kelowna cool: interior designer trisha isabey at home in her contemporary masterpiece - living room partition wall

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kelowna cool: interior designer trisha isabey at home in her contemporary masterpiece  -  living room partition wall
I believe that interior designers will create a home with perfect functions. Soaring 22-foot-
The designer, Trisha Isabey, uses the high living room wall as her canvas to break the blanks using the lights hanging from the sculpture and a Neuvo triple black rope pendant.
She introduced the color through works of art such as Peter Rich's Arizona Antelope Canyon photo taken above the da Vinci fireplace.
In the foreground, the stained Murano glass on Canadel credenza reflects the waves in the photos from the left bank art.
The textured orchid planting throughout the family is designed by wild Valentine's Day.
Detailed details of Babakaiff Photography/PNGWith, kelona-
Created a show according to the interior of interior designer Theresa Isabey isabbehome-
Worth living while satisfying the real
Life requirements of family of four
"I sat there and drew the home, and then I told my architect at Baxter Design that I wanted a winding house," Isabey laughed . ".
"That means I want the room to unfold to each other, not straight.
"And expand what they do as every room in 6,000 --square-
Foot high pointe home cleverly demonstrates the calculation of the next target, albeit tempting.
As you enter the house built by Harmony House, arteriors's huge ceramic Pop Art red cherry collection adds a delicious color and a rich wit to Okana's famous fruit and wine.
And then your chin fell.
Spectacular, open
The concept living room immediately brings the Valley and Lake Okanagan through the floor-to-
The ceiling window is two stories high.
Opposite is a floating glass and hardwood floor leading to the family bedroom from the second staircase.
Floor walks for birds
View of the entire main floor.
"I want to see the outside all the time from the front door," Isabey explained . ".
"I want a house with two things.
We like to have fun, so it is mainly built for our guests.
This means that the children's bedroom cannot be as close to the kitchen and dining room as it was in our last home, where the noise made everyone crazy because they went to bed very early.
The rest of the family are family.
So this is the perfect separation between the two.
"Caring for children aged 7 and 10 is also a priority, especially with a pool outside.
Rectangular kitchen with "take-out"
There is a counter with bar seating overlooking the pool.
Large accordion
Open the folding nano window so she can hear her kids playing with their friends --
And pass the snacks to the kids in wet bathing suits without having to let them run in.
"My goal is to make the kids as enjoyable as possible to be outside as they can be," she said . ".
Mini Green, a tribute to her husband Kevin, a former golfer, just adds to the fun of the outdoors.
A floating glass and walnut staircase leads to the secondfloor bedrooms.
Colin Jefferson Photography Studio
/PNGA Home Office also overlooks the outdoor pool, and will serve as a double duty in the guest room if the grandparents will need barrier-free facilities on the main floor in the future. “I’m a ‘no-
"Equipment mom, especially on the kitchen table, I want to make it as good as possible for the conversation," Isabey said . ". She and award-
Caroline Walsh, a Kelowna kitchen designer, plans to form a family
Friendly meeting place where four people sit together.
"We opened a meal nearby.
"Inlaid with hardwood floors from the island, it looks like a walnut floor flowing into the kitchen and living room," Isabey explains . ". High-
Glossy white cabinets balance with matte charcoal gray.
Use the wallpaper between fusion glass to implement the texture with an innovative combination as the tailgate.
"Dan Ransom of kelona Fusion glass works blends a European wallpaper called Mica between two pieces of glass and looks very interesting," Isabey said . ".
"First we did the experiment with the fabric, then I said, 'Let's try the wallpaper, 'and I brought him a dozen.
It's a cool idea because you don't have to worry about grouting lines and it's very easy to clean with Windex.
Isabey's intuitive artistic talent seems to have emerged from untapped creativity.
As a 15-year trade and investment consultant, five years ago, when a friend asked her to design a commercial exhibition suite, she turned her career to interior design.
As they say, the rest is selftaught history.
Her enthusiasm has grown to six.
An interior design company specializing in the luxury of business, residential and hotel life.
Don't worry about calling guests twice for dinner.
Dazzling hand of sculpture
Cut gold and white wax, crystal-
The ringed Vaasa pendant from Cameron design in London, UK, attracted everyone to the restaurant.
Isabey installed two wine fridges on both sides of one wall and made floating shelves on the other wall using airplane cables.
She won the Okanagan construction industry's 2018 gold tommi award for this innovative room design.
"I think I really planned the house well because it solved the lifestyle at all levels," she explained . ".
The open concept restaurant has various functions.
Isabey created hanging wall units using aircraft cables and designed the alder wood dining table.
White faux leather cushion for easy cleaningup. “The crystal-
The circular Vaasa chandelier was fantastic at night and I lit my hand from different angles --
Iron Whale candles carved on the shelves, "said Isabey.
Colin Jefferson Photography Studio
For example, the lower level is an open gathering space.
Concept home theater, a full gym for exercise and a large playroom full of toys and costumes for children to dress up.
On the second floor, the towering potted orchid sculpture container on the T-stand helps distinguish the space between the rooms.
"This part of the house is for the family," Isabey said . ".
The study of watching TV from home (
Small kitchen hidden behind partition)
Filled with framed baby photos through the hall, the space was unified to create a pushy sanctuary.
"You know, I like to take advantage of every room and in order to do that, you need to think about your lifestyle first," Isabey said . ".
"We want our children to grow up in this house --
I have already planned where their first car will be parked!
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