how to manage workers in cubicles: a best practice guide - temporary wall

by:EBUNGE     2019-07-23
how to manage workers in cubicles: a best practice guide  -  temporary wall
If you are a manager or business owner then you may understand the appeal of the compartment.
Building a temporary wall is cheaper than building one with bricks and mortar.
They are easily rearranged.
Let us face it;
There are a lot of rescheduled things these days.
It also allows for a quick check of what is happening.
If Jane knew that her supervisor could pass by at any time, she might not be likely to be on the Internet.
Finally, the design allows for easy collaboration while providing a sense of privacy.
On the contrary, residents of any cubicle quickly point out the drawbacks of their use.
It's hard to focus in a cubicle.
It is almost impossible to have a confidential telephone conversation.
Finally, you may receive too much information about your colleagues.
This setting makes employees feel more like a one-time resource than a valuable asset and has a negative impact on morale and productivity.
Ironically, Bob Puster, the inventor of the cubicle, is not proud of his popular invention and how it is used today.
It aims to overcome the negative impact of working in the "bullpen" by providing workers with some privacy and communication capabilities.
Companies quickly pick up on costs
Savings associated with this floor plan and starting to pack workers in as little space as possible actually eliminate any chance of privacy.
Since the "cube" will not disappear soon, management must learn how to manage the workers in the compartment so that the cost-
Savings have been achieved.
The etiquette displayed in the office depicts the culture of a company.
Every industry and company has a different culture.
Think about what customers would want to see if they walked into a corporate cubicle.
Bank customers may feel more comfortable if things are neat and orderly, and there won't be a lot of personal belongings spilling aisles.
On the other hand, advertisers may appreciate the inspiration gained from pictures and souvenirs on their desks.
In this context, managers must set standards for compartment maintenance and decoration that meets the company's culture.
As part of the standard, address how employees personalize their compartments appropriately.
Yes, employees should have the opportunity to personalize their workspace.
It can comfort and motivate good work.
But there should be boundaries.
It is inappropriate to allow offensive pictures and quotes to be nailed to the wall for everyone to see.
Too much clutter can also distract.
The appearance policy of the compartment is stated in the employee manual or other literature so that the guide is clear.
When a cubicle worker goes out for lunch, a meeting, or the end of the day, she cannot lock the door and ensure the privacy of the customer.
However, sensitive files still need protection.
As there is no door lock, provide enough storage space for sensitive files.
The file cabinet or drawer in the compartment is enough.
If there is a large number of files that need to be processed, it may be necessary to add locked file cabinet space outside the compartment.
In some operations such as banking or finance, it may be possible to formally outline the requirements for dealing with paperwork in sensitive document policies.
In other industries, it is a good business sense to keep the organization and filing of the work so that it will not be lost or accidentally fall into the hands of the bad guys.
Although compartment etiquette is rarely formal, an unwritten norm is often developed for certain behaviors.
These rules depend on workers, the environment, and the culture of the company.
If unacceptable etiquette is the norm, it may be worthwhile to discuss this topic at the staff meeting.
Some of the agenda items include: providing space for private individuals, and even the most dedicated employees need to have regular personal conversations.
Provide offices or meeting rooms where discussions may take place.
Let everyone know that it is available and how it should be used.
By applying this best practice on how to manage cubicle workers, you will show that employees are truly valued and respected.
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