how to grow green walls at home - times of india - movable room dividers

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how to grow green walls at home - times of india  -  movable room dividers
In the center of the main city, it is difficult to make room for the family garden.
But hardcore gardening enthusiasts have found a solution to this problem.
Vertical Garden!
Yes, we are talking about plants in containers or geofelt bags on walls.
To make it easier to manage, some people even have a drip system!
While this garden is very popular abroad and in other Indian metropolises, this trend in Kolkata is also catching up quickly.
According to Dr. SL Rahman, co-secretary of the Indian Association of Agricultural gardening, "it is expensive to build a vertical garden.
You will need a lot of effort and dedication to maintain it.
This is not rocket science, however.
As long as there is will, there is always a way.
The main area of concern is watering the plants, which must be done using some kind of technology.
Excess water should be discharged through proper channels.
Seasonal flowers, flowers, and monetary plants are ideal for vertical family gardens.
"Whether you grow a garden indoors or outdoors, the difference is plant type. Shade-
Use cheerful plants indoors, while the sun
People who love are outdoors.
As for the benefits of these gardens, landscape designer Nupur Khaitan said, "the green walls inject vitality into our original monotonous life.
Plants can also purify the environment, and their colors can soothe our senses.
It is a symbol of growth, luck and childbirth.
Plants help reduce stress and have good eye contact.
Few people know that plants can also improve the environment in one place.
Since it is built in a specific area, it is much easier to control the spread of weeds.
You can even grow vegetables in sweet potatoes and grow them organically.
Many people prefer soil.
There are few media, including only chemicals or chemicals containing fertilizers.
People can also use organic materials such as cocoa charcoal, fertilizers and other nutrients necessary for plant growth.
"Said and done, let's see how you can start your own vertical garden at home. Here goes. . .
How to start defining the area where you want the green wall.
Any wall is good, but it is always better if you choose a wall that can get natural light, even indirectly.
Think about your budget.
Many landscape designers also offer great solutions.
If you are creative enough, you can make your own green wall with hanging pipes.
All you need is a wall or a partition.
It can be something as big as a boundary wall or even a small balcony wall.
The structure of the green wall should be three-Sandwich-
Frame, plastic sheet and fabric
So even if you stick it on the wall, it won't get hurt.
This also makes it easy to uninstall.
Again, if you want to create a partition, a free one
The Green Wall is ideal.
This wall can also move, and it is an amazing choice to break the monotony by changing its position from time to time.
Choosing the location of the plant wall will determine the type of plant.
"For indoors, we use plants that grow in the shade, and for outdoors, we use sunlight --
Love variety.
Again, for the balcony, we use halfshade plants.
The vertical garden can even be used as an attractive room divider.
"In the office, we use strong indoor plants for indirect lighting," Nupur told us . ".
People or gardeners who install green walls can also suggest the type of plants.
You can get your food from a good nursery.
If you have a drip irrigation system on your green wall, all you need to do is turn on the tap and your plants can be watered right away.
Otherwise, you can use the hose of the outdoor wall and the spray gun of the indoor plant.
If it is a large wall, you need to install a separate water tank on the drip tube.
"All you need to do is pour the liquid fertilizer into the tank and it will be able to get to the factory with water.
If you use soil
It is not very medium and does not require frequent fertilization.
People can also get fertilizer cakes and put them in each pocket manually.
This is only for small devices, however, "added Nupur.
How garden maintenance is maintained depends on the type of plant and unit you choose.
If you are using a green wall that is provided to your soil by a well-known company
Less equipment, low maintenance costs, need to be processed once in two months.
However, plants need good care and they need less maintenance if properly watered.
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