interiors: an 18th-century cottage gets a facelift - interior dividing wall

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interiors: an 18th-century cottage gets a facelift  -  interior dividing wall
As a designer of exquisite craftsmanship
Luke Owen's knotted carpet could be forgiven
In his home, he had no policy, but stepped on grass boots directly from his newly trimmed lawn and headed towards the palest blue silk carpet in the living room.
"Oh, come on, this is the country," he insisted.
The country is an idyllic valley overlooking the ups and downs of Wiltshire, with Owen and his wife Alice and their two children Otis, nine and five.
They listed four in their second grade.
The bedroom house is located in a 7-
The acres are bounded by their own wood, paddock, and chalk streams, and are very beautiful, and Alice admits to crying when she first saw it.
"The most interesting thing is that I realized that I did come here before-35 years ago the owner was an aunt of a good friend," she said . ".
"I feel very fatalistic about this house.
Photo: before Rachel Smith bought it in 2012, the Irwin family lived a few miles south of Dorset County, close to where interior designer Alice grew up.
Her mother, Annabel Elliott, is an interior designer.
Founder of the hotel Geely Ham
He and Alice met while Owen was working there.
Thanks to his mother. in-
Owen-a Dublin-
Born in old Eaton, with a "rather fanatical" career in theater, PR and antiques, it was decided to start designing carpets.
"I was at the lunch party hosted by Annabel and I found myself sitting in a 10-year-
He recalled that his father was a master of carpet weaving.
"At the end of our encounter, I knew it was something I wanted to do.
Victorian update on the interior decoration of modern couples: the florist brings a flower to her work
Multi-storey house interior: New Miami house interior of Tommy Hilfiger: "My apartment" of Paris Joy House de Rohan Chabot turned into a low-rise House
Rented for 11 years at the Pitt River Museum in Oxford, Owen's work spans the bold ikat theme, with the most subtle ethereal design inspired by the cloud structure, gracefully shows that some of the stores he opened in Pimlico, London, in 2010 attracted interior designers.
Owen often flies to visit his artisan team in Nepal and Jaipur, but when he is in the UK, he spends four days a week with his family in Wiltshire, where, he felt a great sense of release and relief, free from the frenetic rhythm of London.
The property consists of two different parts: a stone cottage dating back to 1730 and a larger house dating back to late --
About a century later, the Georgian annex was added.
The result is a mix of comfortable, comfortable rooms and elegant, airy spaces made up of antiques and textiles.
The outside is a formal lawn hedge with a clip box until very late
Georgian facade, added to the original 1730 bungalows. (
Photo: Rachael Smith)
One enters the old side of the house through a narrow hall, which is decorated with wood-cut wallpaper by Dutch designer Piet Hein Eek-a long number imitating the old board.
This corridor is connected to later.
The entrance hall of Georgia was painted in stunning green.
One side is a compact kitchen with a beautiful connection to the Georgian dining area due to the expanded opening of the partition.
Right next to the space is Alice's study with an Irwin bra ikats painted in a rich blue color.
"There are many blue ones in the house;
That makes me happy, she said.
On the other side of the hall is a double reception room, two very different architectural styles determine its dual identity as a comfortable TV room and a more formal living room.
There are interesting objects scattered on the surface, many of which are birds-"subconsciously, the house is becoming a bird"-while art is hanging on the walls, some are very good.
'I think it's interesting how you build a collection of pictures and items,' said Owen.
The more you look, the more you understand-it's like cricket.
On the other side of the reception room is the nursery, where, when the weather permits, the French gate is open to the garden.
Bantam chicken and a duck hatched and adopted by the chicken-patrol the lawn;
The Irwin also had two dogs, a cat, and four sheep recently.
"Luke was very conflicted with the animals, and I would be happy to turn it into a hobby farm," said Alice . ".
It's late upstairs-
The Georgian side of the house is occupied by the master bedroom, Otis rooms and guest rooms;
The cottage has a violet room and two bathrooms.
From this height, you can see the garden better, which the former owner painstakingly created from the concrete-filled plot.
This is an extraordinary love, said Alice.
"We were lucky because we inherited the bones of the garden we wanted to create.
Her passion for nature is also our spirit-there is something very romantic. ’ lukeirwin.
Alice's research Photo: Rachel Smith Alice said: "It's a huge luxury to have my own room where I can have my books and personal photos . " Who chose warm blue for the wall-Stone Blue for far & Ball (farrow-ball. com)
-Pick the color in Ikat 9 Persian hands-
Husband Luke Owen knitted a carpet for her. The late-19th-
Fermoie cushion century sofa with Wicker linen (fermoie. com).
Living Room Photo: Rachael Smith at loftier later
The Georgian end of the double reception room is more mature-
Above the space, with antique sofas and armchairs, and luxury (howelondon. com).
Footrest cushion flower template by Vanderhurd (vanderhurd. com).
The portrait to the left of the window is by the French painter Paul Cesar hleau;
The summary above the fireplace is written by Jacob Epstein.
On the floor is Owen's Aqua Sari carpet, made of recycled silk Sally.
Photo of the nursery: Rachael Smith Otis and Violet tables found at the local antique fair with beautiful garden views.
The parrot Tibetan carpet was created by Owen and his extensive travel was tracked on the magnetic wall map.
Master bedroom Photo: Rachael Smith Echo of little green (littlegreene. com)
It is the subtle background of Cameroon's ceremonial headdress and the 19 th pair
Century French mirror
The headboard fabric is Robert Kime (robertkime. com).
Corridor Photo: Rachael Smith enters the house through the original cottage, a narrow space greeted by Piet Hein Eek decorated with clip art wallpaper, provided by Rockett St GeorgeRocket George. co. uk).
The runner is from Istanbul.
The corridor leads to a wider entrance hall to the newer part of the house.
Here, earlier on the 19 th
The Susani century confronted a leaf
Green Garden in little green (littlegreene. com).
The ceiling light is Anthony Redmill (redmile. com);
The desk lamp is made of an old bottle.
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