how to repair doors - temporary partition wall with door

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how to repair doors  -  temporary partition wall with door
How to hang the internal door crane or install the door is not as difficult as it seems.
If the new door core is the same size, it is easy to replace the existing door.
If you buy a pre-hanging door, it's also easy to install the door on the new partition so you don't have to build the door frame yourself.
In fact, if you have the necessary materials and tools ready, you may be able to solve this home improvement project in an hour or two.
Installing the pre-hanging door is the easiest to install.
These doors are already set in the frame, and one side of the frame has been trimmed in a molded form.
Typically, the hardware has also been installed, which makes the process easier.
To buy a pre-hung door, you need to know the size of the rough door opening.
The side jambs are about 3 inch and the head jamb is about 11/2 for installation purposes.
To install the pre-suspended door: Step 1: Set the door to a rough opening and vertical height, or place it vertically, on the side of the door post, fill any gap between the top and the side with cedar wood tile
Step 2: Finish the nails using 16d and polish the nail head and side jambs into a rough frame.
Nail the nail on jambs's face with DingTalk.
Fill the hole with wooden putty.
Step 3: Finish the finished shell or mold to the door with 10 days of finishing nails.
The countersunk head is nailed and filled with wood putty.
Step 4: apply the wood sealer on both sides and top, bottom and side edges of the door.
There are also sealed housing and door dies.
Install folding doors if you need a door that has no space to open, consider installing folding doors.
The double door only uses half the space of the ordinary door.
Double doors with two to eight panels;
Two panels are fitted with a standard door opening.
Installation of double folding doors: Step 1: Measure the interior of the door opening.
For vertical clearance and inches, subtract 1 inch (or, for a four-
Panel Door, inch)
For horizontal clearance.
Buy a door suitable for this size opening;
Make sure the panels are connected together and include the necessary pivot.
Step 2: Insert the top pivot bracket into the metal track of the guide door as instructed by the manufacturer.
If you're installing a Four
Panel Door, insert the second top pivot bracket into the other end of the track as indicated.
Set the track to the position on the top of the inside of the door opening, and the edge of the track is flush with the edge of the door frame.
Mark the position of the screw hole along the track and place it on one side.
Step 3: Follow the manufacturer's instructions to drill the guide hole for the screw and fix the track in place. For a two-
The panel door, from the top pivot bracket at the opening corner where the goalkeeper folds together, puts a lead hammer to the floor from the center of the pivot bracket.
At this time, the bottom pivot bracket is set on the floor so that the holes on the two brackets are accurately aligned.
Mark the screw holes of the bottom pivot bracket.
Drill the pilot hole for the screw and screw the bracket into the position on the floor and door frame. For a four-
Panel Door, install the second bottom pivot bracket tin in the same way, accurately align it under the top pivot bracket on the other side of the door frame.
Step 4: determine the position of the bottom pivot bracket or bracket as before, but do not connect them.
If you install the door in the area covered by the carpet, please leave enough gaps on the carpet.
Accurately track the profile of each bracket on a piece of scrap wood with the same thickness as the carpet.
Cut the block into the same size as the bracket with a handsaw.
Cut out the carpet section of a similar size, place the block in place, and screw the bottom pivot bracket into the block and door frame.
Step 5: fold the door panel together.
Pivot pins are available at the top and bottom of the pivot panel to fit the pivot bracket;
The guide panel has a wheel moving along the track.
Place the bottom pivot pin in the bottom pivot bracket and tilt the folded
The door enters the door frame together.
Slide the top pivot bracket to the top of the bracket.
Slowly tilt the door in place and slide the top bracket back to the pivot angle.
Once the angle of the door allows, insert the guide wheel into the track.
Open the door so that it stands upright firmly.
If you're installing a Four
Panel Door, repeat this process, install the second pair of panels on the other side of the door frame.
Step 6: test whether the door is operated correctly.
If the stick or hang is uneven, adjust according to the manufacturer's instructions.
Step 7: connect the door handle provided on both sides of the hinge joint.
Mark and drill the guide screw hole if necessary, then screw the knob with the supplied screw.
If you're installing a Four
Panel Door, connect the door handle to each panel.
Close the door and connect the supplied alignment plate to securely secure the panel together.
Once you have a new door hanging, you will need to install a lock.
Some doors are pre-drilled for standardsize locksets.
Other doors require you to drill holes yourself using the template provided by the lock manufacturer.
For any door, you need to cut mortises or holes on the door edge of the lock and on the frame of the impact plate that engages the lock bolt.
Here is how to install the lock: Step 1: wrap the paper or cardboard template with the new lock around the edge of the door, according to the manufacturer's instructions.
Use the tape protection template if necessary.
The template will be used to locate two holes: one for the lock core and the other for the door edge of the bolt.
Mark the center of these two holes on the door.
Step 2: Use the power drill bit with hole
Saw attachment for drilling, its size is the size specified by the lock core.
Be careful not to damage the facing of the door.
When you see the drill tip worn out, stop and finish the drill from the other side.
Step 3: drill a bolt hole of the right size on the edge of the door until you reach the cylinder hole.
Use a combination square on the edge of the door and on the drill bit to keep the drill bit at right angles to the door.
Smooth the edge of the hole with sandpaper.
Step 4: Insert the bolt into the hole and place the bolt plate above it.
Trace the outline of the bolt plate at the edge of the door.
Remove the bolt and pin edges of the bolt plate as per the manufacturer's instructions in order to flush with the surface.
Step 5: Cut the chicken eye with a chisel.
Insert the bolts and plates into the pin holes and drill holes for the mounting screws.
Install the screws to fix the bolts in place.
Step 6: Insert the outer lock core so that the rod or connecting rod is installed in the bolt assembly.
Connect the internal lock core and fix it with screws.
Step 7: find the proper position of the strike plate on jamb and drill the appropriate-
Size holes on Jamb.
Use the strike plate as the pattern, Mark jamb for mortising and cut the chicken eye.
Install the strike plate with screws to make it flush with jamb.
Now you know how to fix your doors if they squeak or get stuck, and if a door brings you real problems, you know how to unplug it and install a brand new one
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