and refrigerated food through our erasable food storage labels, convenience and proof of fools.
Everything from the fridge or fridge to the microwave to the dishwasher is missing!
More care must be taken to ensure that the label does not fall off in the dishwasher and that the ink will not be difficult to remove --
Complete details are included in the package. The self-adhesive, non-
The porous label will not be applied and the ink will not sink and become permanent.
This pen is a good marker.
First, the label should be allowed to adhere for 24 hours before accepting a microwave, dishwasher or freezer.
Second, ink should be erased before microwave or washing dishes to ensure it is completely easy to erase.
The starter kit includes a marker pen and eraser.
Charging station for mobile phone/PDA (
Storage Room)
We all have the latest (and smallest)
The electronic devices that organize our lives.
But if we can't find them, or if the battery that is out of power in the conversation is out of power, what are the benefits of them?
With our charging station, you can say
Goodbye, there are multiple chargers and their ugly wires all over your desk.
You can check up to three items and collect a 10 "power strip neatly (Sold separately)
Invisible from behind the sliding door.
You can also install it on the wall with two drywall screws like a clock (included). Price: $29.
Kate said: there are always gadgets on the counter.
Collect them in one place and juice them with a charging station
The power strip installed inside will allow your phone, camera and MP3 player to charge at the same time.
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