installation of simi freeway median postponed - temporary partition

by:EBUNGE     2019-08-30
installation of simi freeway median postponed  -  temporary partition
Caltrans officials said Monday that the construction of a temporary intermediate divider on a section of the Simi Valley Highway, which killed six people this year, will be postponed until the weekend, possibly longer.
Traffic officials want concrete walls-
It's five miles from Balboa Avenue to Deschamps Avenue. -
Will be in place before Thanksgiving.
The date originally scheduled for completion next Friday has been set.
Although Stanton's modern alloy has begun posting signposts as a prelude to the installation of guardrails, the grading work originally scheduled to start on Monday was delayed at least until Thursday, said Margie Tiritilli, a caltrans spokesman.
"This is the last time --
Minute contract. .
"He has other things to do, so he can't get the score on Monday," Tiritilli said . ".
In a collision last week, a pacoma woman turned 43-in her car-foot-
In the coming traffic, traffic officials rushed to find a temporary partition waiting for a more permanent concrete barrier to be installed.
"Because of this latest death incident, we want to get something as soon as possible," Tiritilli said . ".
However, she said bad weather could further delay the contractor's work on the project.
"Ideally, he wants to put it in before Thanksgiving, but we don't know yet," Tiritilli said . ".
"If it rains this week, it may be postponed further.
But he made this a priority. "The 3 1/2-foot-
High concrete barrier to loan from highway
The improvement project in San Diego, until the beginning of next year more permanent partitions can replace it.
The partition was ordered after five people.
Three people were killed and four injured in a vehicle crossing accident on January.
On September, another theft in the same location killed two people. -
Just two weeks ago, Caltrans finally awarded the construction barrier contract of $476,000 for modern alloys.
Tiritilli said that the additional cost of installing the temporary partition will be attached to the contract, but the price tag for the project has not yet been determined.
The grading work that began on Thursday will take a few days, but there is no need to close the driveway, officials said.
The installation will take place at night and will force the left lane on the west side of the highway to close.
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