how to do a 16 inch layout on stud wall - building a partition wall

by:EBUNGE     2019-08-15
how to do a 16 inch layout on stud wall  -  building a partition wall
Bob Schmidt from the home renovation workshop demonstrated how to build walls at 16 inch metres in the center.
His tutorial is particularly helpful, so pay attention to his tips, tips and specific tips.
When laying the top and bottom plates for a typical wall, the frame square is usually the most appropriate tool.
First, flush the plate end at the top and bottom, and hook the belt at the flush end.
The first measurement is 15 1/4 away from the side where the first bolt is placed.
On a typical tape measure, each corresponding measurement should be a bolt mark of 1/3/4.
This will provide you with studs with 16 inch central layouts.
The 16 inch center layout is important for several reasons: many building materials are designed to fit the 16 inch layout.
Some tile backing and ironing board inserts;
When installing cabinets or decorating ie.
These materials need to be attached to the frame.
If you are loyal to 16 inch centers, what you really need to do on the wall is to find the first door post, and the other door posts on the wall are always multiples of 16 inch away.
Another consideration when building a wall is to match as much as possible with the existing structure in order to have space to run the heat pipes, pipes, wires to electrical panels, without the DingTalk of the wall, save your time and money.
Click on the 16 inch layout on stud wall to watch this video on metacafe.
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