how 01 (and 07 and 02) and some other narcs busted tom, dick and harry - temporary room divider with door

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how 01 (and 07 and 02) and some other narcs busted tom, dick and harry  -  temporary room divider with door
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Drug dealers call them narcs. and worse;
Observers of the old TV series called them "t-men" and have not done so since the Bureau of Narcotics was transferred out of the Treasury and merged with the Drug Abuse Control Authority in 1967 (
Former Ministry of Health, Education and Welfare)
Enter the Justice Department.
They claim to be agents of the Bureau of drugs and dangerous drugs.
No matter what you call them, they are young and promising people (
A woman or two)
Too obvious-and tragically—
Drug law enforcement in the United States is an important growth industry.
Over the past five years, the federal anti-drug force in New York has more than doubled in size, and at the beginning of this month, this growth has reached a climax, with the Bureau moving to a new headquarters in the recently completed modern office building, the address is 555 W. 57th St.
Of the 21 "street" groups assigned to New York, 16 work on the 18 th and 19 th floors there today.
The report on one of the groups was compiled before the bureau moved from the crowded old Federal Building on Chapel Street 90 to the residential area.
This is a building crouching on the square, which is shared with The Post Office, the IRS, the Secret Service and the miscellaneous offices of the alcohol, tobacco and firearms unit of the Ministry of Finance.
The two prerequisites for this article are by Daniel P.
Kathy, director of the New York Regional Bureau.
First of all, I can't identify any agents by name or describe them carefully enough to surprise them.
Second, I cannot accurately identify the object of any investigation and arrest that I have seen, a preventive measure that is not taken in the "Dragnet" cliché to protect innocent people, but to avoid prosecution of criminals.
However, within these limits, Kathy is willing-
In fact, anxiety-
Allow me to be behind the scenes.
"I think we have a large group of people who are doing a good job," he said. "within the framework of protecting them, I don't feel guilty and let the public know about it.
First of all, visit the "inside" facilities of the Bureau of drugs and dangerous drugs.
Supporting the narcotics team on the street is an analytical laboratory consisting of 14 chemists who pass through the spectrum, gas chromatography and other less strange chemical tools, even quantitative analysis of trace drugs in a few hours (
In many cases, clues of their source are provided);
Intelligence, responsible for collecting, updating and associating information about suspects and drugs;
A Department of fugitives with its own list of "Top Ten wanted" drug suspects and bail personnel;
A basic radio control device controlled by the operator, they check the license and phone number at Albany and New York Telephone Company, and transfer the list to the people on the street within a few minutes (
The bookcase in the base radio office also contains many different research tools, including the Paris telephone directory, just in case);
A compliance department, primarily responsible for overseeing the production of legitimate pharmaceutical companies, preventing the flow of legitimate drugs into illegal channels, not drug agents, and finally, a department of anonymous inspector "narcs" narcs, prevent internal corruption throughout the operation.
In the office, each group on the streets of New York is assigned to a desk-lined compartment, separated from others according to different command departments.
Each group has a number obtained from its department-
For example, the third team in Division 5 will be group 53 --
Everyone in the group has a subordinate number
The 53-year-old eighth man will respond to a phone call from base radio station 5308.
There are no 53 groups of advertisements.
Director Casey believes that the publication of the true number of people in the group will enable its agents to be identified by anyone with sufficient perseverance and short-wave radio.
But call 53 groups.
Twelve agents, aged from 20 to 30, have a basic radio call number of only 53 for a supervisor.
He himself is a 46-year-old black man living in Brooklyn.
He entered the federal service on 1959 as an inspector for the Food and Drug Administration and transferred through it.
Drug addiction into B. N. D. D.
There was also a secretary, an 18-year-old girl who took three calls from the organization, typed 53 reports and transcribed the occasional live notes dictated by the agent into Tapes
As far as I can observe, the monitoring of his daily operations by the 53 exercises is almost ex-post, in the preparation and editing of agency reports and the analysis of their work and potential.
In fact, for most of the week I spent with this team, the only direct order I heard from him was concise instructions, "Any of you who don't have snow tires is better off getting them.
In his 53-year-old party cubicle, dressed in a blue suit and conservative tie, impeccable, the project was the first impression of a large company being promoted to a "front desk" black model for management, he realized the need to present a cross-racial image.
However, with 12 years of experience chasing drugs, 53 was promoted in 1971, more than three times as many as any agent on his team.
However, as he said, his main function in this unit is not to advise the agent of the problems he may face on the street --
"This is something no one can predict for you "-
But predict how his men will respond from the Bureau's regional and departmental directors.
"By this time, I have a good understanding of what we can do ourselves and what we 'd better apply for authorization.
"In addition to his supervisory work, 53 people still return to the streets from time to time when the investigation was in Harlem or the black community.
"Dressed like that? ” I asked.
Fifty-three shrugged their shoulders as they touched the lapels of their suits. “Why not?
At Hart schafner and Marx, I bought a lot of drugs that were dressed as they are now.
However, the group supervisor's preference for Hart schafner and Marx was not shared by his senior agent.
More ways than color and clothes, 5301 (
Or 01, for short)
Something else.
Where 53 looks relaxed, inflated and tidy, 01 is discreet, limited and super.
Long hair and sideways, he affects clothes that carefully cultivate the "it" image of this agent's work --
Whether it's on duty or off work.
Obviously, the bureau has made great progress compared with the old times of the drug administration, when Treasury agents and F. B. I.
In fact, as it was three years ago, the difference between men being cut as the most pressing law enforcement officers was offensive, and the informal comment of one juror to the effect, A drug agent looks more evil than the person he's locked up, enough to trigger orders for "haircuts and dressing up" throughout the New York office.
However, dressing up in a traditional way is a problem for today's 01 because he admits to having only two suits, one of which is velvet and the other is what he recently put on, go to a broker's wedding with 53.
I asked 01 if he had ever had a racial problem working under a black man and he really seemed surprised by the problem: "I don't think he's black.
He's a pretty guy.
If he is not my boss, I still want to be with him.
"0-one is a" hythebook "agent to a large extent, and the book he runs is the agency manual of the Bureau, a white binder containing hundreds of pages --
When we got to his car, 01 said none of them said they would allow journalists to check the undercover and surveillance program "command is command", "I would do it if Casey authorized it, but you have to admit that every damn drug dealer and wholesaler in the country will study your work to understand how we operate.
"I agree that this is a possibility, but it is certain that his superiors have considered it.
"Well," allow 01, "I think they think it's worth it for a good story.
"I asked the agent what made him think the story I would eventually write was good for the game.
He refutes with his own questions.
What made me think he would allow me to see anything that might reflect distrust of the Bureau or its procedures?
AdvertisementI pointed out that although the agency boasted about the emphasis on "safety", I have visited the office and briefed some agents, although no one has asked me for a press certificate so far.
"As far as you know," I told 01, "I may be the agent of the Organized Crime Intelligence collection unit.
"According to the late demand for narcotic drugs, I showed my New York City police press Card (
The next day, as I learned later, the Bureau of drugs and dangerous drugs conducted a background and credit check on me;
So far, however, the agency has not thought of verifying the task.
So in an atmosphere of mutual doubt, we arrived at the bureau car at 01, a hard-top convertible of the latest model --and ticketed —
In the parking lot.
"We handed these things in and they were taken care of," he said reluctantly . ".
"But the tickets on our personal cars, we have to pay for ourselves.
"Before taking a hand-held microphone out of the glove box on the 01 th, we drove into the traffic.
"5301, Code 8," he broadcast in front of the first traffic light.
"Code 4" is a short reply from a radio speaker.
"I have told him to be in the car in the afternoon," 01 said, "Code 4 is confirmation. " After a minute, he continued and carefully chose his words: "Call You --or rather we—
Always listen to 0-0.
This is an emergency.
"In the time I spent with group 53, the only thing I could recall without 0-0,01 was transmitted on last October.
12 when the purchase of cocaine got bad, a 25-year-old agent, Frank tuonello, was killed in a shootout at the Sheraton motel on 42d Street, with his group head, Thomas J ·
01 admitted: "This has not kept up with many agents . ".
"Sometimes we forget that it's a cop and robber they 've been playing with all the time.
The 'game' played by Team 53 that afternoon was a surveillance of a suspicious dealer who worked at a candy store in South Bronx. An S. C. I. (
Special confidential informant, according to the Bureau)
News that it has passed the retail pusher to buy Z in a dilapidated neighborhood (ounces)
Even the occasional K. kilograms)
Cocaine, currently the preferred drug in a more fashionable neighborhood in New York
Agents of the bureau believe that the result of the movie "Super Fly" is that the movie beautifies a super cold Coke seller.
Several 53 men were stared for hours in the car at different distances from the candy shop, and a 09-year-old team member worked undercover, I was waiting in a bar across the street for the informant to arrive and he would make an introduction.
Then, if things are resolved, 09 will buy cocaine, which will be evidence against the seller.
Whenever possible, the bureau likes to buy at least two confirmed drugs before the session.
As soon as he entered the area and stopped by a fire hydrant about a block and a half from the candy shop, 01 took over the responsibility of the mission.
However, his orders are loose to a large extent.
Other agents of 53 teams are in a better position to monitor suspicious institutions and bars sitting on the 09 for beer and to take action if necessary, according to their training and homework set before. (
Another agent, 5308, later explained: "In this industry, you work long enough with people to know what they want you to do in a crisis . ".
"If you do something that they think is unacceptable, they will let you know, but if you are not corrected, then you continue to work in the most appropriate way, it usually works. ”)
In the afternoon outside the Bronx candy store, team 01 made two orders.
He sent a man into the bar on the 09 th to see if he was okay (he was)
He ordered two other men to follow a neat-dressed man's car in another surveillance car, who walked out of the candy store with an accessory.
"Let it be a loose tail, though," he told them by radio.
"It's better to lose small fish than to let the accused know we're here. ” “Defendant? ” I asked 01.
"Isn't this too early?
"He was not the defendant until we filed a case against him," admitted the agent, "but he would.
A few months ago, I came out in California with a special detail, where they called their theme "Kruck" or "bad guy" on the radio ".
"Before the cocaine deal happens or fails, it will take most of the afternoon, and at the same time, there is little to do but wait in the car at 01, only to see the remote view at the door of the candy shop.
"It's really the biggest part of the job, sitting in the car waiting for things to happen.
If your partner doesn't like to talk, it's murder.
"Fortunately, I drew a partner who liked tallt.
Depending on the situation, the language pattern of 01 is easy to slide from argot of the drug underworld to unique terms used between the police.
However, when he relaxed between the two poles, the traces of the Brooklyn accent came out.
Under long hair, clothes, badges and guns, it turns out that there is an ambitious 28-year-old from Benson Hearst who is still paying monthly student loans for his master's degree in accounting.
I asked him what kind of job narc is for a good Jewish accountant.
He recalled that it was a problem for his mother, who quoted her exclamation when he joined the bureau: "When all the other mothers talked about their sons, doctors and Sons, lawyers, what should I say, my son, the police '?
"Now, four years later, apparently that's exactly what the 01 mother said, because a few minutes later, he mentioned that among the rest of the people his mother has been bragging about, there are family dentists: "Since she told him he wanted to talk about drugs every time he put me in a chair.
"During the summer vacation of 1966, when oone was a temporary customs inspector at JFK airport, he was first interested in the job.
"One of the other people at that job was a federal drug agent who quit law school and he told me a lot of great stories about the job.
That summer, I applied and took the test, but there were only 300 federal drug agents at the time, and the bureau did not recruit, so I went back to graduate school and worked part-time as an accountant at a university. P. A. firm.
But, this job is not the kind of career challenge I expected, so when I finished my studies, I did another try in the bureau, and since then I got my master's degree, this makes me very happy.
"Agency schools have not yet been established in those days.
The morning I was sworn in, they gave me a gun and a badge, that's it. I was an agent.
At that time, we had 50 people here. of course, we were very eager to prove ourselves to them.
A few days later, when I was alone in the office, the Secret Service called me and told me that a phone number in Brooklyn was working on drugs.
I called the number and arranged a purchase for that night right away --
I remember that the money had to be taken out of someone's pocket because in those days we had no one in the finance department after 5 p. M. —
I went out and tied it up and took what the man gave me and he said it was speed and something else, a white powder he called the blue dot psychedelic.
I was so proud of myself until I came back and found out from the lab that "blue dot lsd" was actually just aspirin --
You took aspirin and put iodine on it and it turned blue.
Speed is also false.
In his first purchase, 01 was fired-"Blue Dot psychedelic" was just aspirin and the speed was fake.
But he made sure he got his money back and became an expert in drug culture and chemistry.
Someone did two things about the scam.
First of all, he returned to Brooklyn and got his (
To be more precise, it's his colleague)money back.
"I stared at him in the candy shop opposite the boy's house until he came out.
When he saw me coming, he left with me.
"You keep running," I shouted to him, "you may get hurt," and it was lucky for him to stop.
Selling counterfeit drugs in drug crimes
Practice quite frequently
Called "burn ".
01 The second thing done to his first case was to try to prevent burns from being burned again.
He took the initiative to start familiarizing himself with the chemical and physical aspects of the more exotic hallucinogenic agents and other rare drugs, to the point that "now, if they have laboratory cases, if someone puts something very strange, my name usually appears.
"I asked 01 if his familiarity with illegal drugs was entirely academic or if he had personally tried any of them --
Of course, it is purely within the scope of responsibility.
"Don't advertise once, whether it's on duty or off work," he insisted . ".
"I had to hold the joint in my hand when I was undercover, but I never smoked it once.
"Isn't it hard to avoid grass or undercover drugs?
"You don't understand the nature of the job," 01 said . ".
"We don't pose as users or even as low-level users.
If they are good dealers, we should be dealers, real dealers ,-
It's trustworthy for the people they deal. aren't users.
Hell, if these people even suspect that the people they deal with are using these things, they will cut off his contact right away because he becomes vulnerable.
I have observed that drugs, especially cannabis, are becoming difficult to avoid under current social conditions.
I point out that most of the parties I 've been invited to recently, cannabis is freely delivered.
In a similar social environment, what should federal drug agents do?
"Get out there as soon as possible, pick up the phone and make a report," 01 said . ".
What if he doesn't?
"Well, one thing, he broke his oath," replied.
"On the other hand, he will take a big chance because, as far as he knows, the rest of the party may be an agent --
Maybe none of us, but he doesn't know a city drug detective.
If the man had reported that he was present and he had not called, he would have lost his job.
In the last few sentences, the boy of bensenhurst was replaced by the police, so when 01 asked me, I was not surprised, neither roundabout nor clever, if I wanted to tell him more about the party I was going to, who gave them and where the pot came from.
Of course, I declined to indicate that I should get the information from him and vice versa. “O. K.
01 replied, "then you can put down the information I got from the accused, as you got from me.
I also rap and exchange stories with them.
"With that understanding 01 told me some of his adventures as a two-five man --
"This is what we call undercover agents.
I would rather be a conductor than a conductor.
Undercover knows what happened;
He made it happen.
"One of the tasks he doesn't like, however, is that he's actually a marijuana bust-like --
Not symbolic.
Burned down by a defective KEL, a hidden small radio transmitter, broadcasting to his backup in a nearby surveillance vehicle.
"I'm at this guy with $200,002 --$2 is mine.
In my pocket, this overheated KEL is tied to my lower abdomen.
I had to sit there for five hours to arrange the purchase and keep a cool conversation while I was burning. It was murder.
Can't he do something about it?
Went to the bathroom and removed the transmitter?
"Maybe I can," 01 said, "but I have to remember that this damn thing is also the protection and insurance I provide for the magnificent buildings of the government's pound.
So I decided to stay there and burn.
Later, after the bust image, they took me to the Beekman Hospital to remove the KEL, and the big black hole that it left on me shook the doctor.
To be honest, I don't like to watch it myself.
However, when we talked, our task of monitoring outside a Half Street area disappeared when the dealer suspected "manufacturing (i. e.
, Correct identification)
Watch one of the 53 cars.
"When I mentioned cocaine," said the clothman 09 later, "he stretched his thumb out to the window and said, 'Pay attention to what you said, those are the police.
I don't think so. no one will buy it. I 'd better protect my cover. I said, ‘Cops?
Let me leave here, O Christ, and I will leave.
"When oone received a report from two agents he assigned, he was even more disappointed:" We followed him to Manhattan without any problem, and when he stopped at 96 th Street, we watched his car on the other side of the street for about an hour and a half.
Then, can you believe, a truck parked outside of us for about two minutes, and when it drove away, the guy's car was gone.
"At the moment, before the case was reassigned to another team, the suspicious dealer at the candy store and his alleged customer were proved to be a suspicious little time promoter through his license plate, will become another pair of entries in the bureau's intelligence services folder.
On the journey back to the city center, 01 drives like a person who doesn't care about traffic enforcement, in any case, pointing out the various places in Manhattan, making a detour to show me the new West 57 Street headquarters: "We will be there with the facilities we have been dreaming of for years --
The fence, security measures, and even the protection of roadside parking.
"I said I imagined it would be an improvement to the old headquarters, which was designed without the availability of prisoners, and the agents had to park at Church Street and give them the entrance through the hall
"Certainly," he said, "but even now, our lives are much easier than they were when we started four years ago.
If you told me two years ago, I would have a car with air conditioning and I don't need to keep an eye on the windows in the heat of summer and I don't believe you either.
When I broke into the door in 1968, the old predecessors at work thought they had made progress because the bureau did not often have money, but passed a word to support the car.
"You know," said the agent, "I 've never had access to politics before, but in November I voted Nixon's first because he gave us money, give it to the people we do the work.
Over the next four years, I believe he will also be able to get rid of most of the vulnerable groups in court.
"Advertising weak Annie?
"That's what we call most judges.
In this work, I don't think I have quarreled with anyone except them.
Do you know what it's like to risk your life at work and then see a person walking?
I bought a nice plainclothes in Manhattan a few months ago and the man pleaded guilty and got off work for 30 days and 20 minutes on leave for good performance.
Hell, he doesn't have enough time to finish the copy of Reader's Digest.
Stay with us for a while and you will hear a lot about weak Anne. ”He was right;
When 53 teams planned the next action and cleaned up the paperwork for the old one, I did hear a lot about weak Anne.
Narcs complained about it, but paperwork was inevitable in their work.
The agent is not only responsible for the personnel and expense forms common to all federal bureaucracy, but also fills in evidence reports, daily work reports, monitoring reports and separate financial forms, show to push as a "flash volume" but not pass.
They must also state the money actually used to buy drugs;
Even if it was seized during the arrest, it was bound up indefinitely as evidence.
Also, in 09, as a second-five person, had to do a broad "undercover report.
In the office, the 09-year-old former bread salesman --
"This is still my cover;
Ask me about bread.
He was initially frustrated with his law enforcement career because he was too short for the Philadelphia Police Department.
Onine is part of the majority of people serving in the armed forces.
Three officers: 11 Coast Guard lieutenant, 06 Vietnam military intelligence captain and 10 air force radar captains.
Two of the non-veterans are former teachers: 04 years old, teaching social studies in private schools before going to work, 05 years old, the only black agent of the group (
Of course not including 53 themselves)
He teaches at a Nashville school.
Inside the office, 05 is more restrained and buckled in appearance.
On the street, however, he had an interesting cover: "Everyone thought I was half crazy.
Whenever I see someone looking at me, I do strange things like taking out a deck and starting to deal with people who are not there.
The last person I grabbed, even after I put my badge on him and handcuffed him, couldn't believe I was the law.
He thought I was just crazy.
When I finally convinced him, he left a little bit.
"Since coming from Detroit a few months ago, 05 has successfully attracted his 53-year-old white colleagues to the drug scene in Harlem and Bedford staverson.
In particular, he and 01 worked together on several occasions.
"We call ourselves Black and Robin Stein," 01 interjected . ".
05 went on to say: "I told people that I knew a Jewish cat who wanted to score, hell, they would buy it if I guaranteed it for him.
As long as he has money, they don't care if he is white or not, and one person told me last month that he likes to deal with Jews because there won't be any Hull --About money.
Now there are a lot of white people stealing drugs from black people.
"Ofive is very happy at work;
When he got off work, he found it difficult.
"It seems better in New York, but in Detroit, every damn place I might want to go at night becomes the place where I have to work secretly.
The job and the real trouble of black people-
"Here comes N. A. A. C. P.
News, "shouted another agent from the office.
"No," 05 got rid of it. “No message.
Just being away from drugs on social occasions is a lot harder for people like me than these white people.
"Advertising, whether white or black, the main way drug control personnel remove" drugs in the social environment "is to socialize almost entirely between them and get together at each other's homes or in the bureau-
The New York regional office sponsored a Christmas party, for example, on the Long Island highway, a couple of $29 per person --
Or a function that occasionally passes F. C. I. A.
The Federal Association of criminal investigators, a professional brotherhood, attended by agents of all federal law enforcement agencies except the FBIB. I. , belong.
In fact, 5311 met his wife at a party like this.
She came to a party at the invitation of one of her friends, who was the secretary of the Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Department at 90 Chapel Street.
"Anyway," 11 said, "she knew right away what was needed for my job.
She also had some reservations when we first got serious.
"It may not be part of the 10-week course at the Washington Secret Service School, but in any case, narcs quickly realized that their new career inevitably broke the old relationship.
Part of the time may be a few hours.
"I just don't have time to see my old friend again," 08 said . ".
However, the basic reason for the gap seems to be the nature of the work.
02 said: "Once people realize who you are and what you do, it seems like everyone is shutting you out;
They don't want to talk to you.
Another agent spoke about a pub he used to visit occasionally near his home in Long Island: "These people found out what I did, but no one said anything before we had a big case
You may remember.
We're looking for drugs in a guy's house.
And then those people said to me, you work for those mobs?
I said I did it and no one talked to me after that.
"Of course, social problems are the trickiest for single brokers aged 53.
Not all women understand working hours and job requirements like their 11-year-old wife.
For example, oone just broke up with a girl he's been dating for a while because "in the end, she can't stand the time and the broken date.
"Now that he's on a date again, 01 spent many free nights at a disco in Brooklyn, where he managed to rescue, and his colleagues thought he was" some kind of wobbly accountant
"When did he tell a girl what did he really do?
"Just as I was close enough to her, she found the gun.
"At least in part because it is not so conspicuous, 01 wore a 9 nun automatic pistol under his shirt, smaller than the 45-caliber pistol preferred for most narcotics, especially those who are married, they may not have concealed the issue of weapons from curious young ladies.
The 9mm automatic gear is not out of the driving range yet.
"But that's not to say I didn't use it," 01 noted . ".
"I can name two push, and they will think twice before they grab another federal agent's weapon.
"When he does have time to date, 01 can be at least affordable.
Drug agents are paid from $9,053 for just-out gs7 agents to $18,737 for high-end gs13 men, in addition, an additional charge of up to $3,000 is expected to work overtime 20 hours a week (
Most agents invest more).
Promotional activities are also relatively fast.
For example, 0-1 is gs12 (
$15,866 plus $3,000 overtime)
After only four years.
High salaries are a way for the bureau to guard against high likelihood of corruption.
The other one is not very pleasant.
Drug agents are often reminded that their work is not only supervised by the chain of supervision, but also by "Inspectors" who "have access to the special agencies reported by each team.
Whenever there are difficulties with office calls for 53 members --
Not often-
They suspect anonymous inspectors are hacking their phones.
Everyone is aware of any member of the team, or even his own partner --
Probably a planting inspector.
The bureau's regulation of drugs seized by its agents is also less trusted than the New York City Police Department. recently, the company found more than 400 pounds of drug losses from its property room, it included 81 pounds of heroin in the famous 1962 "French contacts" case.
Federal seizures were kept in the safe box of the bureau's chemical laboratory and conducted on-site inspections through analysis if they were taken out of locked containers and then taken to court.
Maybe it's because of their constant responsibility. N. D. D.
When the agents talked about their colleagues in the drug department of the New York Police Department, they were somewhat condescending --
Or at least until a few weeks ago, federal agents had to go out and arrest their own people in the "French contact" case, a drug watchdog responsible for handling the federal end of the investigation.
The agent, who retired in 1967, was investigating what Justice Minister Ramsey Clark described as a "major corruption" in the bureau, and since then he has been accused of plotting to sell drugs.
In the book "French contact", members of 53 teams
Probably all B. N. D. D. agents—
Having seen or seen the film, they objected to what they thought was an inaccurate description of the drug investigation.
01 said: "If this book should tell everyone how we operate, why is it not helping a lot of readers to stay away from us?
I found the "French Connection" on most of the mats we entered ".
A deeper feelingif less cited—
However, the reason for the criticism is the "connection" affiliation between the federal investigation role and the municipal investigation role.
In fact, according to narcs, the situation is just the opposite, they did hand over some information to the local police about the small push and addicts who they thought were insignificant, and it was not worth the federal investigation.
Living under common professional and social discipline like them
Their family.
Tend to have deep loyalty to each other.
After the Bronx monitored, when we went back to Church Street 90, the first thing I saw was a copy of a letter from Sam tumnello to the director, John Ingersoll Rand, the agent's father was shot dead on last October: ". . .
Believe me, sir.
Ingersoll Rand, when I said you led a group of good and dedicated people. . . .
We are very proud of Frank being one of them. . .
In fact, when it comes to this, narcs are modest to even speak to FBI agents who call it "Feebs ".
"These people will only investigate the crime after it happens," noted a man from the 53 team. "When we go out and deal with things.
"Advertising can be obtained from men who work together, socialize together, have enough time to monitor reasoning together, and agents of 53 teams are generally politically consistent.
However, as is the case with 5301 people, their dress or behavior tends to become political conservatives.
There is, however, a liberal group: 02, a 28-year-old Putnam resident with a military background: "I don't want you to think that everyone in this institution is conservative," he
"Normally, I am silent about my own views, but I will not try to hide them.
"Of course, 02 did not see any conflict between his politics and his profession.
In fact, he added: "Do you know who inspired me to apply for the job?
Ramsey Clark wrote in his book American crime.
You know, the way he stated the issue, I think he was absolutely right when it comes to the failure of this national corrective body.
"If it's not consistency, then there's at least a strong opinion advantage when 53 teams talk about drugs. B. N. D. D.
It is clear that agents believe in the social need to protect the public from drugs --
To ensure that they remain convinced, as part of the agent's on-the-job training, the bureau has assigned to participate in "clinics" that extensively examine and discuss drugs and their effects ".
So at least their attitude against drugs is not simple.
In their undercover work, in a conversation with the accused they arrested, 53 panelists listened to all the arguments to legalize drugs until cannabis.
However, there is only one 12-year-old agent, the latest graduate of this bureau School, who likes the legal pot.
The other two did not hold personal positions.
"It depends on politicians," some say . ".
"No matter what they put in the book, I will enforce it "-
But under his own leadership at the age of 53, others have even strongly opposed such liberalization: "Maybe I died of any kind of drug," said the supervisor.
"Where I live, I see how they enslave people.
What are the benefits of legalization of marijuana?
Have our alcohol drinkers decreased after they legalized alcohol?
Of course, there are also some guys who don't move up from Mali Huana, but they are just a small part of it.
O-four, a former private school teacher, said: "I don't think I can see a child smoking on the street and don't want to say it out of his mouth.
"However, there is no objection when it comes to pushing push.
For a man, the organization and its supervisor denied any sympathy for the people they investigated and tried to arrest.
Those who sell, exchange, or give away medicines should be isolated and, if necessary, lifelong, the only exception should be considered --
Not much thought.
Will be those who surrendered.
If several netcs are slightly disturbed by the possibility that Governor Rockefeller proposed to impose even the slightest promoter life imprisonment without parole, this objection is not so much an enlightened self-interest as a matter of principle.
If there is no mercy, what is the cause of the notice?
And, although the New York State law does not apply to federal defendants, small promoters, it is not known that the person they are arrested may choose to shoot instead of risking a lifetime in prison.
For himself, however, 01 was willing to accept the risk: "Four years ago, when the minimum [
Five to twenty years for the first felony sale;
10 to 40 years later]
In fact, we are more effective before vulnerable groups are given discretion in sentencing.
Abstract condemnation push is one thing;
However, I would like to know how the 53 groups reacted to the accused, which I found out in the second case I followed.
Like almost all drug investigations, it started with an informant.
This aspect of this case is acceptable to me.
The drug and dangerous drugs bureau may be talking to the media these days, but it still hasn't talked to anyone, or even other law enforcement agencies about its informants, even in the internal memo of the Bureau, also mention them only by code number.
01 said: "I don't care what kind of permission you get from the front desk, I won't discuss the informant with you.
It's too easy to get them killed.
How does the bureau get intelligence?
It is clear that some people are "on foot" to avenge volunteers or bounty hunters seeking paid services.
More often, however, were later defendants.
From the first minute of the arrest of a drug suspect to his appearance in court for sentencing, he has almost always been under pressure to "flip", at least on the lower floors of underground drugs, which most people do.
Once the court is released on parole or probation, many people will try to evade their obligations (
Team 53 agents spend hours a week calling former defendants to remind them
Not very clever.
Their commitment and the court's insistence on them still).
However, even with the most well-intentioned informant, the clues are usually rough.
Big drug dealers know very well that between federal and local agencies, there are more than thousands of agents and police in New York City abroad, and they will screen themselves with layers of middlemen accordingly.
In this case, the informant found cocaine in a pizza shop in Brooklyn. he was "convinced" to put an undercover agent next to the young man who guaranteed him, so he cleaned up his drug purchase.
As far as the bureau is concerned, the second youth will become an "uninformed "-i. e.
A source of information, he did not know that he was connecting a special worker to the drug pipeline.
The actual purchase of cocaine was arranged through a young college drop-out student and I would call Tom.
Tom, a gay lover of real vendor Dick, is clearly considering expanding his business from retail to wholesale.
Tom and Dick are not worth the time alone in the 53 th team.
Its target is the unknown supplier of Dick and I might as well call Harry.
The agent assigned to climb this ladder is 5307, and 36 years of age is the oldest agent in the group except 53.
More than two years ago, 07 was a computer programmer who lived comfortably in the suburbs of Denver with his wife and two daughters.
"I bought it with a computer. I think I have to leave.
I have always been interested in law enforcement.
I'm a police officer.
One day I heard on the radio that the bureau was hiring agents, so I applied.
When he started training, he cut his salary by $4,500 and he still didn't make as much money as a programmer.
"Hell," he said, "cars and TV sets are paid, and now I can do what I want.
For this operation, the cover of the second and fifth of 07 is that he is the operator of a unisex barber shop in Westchester, where there are a large number of customers with consumption habits, they were just cut off by a county bust like they were
Oseven will play the role of his replacement, who is eager to make money in the market.
But there is a compelling suspicion that he may be burned and that his purchase in Brooklyn will be limited to about an ounce until he is convinced that cocaine is "right" I. e.
Diluted enough-
His client in Westchester.
Called Tom and asked him to be the first undercover.
Tom will call Dick and the two will wait with cocaine in front of the pizza shop at 9 in the evening. M.
07 does not seem to be more worried about the task than a salesman who is about to visit a potential customer.
I asked the agent if he told his wife he was going undercover. he had—
And whether she is worried about what will happen to him at work.
"She is not the kind of person that is worrying," he said . ".
"Anyway, I don't think I'm going to be more dangerous in Brooklyn than walking in this community.
One winter, a large chunk of ice blown off the top of the World Trade Center will kill one person.
When he spoke, 07 methodically emptied his wallet and took away everything that might make him identify with the bureau --
Even government employment.
On the table standing in front of him was a roll of notes bound with rubber bands, 50 and 20 were $500, and their serial numbers were recorded.
His ID card was deposited in his bureauissued attaché case, which also included his handcuffs and other regulatory equipment, 07 hiding a roll of money in his pocket, before starting the long journey to Brooklyn, look around for someone to lend him dinner money.
When driving to the pizza shop on the 07 th-
For the first time, he took away the radio on his bureau car and anything else that might have given it away. role—
The other members of the 53 team have locked themselves nearby, and Tom and Dick were inside when two five cars pulled away from the side of the road, and three agency cars fell behind.
In any case, in the first block, the action has all the look of the parade, and then at the first traffic light, 01 turns the car to the left and 08 falls behind the target car.
At each intersection, the agent behind two five cars immediately issued a position report, and when 07 himself turned left, 01 had already competed along the parallel route, waiting to pick up the tail again.
"It's impossible for them to find out that they're being followed," said the senior agent, who easily drove behind the target car, "but we'll follow this convention just in case.
"Then, notice that the 09 car was parked behind him, 01 drove around the two-five car, turned it off in a minute, and started another parallel cycle.
The 53 team wants Tom and Dick to lead them to Harry, or at least where Dick caches his drug inventory. No such luck.
07 was instructed to stop on the side of the road before driving until Dick was sure they were not being followed (
When he did this, two of the 53 special workers continued to keep their foot watching with Hobie-talk)
There, in the parked car, the transaction was completed.
After Dick counted the money carefully, he handed a cellophane envelope from his pocket and instructed the 07 to drive to the intersection a few blocks away, and he and Tom jumped out of the car, lost in the crowd.
Fifty three team members followed them, but they walked too late.
Still, the basic "buy" has gone well, and narcs have a good spirit when they meet in a lane a few blocks away.
In the parking lot, 01 remove a few white powders from the cellophane envelope and put them in a small bottle with pink liquid.
"This is our drug site testing unit," he said . ".
"But don't ask me what the liquid is.
All I know is that if it turns blue, we have drugs;
We can still do it if it doesn't turn blue, but a full lab is needed to detect it.
"The liquid did turn into dark blue. 07 was warmly congratulated and took a hand.
Two nights later, the 53 team returned to Brooklyn and went through the same process again, this time they bought two ounces of cocaine but did not approach Harry's identity.
I asked him why he didn't call Dick.
"We won't click at random," he replied . ".
"It depends on the quality of the violator --
These guys are not worth a headache.
Starting from 53, a tap has to go through this bureau and then in the US attorney general's office and finally with the attorney general's approval, only then can we ask the court to issue an arrest warrant.
Everyone thinks we will tap the phone if we want.
Well, I feel like this now.
This will save us a lot of legal work, but it will take at least four days to get the paperwork done, which is not worth it.
"The 53 team beat Tom and Dick for the third time in Brooklyn and finally found Harry.
Even more than the "buy" action --
Starting with an application for an arrest warrant to the court.
Also, since these arrests were not made for themselves, and more fundamentally to find the source of Harry and cocaine, 07 and several other members of the group spent a lot of time planning them, in order to exert the greatest psychological pressure on Tom and Dick.
The next morning of the Bust image, other agents were sent to spy on the two, hoping they could get in touch with the unidentified Harry before the pizza store met 07.
Otwo and 08 are agents watching at Tom's house.
A few hours later, 08 said, "it's nothing . ".
"Try to spend 20 hours on the street with us one night.
The house jumped and the trees jumped.
Over time, discussion becomes relatively philosophical.
"Raising a child these days is definitely a pretty hard job," said bachelor 08 . ".
"I was scared to think of it. ” O‐Two agreed.
"I don't feel sorry for this child," he said . ".
"He will get what he wants when the time comes.
What I regret is his parents.
I'm sure they don't know what he's doing and I can't help but imagine them sitting together, a happy family and I know this family will be destroyed tonight
That's when I got the job.
"Picture Credits1-
11-Black Star/SHEL HERSHORN9-10
Camera 5/Michael StMAUR SHEIL19—
GOLD28-32 Michael
International Joint Press
The New York TimesGENE MAGGIO56—
Camera 5/Michael St
66 Zodiac/SY Friedman; SAM FALK; HAP STEWART;
This time, two special workers have a good understanding of Tom.
"He was fascinated by things other than drugs," said 02 . ".
"He is on a tour of the police and robbers.
I think he is playing a role.
"Well, if it's his bag to play the robber," 08 said, "we'll see how he's doing tonight when we start playing the police.
Time is not far away.
Tom and Dick did not make a detour to meet their relatives.
They came to the pizza shop, got on the bus with 07, and left when they drove.
This time, as soon as two five cars parked on the side of the road opened, the agents below moved in.
Bust is like being programmed to exert maximum psychological pressure on both subjects, and it does.
A minute ago, Tom and Dick sat comfortably in their "customer" car, and the next minute, before they fully understood what was going on, they were pulled out of the car, pushing it rudely, searching and handcuffed with guns, shouting strangers, who seem to know not only their names, but their background, and more importantly, their current cocaine occupation.
Tom and Dick are relatively amateur in role-playing.
Narcs, on the other hand, are professionals.
They had no obvious threats or even a fist waving, and they left a clear threat to the two spectators.
Even the necessary recitation of Miranda's warning --
"You have the right not to answer the question "-
Its emphasis implies the direction in which to answer the question.
Within minutes, the five-member group of two prisoners was handcuffed to the back seat of the 04 "s car and was on his way to a nearby apartment to visit Harry.
It is conceivable that at this point 53 teams could have returned to headquarters to apply for a search warrant.
On the other hand, there is something called "Consent Search.
Tom and Dick are working together.
The agents will take them to Harry's apartment and stand at the door and ask them to ring the doorbell.
If Harry offered to open the door for two of his colleagues, he would also inadvertently allow agents to enter legally --
Look around for drugs.
This is actually an oversimplified decision.
The chapters of the legal case book have been devoted to what can and cannot be done in this search.
However, leaving aside legitimacy, this is what was done this time: Dick called and recognized himself, but the door did not open immediately.
There was at least one minute delay during which agents leaned against the wall outside the door and listened impatiently to the sound and movement from inside the apartment.
When the door finally opened tentatively, the Rams broke in and knocked on the person who opened the door (
It turns out, not Harry)
Lean against the wall and break the room partition.
In fact, all 11 agents of the mission ran in as soon as they opened the door;
It was not until after he had fully entered the apartment, 02, the last agent who passed, that he remembered to come back and collect Tom and Dick, who were not protected but still handcuffed to the hallway
When they were also brought into a two-bedroom apartment, the 53-team had already mastered the situation.
The man who opened the door got up from the floor and was ready to look for it.
On the sofa in the living room, a man and a woman sat there with delicious sandwiches in their hands and looked at the agent's muzzle.
Onine is looking at the closet in the apartment, while in the bedroom, 10 is-
Some difficulties-
Behind the other person, hold his hand with his hand cu.
It turns out that this prisoner is Harry.
"Well, I know my rights," he insisted . "
"Can you shut up?
Shout at him.
"Shut up and listen to them anyway.
Harry is the source. okay.
In the bedroom, the agents found a chemical scale and a large amount of white powder they wanted to test out as an anesthetic.
However, in the analysis, it was shown to contain only the same harmless chemicals as those used to dilute cocaine purchased from Tom and Dick.
Did Harry rush the drugs down the minute agents entered the toilet (
Most likely Dick didn't tell them a password)
Or if his inventory was run out of sales for 07, no cocaine was found in the premises.
However, unfortunately for Harry, there is something else in the living room --marijuana.
He had a marijuana party because of his cocaine profits.
The bottom line of narc's work in New York is on the 14 th floor of Church Street 90.
In a large room, dozens of colorful plastic chairs are placed on a row of neat green carpets.
There was a blackboard in front because in the morning the room was the venue for the bureau's training guidance.
It is also a classroom at other times.
Here, drug prisoners began the processing of bringing them to the court.
Some of them
Sent to federal prison.
Before Tom, Dick and Harry and two men and women were taken to the 14 th floor of Church 90, they were almost 11 years old --
A man in handcuffs, a woman (
Confusion at the age of 18, really)not.
Behind them, in the apartment in Brooklyn, Harry, the 53 teams left several agents, including 01, who will greet the rest of the guests of the arrested hawkers with badges and guns.
The question of legal search has reappeared.
In theory, 01 lacks the possible cause of an external search of the weapons of these late arrivals.
However, during the performance, he happily asked if the objects would mind being searched.
At Harry's party, six stunned latecomers always agreed --
A few just shrugged.
So 01 began to turn their pockets.
He found something in two cases.
One guest was shown to have wrapped a dose of cocaine in a $10 note, and the other was a teacher at a New York City school who was incredibly staring at a cocaine that sucked half of it --
May have completely forgotten.
The joint coming out of the pocket
When he threw the cigarette in the envelope, 08 said with a little frustration: "you stupid bastard . ".
"You get caught, you may lose your job, and there's not enough marijuana in there to buzz your ears.
The four "clean" guests of "ad" were fired by 53 teams, but the two unfortunate drug dealers soon joined the party on the 14 th floor of Church Street.
There, the prisoner was fingerprint, photographed and interviewed, and the man was undressed and searched (
Since there is no head nurse in the bureau at night, this insult will not be seen until later when she logs in at the women's detention facility on Rikers Island).
The problem to be solved on the 14 th floor is really every defendant (
They finally won the title)
And agreed to become an informant.
The next morning, in court, they will be represented by a lawyer and, therefore, narcs-
By an American lawyer.
So, this will be the last time agents will handle the prisoners themselves.
They make the most of this, freely distribute cigarettes and do fingerprint photo search procedures as gently and thoughtfully as possible.
The dialogue began to develop gradually and sporadically.
"Man," Harry wiped the fingerprint ink from his hand and admitted while waiting to take a picture, "You were really scared --
Get out of us when you hit the door.
"I will let you in," replied 01 . ".
"You are not half as scared as we are.
We never knew what was on the other side of the door.
"Each defendant actually had two separate interviews.
The first is a strict background.
Education, career, previous beliefs, etc. —
The agent on B recorded the answer. N. D. D. forms.
The second interview to see if the defendant would-
Or maybe-
"Flip" is a private matter.
The agents who each prisoner was arrested were unobtrusively taken from the room and talked quietly on the outside bench.
If his answer is recorded, his answer will not be written in front of him, and at this point I know it is better than asking for results.
Finally, the responsibility of the agents to bring the male prisoner to the nearby federal detention center and the responsibility to bring the woman to Ricks Island is separated.
After midnight on Friday, for most of them, the next day, Saturday, the weekend was filmed well and had to be spent in the Brooklyn federal court, in cleaning up the required monitoring, undercover and daily work reports.
A person is very depressed
In a way, because he had to interrupt another appointment, he admitted in a way, because the results of the Brooklyn case were mixed.
"No matter how we end up in court," he said before dropping down to the 13 th floor to pick up his message, "This is not the best arrest we have in the long run.
However, a few minutes later, when he joined me and some other agents from Team 53 --
Even in the middle of the night, it seems reluctant to break up
In the Hall of the federal building, 01 took a phone call in his hand and restored his cheerful and confident behavior.
"Hey, you remember that grocery box," he said to other agents as they walked down the street through the cave-like Hall of old buildings.
"This guy's been eight years today.
A whisper of congratulation.
"Better than that," said 01, "he was held back --
He went straight in from court.
"Hey, it's time to go," said another agent . ".
Oone reached out, and for only a second, the hand-shot Echo echoed in the dark, echoing the Hall bf of the old Federal Building.
■ A version of the file was printed on page 231 of the New York edition on February 25, 1973 with the title: How 01 (and 07 and 02)
Other drug dealers have arrested Tom, Dick and Harry.
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