kas-bah humbug! - room partition wall

by:EBUNGE     2019-08-18
kas-bah humbug!  -  room partition wall
If I could serve the stars, I would be happy to award five awards to girls who serve us at Occo.
She is lovely: Helpful
Happily crouching down to deal with a rocking table)
Can accommodate (
She made my date have nothing to do with time and space.
Smoking restaurant)
Natural sunshine, sweet smile.
I will give the Stars interesting materials they use to wrap the menu (
A kind of Plasticine, like a layer of J-
Cloth, are you interested).
I will give briouat an appetizer a star, a baby B 'stilla, which is very light and the shortbread is filled with the smell of wet chicken, almonds and cinnamon.
And steamed thick milk: damp, fluffy, full of the sweetness of figs and the crunch of roasted nuts.
But as for the next experience, I don't want to repeat it.
Your choice is to either eat in the bar area, one of the most noisy and comfortable places I 've ever met in a long time, hitting with a pile of hot food --off-the-
Follow the Olympic standard smoking belt junior suit and hear the roar through the trancey soundtrack-
Or downstairs, in a fancy dining area, a towering but tiny space that defines an imbalance.
You reach it by plow to the road behind the bar, along the stairs covered with rose petals.
A small square of amateur partition wall with a pile of small copper lanterns, Mats everywhere.
It looks like a low
Rent Linda Buck makeup.
The promotional material made us look forward to "a fine restaurant and bar ". Ahem.
I don't think so.
In addition to the delicious briouat, we didn't eat much, which caused the aroma of the Moroccan kitchen;
We would like to know if chef Ahmed Hamidi has played down the vivid spelling with concern for his British audience.
Take our squid as an example.
It's already deep, according to the menu.
Stir-fry with fresh vanilla and pepper batter with fennel and garlic.
Although the small ring is very tender and the batter is very light, I have no feeling for other ingredients.
Aioli should provide delicious flavor shock;
This is Hermann with weeds. alike.
Or this: harissa and pepper marinated lamb slices baked with honey caramel little onion and quince.
Sounds great, don't you?
Double the heat, first from harissa-
Hot Chili Peppers
Spice mix in North Africa-
If the initial explosion is not enough, use the extra pepper.
I'm not a big man. it-hot-
But all I got from this plate was a nasty sticky sweetness.
I'm trying to remember the duck we ate.
The duck breast is round.
It was filled with something damp. End of recall.
Review the menu and discover that it is the "pink" duck breast full of wild mushrooms and rasel-
Hanout is a typical vibrant spice mix that typically features nutmeg, ginger and cardamom, sometimes rose petals and sometimes fennel.
You will find this dish memorable. Wrong.
We insist on eating doughnuts in rose water and honey yogurt.
I know North Africa is a fort for sweet teeth, but these are all full of belly --
The shocking syrupy;
A heavy hand with rose water gave them a powerful explosion of grandma's rolling drawer.
I wish I could have more pudding.
Not good enough Moroccan restaurant in London
Mo, sometimes it may be summer or low-
Mahgreb and original slogan-
I have high hopes for Occo. Oh well.
Dinner for two, drinks, service fee is about 80.
51 Crawford Street
Tel: 020 7724 4991
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