investing in flood prevention measures - partition walls for home

by:EBUNGE     2019-08-19
investing in flood prevention measures  -  partition walls for home
In February, the flooding of Jacqueline and Ted Brith's bungalows in Surrey reached 2ft --
Destroy everything inside.
Now, almost a year later, clean
Action Up is still in progress. In the UK, 5.
There are 2 million flood danger areas, but only one.
7 million of these measures have been installed.
Part of the reason for not taking action is that people do not know that they are living in a flood danger zone.
This is also because householders do not believe this will happen to them.
But last winter, thousands of people, including the Burris, did so.
They had to wait four months before the House proved dry enough to start working.
So far, only 4 of the hotel's 11 rooms have been renovated.
While their insurance companies have paid for rebuilding their homes, these Brits have invested in professional flood control materials.
They have to pay for these increases themselves.
"All of these measures should mean that if there is another flood, it will be a clean-up operation, not a full evacuation and reconstruction," said Mrs Brice . ".
The partition walls are all reconstructed with flood-resistant Thermal insulation-
Fiberglass absorbs floods and must be replaced if wet.
In addition, the beam is treated with water and the gypsum board being used is a professional defense
Flood form of gypsum.
Now all the floors are ocean floors covered with Amtico.
In addition to "with-
Flood-proof, mildew-proof material, Brices decided to also increase the floor height of their home.
"We have raised our floor by nearly 25 cm," Mrs Brice said . ".
"It means we have to raise the height of all the doors and windows, but it gives us peace of mind.
"It costs 4,000 to repair the window. The new anti-
The flood gate cost 3,000.
These are not the bills that the insurance company is charging, but I think these improvements are a good amount of money spent.
"They also raised the power box at home and all the power outlets.
Their home was flooded between December and last winter, and the couple was eligible for a government subsidy of £ 5,000.
However, under this plan, the homeowner must pay the upfront fee before applying for the money.
Suggestions on how to prepare families to cope with flood damage include: post-flood reconstruction is a great opportunity to change families, but even families that were not flooded last winter are changing.
Brices' neighbors say a little preparation may be the difference between whether there is a flood at home or not.
The National Flood Forum recommends that anyone living in flood risk areas should conduct an independent investigation of their home.
Flood risk area information obtained via zip code is available on the UNEP website.
"A survey can identify possible water points and recommend what items you should buy to prevent damage to your house," said Heather Sheppard of the National Flood Forum . ".
"Door guard, gas brick cover, replacement airbag and one-
Way valves are great products that can even stop water from entering your house in the first place.
"Most professional flood projects can be purchased online.
Flood-fighting measures can be expensive, but can reduce household insurance premiums.
"At the time of calculating insurance, Malcolm Tallinn said:" The insurance company will consider any measures you add at home, as well as any new and broader flood control measures arranged in your area, ". Association of British insurance companies (ABI).
The government has said it will cost two pounds.
In the next six years, 3bn will be put into flood control infrastructure construction.
Householders should ensure that their insurance companies are aware of any new defense facilities built in an area that can reduce flood risk.
This may reduce their premium.
Owners can also keep the premium cap by doing some research and shopping.
Professional brokers may offer better insurance.
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