joaquin guzman prison escape: seven jail officials charged over escape of mexican drug lord - partition wall systems

by:EBUNGE     2019-09-04
joaquin guzman prison escape: seven jail officials charged over escape of mexican drug lord  -  partition wall systems
Seven prison officials in the Mexican prison were charged with the incident and taken to the federal detention center, a Mexican lawyer
Said the general's office.
Prosecutors have detained 22 prison officials, including prison directors, since Sunday.
Earlier this week, the government fired senior prison officials but did not release the names of the seven accused.
A source told AFP that seven officials were "sent to a federal detention center" after being charged ".
At Altiplano prison, about 90 kilometres west of Mexico City, it took the guards 18 minutes to get into Guzman's cell, as they noticed that Guzman had disappeared from his cell last Saturday, miguel Angel Osorio, Home Secretary, rushed. Closed-
Earlier this week, government-released video camera footage showed Guzman pacing his cell and then bending over and disappearing behind a short wall in the shower.
Then, the Sinaloa cartel leader rode a motorcycle and installed two carts on the railway system inside the No. 1 car. 5-
A kilometer tunnel built for his second escape in 14 years.
When the tunnel appeared in the blind area of the cell, government officials said that the prison break could only occur with the collusion of prison guards and officials, and Guzman's assistant must have seen the plan for the building.
The prison break has dealt a heavy blow to President Enrique Peña Nieto and the Mexican government, which noted that Guzman's arrest last year was the biggest victory in the country's anti-drug war to date.
Mr. Peña Nieto, who returned from a visit to France, admitted on Friday that the escape caused widespread frustration and that the only way to eliminate the loss was to retake Guzman.
In addition, the US government said that the United States had requested the extradition of Guzman two weeks before the breakout.
The news suggests the United States.
Transferred by the government as a former lawyer-
General Jesus Murillo said in January that the country had no plans to hand him over.
However, opposition Senator Juan Carlos Romero Hicks said that if Mexico did take Guzman back, extradition would be tantamount to admitting that Mexico was not in a position to lock him up.
"National sovereignty and national pride are so important. . .
"I doubt the government will do that," he said . ".
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