Karl Lohnes: First impressions are everything when it comes to your foyer - room divider wall

by:EBUNGE     2019-07-19
Karl Lohnes: First impressions are everything when it comes to your foyer  -  room divider wall
Walking into your foyer, you and your guests should feel the good design and the feeling of everything in order.
The foyer should reflect your style, introduce your decor, and suggest what will be in your house.
It should be neat and organized, not just a place to drop and walk . . . . . . It's not a mud house.
A little special attention, these design tips will ensure that your first impression of your home is lasting.
The first thing you notice when you enter the foyer is the walls and doors, so add wow factor to these vertical surfaces.
Wallpaper is a great choice in a closed foyer or a focal wall.
Or from the main adjacent room, such as the living room, paint the wall of the foyer in accent color.
Bold use of colors can have an impact on tiny spaces and signal the future.
Don't forget the door: Consider adding paneling details (
I like to add a ventilated, reflective feel to the foyer with a French door with frosted glass).
Pay attention to the interior of your outer door and the door to the entrance to other areas;
Draw them a color other than white to increase the interest of ordinary interior buildings.
There is a 1950 room partition between your foyer and the living room, say goodbye to past trends, or simply leave a separate half wall to help define the foyer area from other rooms.
Seats, table tops and several drawers are on my list, regardless of size.
The foyer is basically a large corridor (
Often narrow and busy spaces)
So the furniture needs to be very thin.
Look for consoles, stools and start-up trays below 18 inch in depth. Choose double-
On-duty furniture in storage and style is provided: stools with shelves below;
A console with two drawers;
A bench with storage.
Make sure all the main furniture is similar in style, so it doesn't look like the small furniture leftovers in the basement.
Make sure all major works are similar in style-
Think of the space as if you were designing a room.
Durability and elegance are the first two things to consider for the floor.
Honed, The sealed stone is a great choice as it doesn't have as many scratches on the polished surface, and dirt and winter salt are easily wiped out.
The trend is to create less grout lines that allow the tiles to naturally dock to each other's appearance.
The color and tone of the foyer floor should naturally blend with the floor of the adjacent space.
For example, if you have dark walnut-colored wood flooring in the living room, the adjacent foyer floor should be a more durable option (like stone)
Similar colors and shades.
This will ensure a continuous hue that makes the area feel bigger without visual disruption.
Mirrors, not artwork, work in narrow rooms as they reflect natural light and visually expand the space.
They also offered you the last chance to take a look at it yourself --
Finish before leaving the house.
Mirrors can be used on wall closet doors, hung on walls, and even mounted on the ceiling of the foyer.
How to control coats, boots and backpacks is always a challenge in the front hall.
These simple ideas keep the front door clean and tidy.
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