house owner upset with neighbour for installing additional concrete partitions - building a partition wall

by:EBUNGE     2019-08-17
house owner upset with neighbour for installing additional concrete partitions  -  building a partition wall
SIBU: Homeowner Yong was very angry about the placement of concrete partitions in her neighborhood and she said they would be better off "living in the jungle. ”Her two-
Storey terrace house is located at 15 Lane Jalan Pei Mai Timur.
"If they want to build a high wall, they should stay in the jungle," said a disgruntled young man who has been at home with her daughter since 2009.
The two houses have been separated from the original walls with stainless steel construction.
But her neighbor continues to build a concrete wall.
She said she was very upset about the partition wall installed on the car porch and back yard because her neighbors did not even use cement to smear the structure, thus exposing the bricks.
"It looks like they deliberately made the walls on my side look ugly, but they made them look pretty on their side.
In September, they first built a wall in the backyard.
"They never discussed it with me. what I know is through their contractors . "The 59-year-
The old man said that in her first year of moving in, she had a good relationship with her neighbors, but they stopped talking to her later.
City Council (SMC)
Datuk Andrew Wong, vice president who went to inspect the house yesterday, said the council would soon send a letter to Yongan's neighbors asking them to submit their plans for the wall.
He said that when they built the wall, the neighbors did not apply to Parliament.
"The wall of the car porch is OK because it is the same height as the original wall, but the wall and ceiling height in the backyard are not the same.
"If they apply for permission to build the wall on the car porch, the Council will approve it," Huang said . ".
On the wall in the backyard, he said that after the commission received the owner's building application, the Commission would advise the owner to remove or rectify the height.
"However, there is no law in parliament to force the owners to close the" ugly part "of the wall ".
"But in the spirit of the neighborhood, they should stick it up or it will look ugly," Huang said . ".
He said there were many complaints from the public about illegal buildings in Sibu's commercial, industrial and residential areas.
The council receives 40 to 50 such complaints per month.
"Normally, the Council will send a letter to the owner to dismantle the illegal building.
If the owner does not do so, the matter will be referred to the court, "said Huang.
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