how to create a closet in a room without one - room divider on wheels

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how to create a closet in a room without one  -  room divider on wheels
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Closet space is a huge problem in many families, especially the old ones.
Many old houses don't have a room at all, or they use separate closets like expensive ones, or many people just use a dresser and don't have the clothes most of us have today.
But if you have a budget and don't want to put an expensive bulky wardrobe in your room, if you rent your space and just want a decent place to put your clothes, shoes and accessories you can easily create a closet in a room with few key parts.
First of all, you have to decide if you want to see what you have.
If you are a very neat and organized person, then maybe your portable closet will be part of your decor, the colorful sweater folds just right and the shoes and boots are arranged very neatly.
If it's not you then you need a way to hide your clothes but still get in.
Next you need to decide how many rooms you need.
Can you simply take over a corner of your room or do you need a whole wall?
Don't forget, you can also take advantage of the various storage ideas under the bed.
If you can use the space under your bed then you don't need that much closet space.
Depending on the size of your bed, the area alone can store 4 drawers on wheels.
The first step is to check everything you have, throw away anything you don't wear or use, and create a retention heap.
This is a good time to clean up.
Look at this pile and decide the type of closet you need.
Do you have clothes that need to be hung, such as dresses and suits, or do you need more shelf space to fold out sweaters and T-shirts and even jeans.
This first step is important because it allows you to use your newly created space more effectively and reduce space waste.
If you don't have a dresser then you also need space under clothes, socks and scarves.
So remember all this.
Make a good assessment of your room and see what space you can use. Credit: amazon. ComWhitmor 6779
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How to create ClosetCredit: Amazon.
Invest in a good stand-alone garment rack as shown in the picture above.
You can see how it looks by adding a storage attachment. (pictured)
You can be as simple as a hanging rod on the wheel, or you can get more complicated and detailed with the shelves.
You can then add to the device with fabric hangers such as fabric drawers or sweaters.
You can see in the picture how it is used to store your things.
All you need to do is decide what type of storage you want this unit to use.
The second step is to clean and tidy up your room so that a free corner can be created or a wall can be prepared for your closet if you need more space.
If you are going to take the wall route, you need to measure about 3 feet from the wall.
Now, adjust the rest of your room to allow space.
If you can't donate a wall to the cause, consider a corner.
In order to make the corner free, you can also consider throwing away any bulky furniture, such as a dresser, but instead taking advantage of your new closet space or under your bed.
Some of the old dressers were large and occupied the room.
Offer many more stylish and light options for your clothes and accessories. Credit: amazon.
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Fabric painter these are a very cool way to accommodate a wide variety of things, from all your unknown things to the little things and souvenirs you may have.
The drawers look neat and fit on the shelves.
When you want to get something from them, you can take them off the shelf and put them in the drawer.
They also crash when you need to move the closet system.
They put things in order and tidy.
You can also get racks for jeans, sweaters or T-shirts.
In this way, instead of taking up too much space, you use vertical space instead.
Shoes can do the same.
There are a variety of options to store your things along the hanger at this booth.
It all depends on the type of thing you are going to store.
If you rent your space, it won't hurt any walls, you can take it apart and carry it with you when you move out.
If you want to keep things that you don't wear often, then consider putting them under the bed or on the top shelf of this unit. Credit: amazon.
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The privacy screen is the perfect way to hide the newly formed closet space.
If you choose to occupy the corner of the room, then these screens can simply be folded up throughout the space.
Fold them back when you need to go in.
They are a great way to hide your clothes, shoes and accessories and look very beautiful.
Very neutral and tasteful in a room, you can even hang photos on it to personalize them.
If you are taking over an entire wall in your room, then you may need several walls depending on the length of your wall.
This is one of the most economical ways to instantly create a closet in a room without a closet.
Or, even if you just need extra closet space, there are more portable options to store your clothes but still look good.
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