keep your home office looking like an office - room divider partition

by:EBUNGE     2019-08-04
keep your home office looking like an office  -  room divider partition
There are countless benefits to working from home-
I believe every entrepreneur, Freelancer and small business owner will agree with me.
But what about your client?
Are they as comfortable in your home office as in the standard office settings?
If the client is wary of seeing you at home, it is likely to be a "space" issue --
They don't want to invade your personal space, and they don't want to know too much about your personal affairs.
Here are 6 ways to make your home office look like an actual office: 1)
Set up a partition or other physical/visual barrier-your office space will look more like an office if you don't see other parts of your home, such as a kitchen or bedroom.
If there is no separate room in your work space, please set up a floorto-
Ceiling partitions like folding screens or room partitions.
Curtains or Wells
This can also be done with the bookcases placed, but keep in mind that your partitions should also help to suppress noise.
If your office has a separate room, try to get it close to the front door so that customers don't have to go through your entire house to get there.
Visual impairment will also serve as a psychological barrier to exclude your personal life from your business life for you and your customers. 2)
Personal items-
In my previous life, I was engaged in consulting and social work.
When it comes to personal items in your office area, I continue to use the therapist's rule of thumb: the less the better.
Personal items will reveal personal information, which will usually distract customers.
When they really should talk to you about business, they will think about your family life.
First of all, think about your personal life that you want your customers to know (
Again, the less the better. )
If you don't want them to know your age, marital status, or family situation, then leave those things outside your office that will show them this information. 3)Add Business-
Related decoration-as a follow-up-
Up to 2 above, replace personal items with professional items related to your business.
This can give your home office an advantage over a small room in a traditional office.
Personalize your space as your own designer.
Our business is a rare company of books and manuscripts, so it's an easy decision to make our "office" look more like a library.
When the customer enters our space, they will be shippedof-the-
Century library with period artwork and Tiffany-style lamps. 4)
We all like to work in pajamas.
Maybe no one is more than me! )
But nobody knows this except you.
Depending on your business, you may be able to stay casual, but dressing up doesn't hurt you either.
"Business Leisure" is still business-
This is a good barometer.
Wear the right clothes in any office.
Also: Put on your shoes.
Never make your customers feel like they need to "dress beautifully" for you ".
They will be uncomfortable or at least confused about whether or not they need to take off their clothes as well.
Keep on wearing shoes, even if you usually take off your shoes when you are at home. 5)
Don't make an appointment at obscene times-your flexible schedule is great for you and can even make a difference in the game.
Make sure your clients don't infringe on your private time.
They may visit you conveniently after five o'clock P. M. , but if you see a customer at any time during the day or at night, you will not set a good line.
This can be used by customers;
If they don't respect you as a professional, they are more likely to do other things that don't respect you, such as not paying you on time.
Your time is also part of your "Office Space --
Make sure you manage it properly. 6)Keep it Smoke-Free and Pet-
It's free, it's not just "not everyone is a cat"person” tenet—
Severe allergies may make the customer feel physically uncomfortable in your space.
This is also a consideration for the smell of your office.
Even if you remove cigarettes and pets from your space, they can let you know that they exist.
Although we want our puppies to meet all of our customers (
Almost as much as he wants to see them! )
We kept him in the bedroom at the meeting unless we were sure they wanted him around.
Now that your home office looks more professional, provide your customers with the benefits your family has to offer.
Get them a glass of water or a fresh one. brewed coffee.
Put their coats and bags in a comfortable chair.
The benefits of the Home Office can benefit your customers, not just yourself.
Working in a home office?
Any more suggestions?
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