kannur under tidal wave attack | kozhikode news - times of india - temporary wall

by:EBUNGE     2019-07-27
kannur under tidal wave attack | kozhikode news - times of india  -  temporary wall
Canur: Even if Hurricane finlin is expected to hit the East Coast over the weekend, some parts of the area have witnessed the anger of the sea --
During the low tide in the early morning, the water level rose, causing panic. The most-
The affected area is the girl district of canur city;
Payyambalam, Muzhappilangad, Thalai and Pettipalam Thalassery and Pazhayangadi attacked people who could not sleep for time.
According to local residents, water
At about three o'clock A. M. , sea level began to rise, and the sea water became rough, causing anxiety.
"From early morning the waves began to beat the coastal areas and the water reached our house," said Vijayalakshimi Saseendran, a resident of Maidanappally. "Though water-
The water level drops during the day and we are worried that the sea water may become rough again, "she said.
In muzapalanga, the waves arrive at the Adventure Sports Academy on the coast and damage temporary walls made of sandbags.
A fiber-optic ship was also damaged in a sea attack.
During heavy rain and tidal attacks in the third week of September, the entire drive-
On the beach in Muzhappilangad, the sea wall was damaged and the authorities subsequently built a temporary sandbag wall.
Many houses along the coast are also affected by the tides in the Paza yangga and Puti yangga.
At the same time, the Meteorological Department said that tidal attacks were related to cyclones.
"Although the warning of heavy rain has been withdrawn, we have warned that the wind speed may be 45-
"55 kilometers off the coast of Kerala," said M santhossh, director of the meteorological department of Thiruvananthapuram.
After the incident, tax officials went to the affected areas to assess the situation.
"Due to the strong tides, it may become stronger at night, and we offer some rehabilitation measures to the residents, but they say they can manage the situation themselves and they will arrange it themselves if needed, kannur tax officer V Gopinath traveled to the affected area.
However, officials in the tax department agreed that the situation was sensitive and that in the event of an emergency, the tax department was prepared to take rehabilitation measures.
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