houses for fighting zombies and protecting privacy - movable walls for home

by:EBUNGE     2019-08-27
houses for fighting zombies and protecting privacy  -  movable walls for home
When I stumbled on the Internet, I found a wonderful creation for zombie lovers like me.
To be more precise: the first zombie in the worldproof house (
Through all the interesting things).
Polish construction company KWK Promes called concrete houses with movable walls "safe houses ".
"It is located in a small village outside Warsaw, both elegant and safe, and the whole village has glass walls when the cement board is pulled back.
The producer of Paramount Film (
Scheduled to come out on 2014)
Based on World War Z--a documentary-
Fashion books on the global zombie apocalypse-
I might consider including the house in the movie.
It can be folded into fully sealed concrete blocks to prevent any undead from entering.
According to the KWK Promes website, it covers more than 8,000 square feet and is built for real-world protection, "Customers want to have the greatest sense of security in future homes.
"After crossing the outer door, visitors must wait in the" safe area "before they can move the concrete slab in.
In addition, there is a suspension bridge leading to the swimming pool.
KWK Promes also has a house that may be of interest to those who care more about privacy than zombies.
The company has a home design that Google Street View cameras can't capture: it's partially underground.
The "Hidden House" will be in the lower west of Poland, which used to be part of Germany, with many underground tunnels.
Construction began in 2007, according to KWK's website.
A trap door covered with grass suddenly appeared at the entrance.
The photo of the place almost makes it look like a future Hobbit House.
The house is built in a place with slopes that stand out so there is natural light.
However, if the garage door opener is broken, I am not sure how the owner will come in.
View more information on the KWK Promes website.
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