how to make a desk - room divider wall panels

by:EBUNGE     2019-09-04
how to make a desk  -  room divider wall panels
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If you prefer to redesign your furniture or recycle it, then here's a project like this that can help you build your home office cheaply.
You can easily make a table with old wooden doors.
So, let's say you 've decided to do more work at home, or you're starting a business, or you're just looking for a place to make a bill, or even a hobby sheet, you just don't want to spend money on office furniture or hobby room furniture yet.
How to do the desk-
If you have time, you can create a compact office area or hobby area for your home.
Whether it's in the basement or that spare room, or the corner of the living room, you can quickly make a table and personalize it to make the area a great place to work, there's something nearby.
If you don't mind hanging out at the reuse center, or you like to go to the countryside for a farm auction or garage sale, you might get a really cool old heavy door.
The old interior doors were the best for the project as they were not beaten or beaten by the weather.
How to make a table from the door-
Once you 've found a really cool old door, you can redesign it into a really cool table.
So, take your newly discovered door home and decide what you want to do with it before you take it in.
You can repaint it, or decorate it with a decoupled photo, or put your own painting on it, or whatever you want.
You don't have to remove the door, just wash it with some soap and water or a spray remover like Fantastic and rinse it out to make it completely dry.
If all the hardware is still on the door, please remove them, such as hinges and old door handles.
You can be online on poetry or anything you want.
If you use a high adhesion primer, you can paint it on it, then apply latex paint in the color you like, or keep it as it is.
You need to do a little shopping now.
How to make a desktop-
Measure the door and get a clear tempered (Not crushed)
Glass cut for your door.
It's not expensive, it makes your table need a flat surface, but now you can see all the details of the door through the glass.
So as long as there is glass on the side of this door to sit on, the center can be as complex as you want.
Some old doors are actually carved in the center.
Next to the office supplies store, you will find yourself having several file cabinets that are highly suited to your desk.
If they are not, you can add casters at any time to lift them up.
How to do the desk-Supports -
Now, put the door opposite the filing cabinet so you have one at each end.
These are your support.
Now, not only do you have a desk area, but you have storage on both sides.
If you don't want a filing cabinet, you can choose a book case, or if you don't want any type of storage, you can add the purchased legs from the hardware store.
But the idea of filing cabinets or bookcases is that your office is in this compact place.
If you put this very original looking table in the corner of the main living room, you can also try to find a room partition.
You can make or find these yourself at the reuse center and/or office supply stores or home improvement stores.
They are basically large rectangular frames and free brackets that are hinged together.
You can also decorate it!
How to do the table, hide it-
In this way, you can separate the desk office area or hobby area from the living area.
Open your partition at the end of the day and it will hide your office.
ORE International Black 4 Panel plum blossom screen room divider now, you don't have to stare at it when you are in "downtime.
It makes a lot of sense for a desk or worktop to re-use the door.
Before you throw away any doors, think about whether you can use the new worktop in the garage or in the basement to satisfy your hobbies.
Build brackets with storage units such as file cabinets, bookcases or bookshelves.
Some antique doors have some really cool details and will look good under some glass.
All you have to do is try to make sure it is a flat door if your table is flat.
Those old doors are usually solid wood, so most likely they will be fine, but check them on the floor first.
If you really want something different, you can also go to the antique store and see if there are really different doors that can make your table better.
If you prefer the height of standing, then find a higher book box or a higher file cabinet at the end.
You can either put these redesigned door tables against the wall or stand freely.
How to make the table High
You can also paint the filing cabinet or bookcase to match the rest of the desk so it doesn't look cracked, especially if you find the filing cabinet in the garage or end the support.
This way, it feels like you have a new office, but not only do you have a "original" table, but you save money when buying the entire office setup.
Perhaps with the money you save, you can consider spending a little cash on a very good chair and putting some storage on top of your desk.
Personalize your new desk now!
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