how to turn almost any space into a guest room - room divider wall with door

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how to turn almost any space into a guest room  -  room divider wall with door
Hougaskill, Houzz contriabororhost occasionally hosting overnight guests is a fact of life for many, but not many of us have enough area to free up a rarely used one
By combining the room with another space, make your room as hard as your guests.
Even if you need to use every inch of your home for your own living space, the guest room may still be in the card.
From the Home Office-guest room to the living room that does the act of disappearing, these ideas can help you.
Come the overnight guest?
How to be a great host design concept: Murphy bed in the Home Office.
Why: a Murphy bed folds neatly when not in use, providing space for using a desk and storing household office supplies.
When guests arrive, just tuck your office chair and pull the bed down.
Additional features: Find a built-in Murphy bed
Storage or folding-
Desk on the other side.
Browse the room photos to advise on your space planning: you will need about 6 or 7 feet of the space, including cabinets for storing the bed and space for extending the length of the bed.
If you have a longer wall but don't have that much floor space, you can choose the Murphy bed that extends horizontally from the wall instead of vertically.
In addition, the plan provides guests with space to walk around the bed
It doesn't matter if one side can't get there due to space constraints, but at least one side and the foot of the bed should be easy to get there.
Cost: $1,000 (for a no-frills twin-Size of Murphy bed)
Add $3,000 for ready equipmentmade unit.
Custom or semi-custom Murphy bed is planned to cost more than $5,000.
Another idea: incorporate the Murphy bed into the family library with a library ladder with access to the high bookshelf.
In order to make the most of the space, please drop-
Desk or bookshelf mounted on the other side of the bed.
Design Concept: loft bed above desk.
Why: If you don't have room for a Murphy bed in the Home Office, but want to provide a place for guests, the loft bed is a great choice.
Choose double size (
If you have space, or bigger)
Put a table and shelf under.
Planning tip: This style of bed only works for guests who are able to climb a ladder to get to the bed, so if your most frequent visitor is older or inconvenienced, this may not be the best option --
Unless you want to provide the guest with your own bed and sleep on your own.
If the smaller child lives on the bed of the guest, add a safe rail.
Cost: bunk beds available at all prices, used and new
Look for a shop and desk that is consistent in color or material for a coherent look.
For about $2,000 or more, custom or semi-custom bed and desk systems can be purchased and installed.
Design idea: the living room is transformed into a guest room.
WHY: When a separate room is not an option, consider putting the working room space into your living area.
In this smart space,
Provides sleeping space for two, while the ceiling-
For privacy, the installed curtains can be pulled up at night.
How to: Evaluate your living room to determine if you have room for a Murphy bed.
One double Murphy bed
Or a bunk placed horizontally, as shown here-
Less floor space is required, but it is still possible to occupy all the walls of the living room.
If the Murphy bed does not work, select the premium sofa bed and add a flexible room partition.
Find a beautiful new bed for your room customization options: integrate your entertainment center and living room bookshelf with Murphy bed for a seamless look to take advantage of every corner.
Cost: at least $5,000 is expected (
Maybe more)
Custom design including Murphy bed and entertainment center. A custom-
Cabinet makers or interior designers should be able to work with you to create a system that seamlessly matches the building features of your home.
Design idea: hidden bed compartment.
Why: like the berth of a ship, this sleeping compartment is hidden in obvious places during the day --
Open the accordion door to reveal comfortable rooms when young (and young-at-heart)
Tourists will like it. A built-
There are plenty of storage opportunities for designs like this.
How to: this is a job that a professional taxi manufacturer or interior designer needs to solve, not something you try to do yourself.
If you are already working with an architect, you can also ask to integrate a built-in-
Design your space on the bed.
Design Concept: guest corner with curtain.
Reason: easy to install, budget friendly, simple floor-Ceiling length
Installing curtains is a great way to separate guest space in the room.
During the day, the sofa bed with a comfortable pillow is used as an additional living room seat;
In the evening, make up with bedding and close the curtains to give guests privacy.
Or, do a built-in
In the sofa bed corner of the living room or study room, work for overnight guests by adding curtain rods to it. How: Ceiling-
Many retailers offer curtain rails for installation, which can be installed as a DIY project or by hand in about an hour.
Some curtain tracks are flexible (
So you can hang the curtains on the curve, as shown in the figure)
Some are straight.
For a clearer look, use a hard curtain panel designed to be used as a room divider.
Cost: About $5 for curtain track (
Basic version of Ikea)
Depending on the length and material, plus the cost of curtains or panels, $50 per piece.
Design confusion: how to disguise Murphy bed?
When a Murphy bed is put away, the wall that holds it is often a large blank space.
You can't use it to store books or rack art because they fall off when you open the bed. Wall mural.
As a creative custom touch, these homeowners have a photographic mural on the entire wall where the bed is stored.
Texture surface.
Make Murphy bed wall more visual interest by applying cut-to-
A fit plate for weathered wood or texture or wood-look wallpaper.
Hiring professionals or DIY?
Any of these effects can be achieved by some homeowner with a DIY mind, but this is certainly not a project for everyone.
If you do not want to spend hours accurately matching the boundaries or measuring and sawing the wood, Please rent a paper hanger (for wallpaper)
Or a carpenter or a trusted helper (for boards)to get it done.
Cost: It is expected to cost $100 to $300 per roll on wallpaper and installation.
Weathered Wood (
Like old barn planks)
About $3.
$50 to $7 per square foot
Try to find local sources to avoid high freight.
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