how to build a temporary wall in an apartment - building a partition wall

by:EBUNGE     2019-08-15
how to build a temporary wall in an apartment  -  building a partition wall
Walls can be a great way to divide the apartment space, especially if you want to add an extra room or separate the kitchen from the living room.
However, establish a complete
The mature wall in the apartment is unwise and is likely to violate your lease.
You can build a temporary wall to bypass this wall, a wall that is quite simple to construct and can act as a temporary partition in your smaller space.
Some basic woodworking skills and tools are needed to build temporary walls.
Measure the distance from the floor to the ceiling with a tape measure.
You need to buy 2-by-
4 boards are about 2 inch shorter than your size. Drill a 2-by-
Insert the board into the ceiling horizontally with wooden screws, which will act as the top of the wall.
This is the so-called roof.
You will most likely need a partner to help you.
When you drill, let your partner put the board on the ceiling.
The board should be directly under the ceiling floor support so that you do not simply drill to the dry wall.
If you don't know where the pallet is, use the stud finder to help find the pallet. Place a 2-by-
Vertical plank under the top plate on the ceiling.
If you are measuring correctly, the board should be snug between the floor and the ceiling.
Use a saw to shorten the board if necessary.
By placing the wooden screws at an angle near the top of the vertical board, fix the vertical board on the top plate.
This process is called toe nails.
Repeat steps 3 and 4, place a vertical plank every 2 feet, called studs, until the frame of the temporary wall is completed.
Drill some corkboard on each side of your temporary wall frame.
Corkboard is a very light material that is easy to move and therefore ideal for temporary walls.
You can use drywall, though this is more permanent.
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