is your partner cheating on you digitally? - times of india - cubicle walls

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is your partner cheating on you digitally? - times of india  -  cubicle walls
In an era of instant connection, an extra
Marriage has become as easy as clicking 1-2-3.
Cheating on digital platforms has an impact not only on interpersonal relationships, but also on the mental health of participants.
On Monday morning, Kiara was on her way to work and was surprised to see her old lover make a private voice.
They dated casually in college.
Since her husband is traveling most of the time, she is more than happy to talk to someone who can communicate emotionally.
After a week
Kiara realized that she had unconsciously re-started chatting, exchanging emails and memories
An emotional bond that once existed.
Upon returning, her husband noticed a marked change in her behavior and lifestyle.
When he read about her private chat, her world broke down.
Kiara admitted that she was attracted to Siddhartha and insisted that she had these conversations only out of emotional pain.
Although she has never crossed the line of marriage, Kira's fiveyear-
The old marriage did end in tragedy. Sounds scary?
Talking about network affairs in Mumbai
According to psychologist shruuti Save, "intimacy doesn't take a long time to develop online, especially if you 've known this person in the past.
You reconnect with him or her as a friend, but over time you start to romance this new --
Found the relationship.
Just because it's limited to the screen of the phone won't make it less dangerous.
Kaitlyn Dewey correctly wrote, "emotional infidelity, a destructive, unfinished thing that fell down on the bar and the interpartition wall long before we had Gchat records.
To some extent, the Internet will only make these things more visible and better. documented.
We finally had text messages and emails for our doubts.
However, many people, assuming that the guilt and efforts involved in online events are much smaller than traditional ones, do not have to worry about being found or infected with sexually transmitted diseases in public.
Just click on a message to the right person and you will have an illegal thing happening without your partner's knowledge.
But what these people don't know is that these things are often stepping stones to more traditional things.
According to Dr. Shefali Batra, a psychiatrist, digital relations consultant and founder of Mindframes in Mumbai, the reason for decoding is the main reason for e-commerce
Things are very similar to things in real life.
"However, the digital world opens up many ways for people to reach out to many" available "people.
Today's relationship does not have the eternal glue that once held a couple together.
Convenience rather than commitment is becoming a priority.
"This is a common cause and effect relationship between the availability of alternative pathways and the lack of traditional values, making these virtual transactions easy, experimental and simple," she said . ".
Dr. Keerti mehdeva, a positive vibration counseling psychologist in Mumbai, blamed it on the lack of communication between spouses, their eccentric mental state, and the loneliness brought about by busy professional life.
"Recently, a couple on the verge of divorce came to see me.
The reason is 20-
The wife became obsessed with making new friends on the phone and lost interest in marriage.
"While she admitted that she made friends and met them at coffee, lunch and dinner, she claimed that she did not want to divorce," Dr. Keerti said . ".
She added that the current couple did not meet their needs.
"I see that many spouses are in a trance these days and don't really understand the consequences of their actions.
With so much money, so much love and success, they feel empty inside.
"For people like this, before it's too late, it's important to take the time to figure out what they want for themselves," she warns . ".
Is this really a big deal?
Unfortunately, many scammers are not aware of the long-term impact of their mysterious behavior
Term relationship.
More important than things
Whether it's virtual or-the-flesh -
What makes things more painful is that it breaks the belief in trusting a spouse.
So if you chat with your ex on Facebook and your partner doesn't mind, that's not a problem, but, if you delete your interaction, so he or she does not know what you are doing and you may reconsider what you are doing.
"A healthy digital friendship is not a taboo, but you have to know where to draw the line and keep a commitment to your partner.
If not, ending your current relationship before stepping into another relationship is crucial.
Today, many people do not find love and peace in their relationship with them, but tend to take their partner for granted and seek comfort and comfort in novel things.
The availability of the same digital media will only make it easier.
"It's really not fair," said Dr. Shefali . ".
What is the digital derailment?
When a person crosses the relationship boundary by establishing a romantic relationship with someone other than him or her partner on a digital platform or social media, there is a digital derailment.
This can be suggestive chat or even picture information.
The Washington Post digital culture critic, Kaitlyn Dewey, after the Ashley Madison hacking incident, emphasized that people use Facebook to keep in touch with their "backup" romantic partners, if their current relationship is not successful, they can rely on them.
This also constitutes "remote disloyalty", a term for emotional events that often occur online. (
By Priya chaperoar)
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