How to make it work - room divider wall

by:EBUNGE     2019-07-18
How to make it work  -  room divider wall
In the past 16 years, at a research institute in the Netherlands called the Center for Global Aesthetics, there are many top designers, architects, color creative and trending experts from around the world who come together to share ideas and observations.
They focus on everything from consumption trends to social and cultural movements.
After careful consideration, they decided on a general mood and spirit and then turned that mood and spirit into a corresponding color.
In 2017, when consumers felt the need for balance and calm, the color of the year was dominated by cool shades of blue and gray.
The huge uncertainty in the political sphere was translated into warm, comforting colors in 2018, which would provide a sense of comfort and refuge. So by 2019.
According to the Institute's deliberations, Dolos announced their new color this year, which clearly reflects the optimism and sense of purpose of our collective.
We want to be a change in the world.
Politics and the environment
We hope to do well in our home while doing so and feel good.
Then, say hello to the honey with spices, a warm mustard
Like a tone that can calm and nourish, or more stimulating and energetic depending on the light and color around.
It all sounds good, it's nice, it's kind of inspiring, but what does the color of the year mean for us now, this is a preview of the colors and complementary palettes that we can see, next year we can see a trickle down the street.
If you dig new shades, then now is a good time to go beyond the curve and figure out how to best explain it and incorporate it into your living space.
The magic of this color lies in its versatility.
It is located between mustard, beige and orange and is acceptable on the wall of the bathroom as in the kitchen, living room or hallway.
The color you match it with spice Honey is all;
If you want a relaxing space, refill it with a dim pink and white color.
Look for a vibrant environment that matches turquoise or red. Smithfield-
Textile designer Jennifer Slater is not an instant fan of this color, but she's starting to love it, "At first glance, I think it's boring, but then I saw how to make the most unusual combination of colors thrive and it can play a neutral role.
This color is very important for texture
Linen cushions, wool and velvet with graphic details and textured embroidery.
Personally, I would choose a range of less likely accent colors such as acidic yellow, pink blue, royal blue and white to create a vibrant space.
For me, spiced honey gives a life of compromise mixing.
"And paintings of beautiful names --Spiced Honey -
"The tone of this color has such depth and warmth that it can be used with many different types of wood," Carol said . "
Ann Leyden, owner of CA Design furniture.
"Paired with natural elements --
Ash, oak, offset with walnuts.
Often, the wall color is not the same as the effect of white and black furniture.
This is a real one.
Suitable for players of all tastes and styles.
"If it's bang's versatility, neutrality, and Brownie point --on-
The trend is the January that you desire and you have found your hue.
If not, there will always be next year.
Independence on Sunday
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