how rbm building technology works - building a partition wall

by:EBUNGE     2019-08-16
how rbm building technology works  -  building a partition wall
The standard procedures for the construction of concrete partition walls by conventional methods are as follows: ● template (mould)
Fix the position, size and shape of the wall with wooden boards.
● Then pour the concrete mixture into the mold and allow for drying.
● Then remove the mold and the basic Wall is in place.
Then the workers invaded the walls to make holes. g.
For power outlets if required.
● Then apply a layer of plaster to smooth the surface of the wall.
If the wall is built in an upper or high-rise building, the concrete mixture is transported to a higher floor using a bucket
Pulley system, or pumping in chute.
According to the company, RBM method is a better, faster and cheaper technology for the following reasons: ● use foam concrete instead of concrete mixed foam concrete or use 3-in-
Patent mixer for RBM-11000.
Once solidified, this building material is as strong as normal concrete, much lighter in weight, easier to transport, and has better thermal insulation and fire resistance.
Easy to operate RBM-
1000 function like mini continuous batching factory.
It is mobile and can be located on the construction site itself.
It is easy to operate and has a pump that delivers foam concrete to a place up to 125 m from the ground (35 storeys)or 250m away.
● The template is made of steel plates, not boards. Foam concrete is poured into a template made of RBM steel scaffolding.
The panel is modular in design, for example, the position of the power outlet is fixed before pouring into the foam.
Once the foam sets and the scaffold is removed, a finished wall with a smooth surface is obtained.
No plastering is needed.
● Low operating costs; lower operating costs for RBM systems.
It uses less manpower, less waste, offers products with consistent quality, and faster turnaround times.
The RBM claims that the system can increase site productivity by more than three times and reduce construction costs by 20%.
● Higher return on investment and lower capital density.
The company claims that the two units of the RBM
The cost of RM800 is 1000, 000 can provide the output equivalent to the traditional system, the cost is RM8mil-RM10mil.
This system will include a concrete batching plant, a truck transporting concrete to the construction site, and a heavy-duty pump transporting the mixture to the upper floors of the building.
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