hurricane florence flooding persists in south carolina - temporary wall

by:EBUNGE     2019-07-29
hurricane florence flooding persists in south carolina  -  temporary wall
A week ago, Conway's firefighters went to the neighborhood and told the surprised residents that although they had never had water before, their houses would flood from Hurricane Florence.
On Monday and Tuesday, the same firefighters checked those same neighborhoods with maps detailing each of the nearly 1,000 homes that could be submerged.
"It's kind of like what we predicted," said Conway Fire Chief Le Hendrick . ".
12 days after one.
The violent hurricane reached the coast, and more than a week after it blew north and dissipated, the river, which was swollen by relentless rainfall, still swamped homes and businesses on its way to the sea. The slow-
The disaster of movement allows forecasters to determine exactly who will flood.
Few rescue or surprises in South Carolina
It's just black, and the water of reeree slowly penetrates in and slowly retreats.
Vivian Chestnut said, "you find yourself sitting together and thinking, 'If or 'I want to know what it is like now,'" she left Conway's home a week ago, it may not be back until October.
"Wondering what you will find when you finally come back.
"The Waccamaw River flows through the 23,000-kilometer city and is expected to reach its peak at 6 on Wednesday. 6 metres.
More than the previous 5 record high.
On Friday, Hurricane Matthew set five metres in 2016.
The waterway is not expected to fall below 5.
About 5 m until sometime next week.
The river floods at 3. 4 metres.
All the water went to Georgetown, where five different rivers reached the sea.
Officials there say the worst flooding will begin on Wednesday and last until Thursday, leaving most likely only one highway to the city.
If this is not bad enough, more weather is forming off the coast during the hurricane season, and there are still two months left.
National Hurricane Center forecasters observed a low pressure zone about 320 kilometers south of Cape hatras, North Carolina, saying it could become a tropical low pressure before moving fast North
Although this may bring extra rain to Florence
The city of Wilmington has been hit hard and it is not expected to be of sufficient importance to aggravate the flood.
Reed Hawkins, a meteorologist at Wilmington's National Weather Service, said: "It should not have too much impact on the river . ".
Officials in South Carolina
State-owned utilities are still monitoring two pieces of coal carefully.
Ash pool near Conway.
Santee Cooper officials say the floods on the Waccamaw River have entered a pond, but most of the ash has been cleared in the early cleanup project.
The river is likely to flood the second pond soon, but utilities have promised to take steps to reduce the impact on the environment, such as installing silt fences and floating environmental enclosure boom.
Not far from the ash pool, engineers are watching the United States closely. S.
Highway 501, the main access to Myrtle Beach.
Water is now in contact with a temporary sand and plastic barrier built to prevent water from flowing out of the bridge.
Called Lifeline, the temporary wall will remain valid if the water rises no more than 1.
According to the Ministry of Transport, the current level is 5 metres away.
The river has stopped rising in North Carolina, but the recovery process is actually just beginning.
School director Michael Blasi said that in the Jones County countryside, between Kingston and New Bern, two of the six schools in the county will have to be demolished after the flood. .
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