huge british-era bunker unearthed at raj bhavan | mumbai news - times of india - temporary wall

by:EBUNGE     2019-07-26
huge british-era bunker unearthed at raj bhavan | mumbai news - times of india  -  temporary wall
Mumbai: A 150-metre-
The long underground bunker built in the British era was found under Raj Bhavan.
The speed of the three Rao Viva Sagar Notice old
There is a timer for the underground tunnel on the ground of the governor's residence in cheseshwar.
Three months ago, he ordered the opening of the tunnel because he was eager for the public to enter it as well.
On August 12, the Ministry of Public Works dismantled a temporary wall on the east side that blocked the tunnel on the surface.
To their great surprise, the demolition revealed a well.
There are 13 rooms of varying sizes, covering an area of 5,000 square feet.
"Bunker to 20-ft-
There is a tall gate and a ramp on the west side.
There are long passages and medium and small-
There are rooms of size on both sides, "the governor's office said in a press release released Tuesday.
According to sources, the bunker is located under two lawns in front of Durbar Hall.
Officials found wooden nameplates in rotten condition with the names of shell shops, gun shells, shell shops, Shell lifts, pumps and workshops.
According to the press release, there are also dozens of lamp grooves in the Channel.
It's like a war room, the source said.
"Although the bunker was apparently sealed after independence, it was found intact.
The entire underground bunker has a drainage system and an entrance to breathe fresh air and light.
"The 1868 map of Raj Bhavan is part of the Raj Bhavans book in Maharashtra, showing some breathing machines, but not sure if these are from the bunker.
Presumably, prior to the then Prince of Wales's first visit, the bunker was built between 1869 and 1875 (
Later became King Edward VII)to Bombay.
He decided to visit the Malabar corner of Mumbai's governor's summer palace.
The banquet hall was also expanded.
However, it is not known if he has actually been to this place, "said Raj Bhavan's source.
According to the book "The History of Raj bahawa in Maharashtra", Raj Bawan, formerly known as the government building, has been transformed into a permanent residence by Lord Rey since 1885.
Until 1885, it was only used as a summer residence and government residence in Parel (
Now it's the Haffkine Institute)
It was once the permanent residence of the governor.
Since Rao was in Pune, his office has been waiting for him to come back.
He and his wife visited the bunker on Tuesday.
Later in the evening, Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis also visited the bunker.
Rao decided to consult experts on the protection of the bunker.
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