how to furnish a small studio apartment - sliding partition

by:EBUNGE     2019-08-17
how to furnish a small studio apartment  -  sliding partition
The studio in the apartment recently moved into 500-square-
The apartment I lived in when I first moved to Washington, D. C.
I was single in my early 20 s.
Now that I'm 30 and no longer single, I have a better idea of how to decorate and provide the studio in a practical and effective way.
I found the experience of decorating and decorating my small space to be liberating and exciting.
I mean, I changed from a big two bedroom to a long room.
Needless to say, not only did I find storage space in short supply, but also walls!
Therefore, I have been faced with the dilemma of providing furniture for this small studio, and from the previous failed attempts, I found a viable solution.
Continue to read tips on decorating and decorating your studio apartment. . .
Hope to get some inspiration from my experience in furniture and decoration.
What is a studio apartment?
A studio, sometimes called efficiency, is an apartment of 300 to 600 square feet with basically only one room.
There is a living room, a dining room, a bedroom and a kitchen.
There is no real wall even in the kitchen.
For example, there is a sliding partition in my kitchen.
One of the highlights I 've seen in the studios in Washington and my hometown of New York is the foyer, the dressing area leading to the bathroom.
I love these small rooms because they are as great as walking in the closet.
The open floor plan of the studio apartment can make the furniture placement quiet.
Who wants their sleeping space on the plain is actually the space to touch the living room.
Or worse, it's the combination of dead space and dead space.
I know I don't know, so I'll share some tips with you on how to have a little bit of privacy in your intimate little space too, by choosing the right furniture based on the function of the furniture and.
First of all, look at the floor of your apartment. plan (
If you don't have one on hand, or draw one)
Start playing with different layout options which will work for you.
Is your room large enough to divide it into several parts to make it more practical?
Consider if you plan to invite friends over on a regular basis (
You will want a guest in this caseFriendly layout)
Or you plan to do entertainment outside your home and use it only when "my time" and when you sleep.
Keep in mind that your space is limited, so every piece of furniture has a significant impact.
Get your creative juices flowing and start thinking about how to use the furniture you want to buy to deliver a double service
Furniture is placed in an unconventional way.
Who knows that if your room is wide, it might make sense to put the sofa in the middle of the room, with a TV station in front and a lovely three-piece restaurant in the back.
The back of the sofa can be the partition required for your designated restaurant.
You already have two different rooms.
Then at the end of the room you can have your bed.
The way to separate a room although some people may disagree, I think it is necessary to separate a studio apartment with only one room
Especially the beds in other parts of the room.
After taking the "open space" route, I quickly realized that splitting the studio room apart would add functionality rather than getting your bed and living space back --to-back.
You can separate the room in many ways
Here are your main choices.
Partition of bookcase room.
This is my preferred route, especially the bookcases that are done on both sides.
A bookcase can separate not only one room, but also two rooms.
Duties as a storage space and a display cabinet for books.
It can even double by putting your lights on a shelf.
I like it to keep the room ventilated and separate the bed at the same time --
The living room area looks chic! Fold the screen.
These are in various sizes (
Short/high, wide/narrow)and styles.
They are actually more of a symbolic divider because we all need some privacy.
The screen can also hide your bed completely by using two of them.
You can also choose to buy a Japanese shoe.
Room partition. Curtains.
This is a simple way.
Who needs a wall when you can have a curtain?
Maybe if you want some privacy and quiet time, but other than that, the curtains are cheap, easy to install and easy to disassemble.
This is a good temporary solution!
My one-bedroom apartment, my head spins at the thought of the choice of bed!
Each created a very different atmosphere for a room apartment.
You have: traditional bed.
If you don't want to hide the fact that you are sleeping, go to a good old bed (
Mattress, frame and all).
It creates a relaxed environment for you to have a good sleep.
After I slept for two years, I liked it better. Futons.
Futon sofa for a variety of purposes-
The bed and sofa are combined.
Guests can sit on the sofa and sleep on the bed. It's great.
Although the futon mattress is not very good.
I would suggest using this option only if your studio doesn't have enough space to split it into different parts.
Murphy bed aka hiddena-bed or pull-down bed.
If you want your bed to be invisible and invisible then take these Murphy/hide/pull-down beds.
When you don't use it, you can fold it over to the wall and pretend it's not there at all.
With this option, your bed will turn into a tall and fat cabinet during the day. Day beds.
The bed was great during the day.
Is it a sofa during the day or (slim)
Guests sleep at night.
Or when a friend comes over, sit on a super comfortable bench (
This is my preferred way to use me! )
Here are some of the decoration tips I have accumulated over the years and would like to share with you. Have a theme.
One thing I realize now is that you need to choose your furniture carefully in a way that fits the whole theme.
Don't run out and provide everything as quickly as possible in the excitement of decorating your own apartment (
Like I did for the first time).
Instead, plan your furniture in advance and remember a theme.
Therefore, please choose the sofa/sofa, carpet, armchair, coffee and side tables, bookshelves, dining tables and chairs carefully.
Remember how each piece will work with your other pieces.
Use a lot of beautiful mirrors.
Mirrors create miracles in small spaces.
They deceive their eyes and make them feel more space than they actually do.
The best place to hang the mirror is directly across the window so it can reflect the light back to the room.
This is a neat decoration trick you need to use in the studio.
No one said you were limited to one mirror and there were two mirrors in my studio --
One goes straight through the natural light source and the other is in the middle of the room, above the focus of the "living room" space.
There is also a mirror hanging in the foyer, and a dresser to let it walkin-
There are wardrobes and mirrors in the bathroom. Naturally.
Space is separated using carpets.
Another trick I 've found is that the carpet creates a sense of "purpose" for each area.
Not only that, they will also bring a comfortable feeling to your home. . .
Keep your feet warm.
Consider which seat is best for you.
Well, if you want friends to come over and think about how many friends you have, how you can get them to sit down.
Would you like a sofa/sofa, futon, armchair, stool?
This is a difficult question to answer and I always find the seating arrangements tricky.
I have a coffee table with two stools under the table (
Then I put a cushion on It)
Two more guest seats were given.
I want to buy a sofa (
1 Alton wharf once in stock)
So far, I have used the sofa bed as a sofa.
Buy a TV console with multiple shelves. . . and doors.
We all know that the space to live in a studio apartment is limited, so choose your furniture wisely and try to choose the furniture that offers more storage space, just like you get the TV console
Think about your lighting options.
You have two main lighting options, but it is important to consider what works best for you.
Ceiling fixtures (
I wish I had but they need electrician and approval if you live in a rental house
Who wants to live only under one lamp? )
A great amount of light;
There are table lamps and floor lamps.
Use clear furniture and glass countertops to make the space look bigger.
Add your own style with pictures, paintings, artwork, etc.
While my apartment is still in progress, I hope the lessons I 've learned from the two experiences of decorating the studio give you some ideas you can take away.
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