horrible classrooms create horrible learning environments: a reflection - modern partition wall

by:EBUNGE     2019-08-28
horrible classrooms create horrible learning environments: a reflection  -  modern partition wall
A university professor once told a group of new teachers and future teachers that the physical environment of the classroom should not affect the students' learning ability or the effectiveness of teacher pedagogy.
"A good lesson will solve these problems," he said happily . ".
If you make the lessons interesting and interesting, your students will not notice the harsh conditions of the classroom.
Like many future teachers, I believe in this mantra.
Until I walked into my first classroom as a teacher.
Many years--
And then there are a few classrooms--
My views on his statement have changed dramatically.
I have been involved in public education for nearly 20 years.
I work as a substitute teacher and special education teacher in several public school districts in Southern California.
In many cases, I entered a classroom that was run down and poorly maintained (
Especially in the city school where I am employed).
Sometimes the classroom goes against logic and reason in design.
Other times, they are located in many distractions.
In other cases, the classroom is too old and shabby, it would be beneficial to tear it down and send students and teachers to a temporary bungalow.
Financial difficulties, a surge in student numbers, political decision-making, poor school management of administrators and seemingly massive neglect are just a few things that allow these classrooms to exist.
In either case, they have proved to be the main interference factor for teachers and students.
I will not bother to mention the unorganized or chaotic classroom I entered in a short time
A semester substitute teacher in the Union of Compton and Torrance.
When I became a full-time special education teacher, the described classroom was given to me.
In addition, although these classrooms are located in very different school environments, there are similar problems.
One in the famous school and school district, the other struggling campus in the urban environment.
The rooms were very unique and I gave them a nickname and I felt the best way to describe their conditions.
This also proves the mistake of a university professor.
90210 high in Torrance?
Torrance High School is not your typical high school.
Not only is it one of the oldest schools in California, it also operates in the original buildings it built.
If this is not impressive enough, then you may have seen the school on the big screen.
The school is set against the backdrop of many famous shows such as Beverly Hills 90210 and vampire killer Buffy.
Also, movies like coming on You, Not Another Teen Movie, also use this picturesque campus. The L-
In December 1999, I was a substitute teacher for the unification of Torrance, but I was eager to be a teacher.
That year, when an RSP teacher who studied skills course at Torrance High School suddenly left his fifth class after a quarrel with a student and never came back, I got
Although I was designated as long
The semester substitute teacher, in a sense, I am the "teacher" for the rest of the year ".
Although I appreciate the opportunity, I have inherited a terrible situation.
Most of the students are very good.
Physical production-
What makes it terrible above the classroom?
This is the size and shape of the room.
The classroom is small--
It's too small for 10 to 15 special education students.
In addition, the place where the students sit is L-shaped.
It is wrapped in a closed office, the fourth of the entire room area.
The students sat at five tables in two rows.
In a room about 20 feet (
If you include the office)
The seating area is narrow and there is little space to cross the aisle.
The other part was blocked by the desk of the assistant teacher.
On the other side is a small space with a door to the copy room, a computer and printer, and a piano (
Yes, a piano was luckily removed a few months later).
Finally, there is a serious danger in the classroom.
The room was once an administrator's office and not everything was removed.
In the school district, which provides classrooms for the growing population, they quickly transformed the classroom and left wires. One corner (
Above the students)
There was a wire sticking out of the wall.
Many people are tied together, but some wear and tear and disconnection are visible.
Some students commented that they did not dare to sit nearby.
Is there any positive aspect?
At least the office is spacious.
In addition, it can enter a well directly
The copy room is fully equipped.
On top of that, the room has unusual doors for any classroom.
There are four.
Open to the Hall of the building where the classroom is located;
Another in the copy room;
One of the closed offices of the room;
There is also an office door leading to the lobby leading to one of the two buffet restaurants on campus. 14-2a/14-
2b-in the classrooms of all my classrooms, the two make no sense at all.
Two years after working at Torrance High School, I moved to a new district and school.
This time I was officially designated as a teacher (
English teacher).
The area is (
As of this article, it is still)
The Centinela Valley is unified in the Central District.
The school is Hawthorne High School.
It is considered a struggling school in a city environment (
Though Hawthorne is just a suburb of Los Angeles County).
Sometimes the students may be challenging, but they (and still are)good.
I can't say the same thing to two classrooms in my first five years.
What made them terrible?
This is a huge room, divided into two unequal parts, located in the most distracting place on campus (
Including trains).
Building 14 is one of the oldest buildings on campus.
It is also located in an almost isolated area of the school, close to an active train track that separates the academic building from the stadium and the venue.
Hawthorne High School is one of eight schools in the state (
May be the country)
Let an active train track go through it (
Torrance High School is near the same track.
However, it is at least a few 100 yards away from the campus).
In addition, building 14 is located as part of a campus designated as a vocational area.
There are wood and metal shops in the nearby building 15.
Building 14 was once home to the school's car store.
Due to reduced funding for public schools, schools (
Like everyone else in the area)
The car store was closed and converted into an academic classroom. Rooms 14-1 and 14-
3 converted into drawing technology and computer application classes respectively. Room 14-
Unfortunately, it was split in two in the most pathetic way.
14-my introduction2b was ominous.
It's hard for me to find it because I can find it listed as 14-2.
I later found the third door on the hollow plastic partition wall in Room 14.
I came to the new classroom.
My heart sank when I first saw it.
In addition to being very small, the room was labeled graffiti.
The ink board is damaged and there is something engraved on most tables.
Fortunately, these are easy to fix.
However, the partition wall, the teacher next door and the area of the classroom cannot be set up.
The walls are thin. door teacher (
Also a special education teacher like me)
There is not much classroom management.
I can hear every curse, scream and fight that happens in the classroom.
In addition, there are regular freight charges --trains.
They whistle and jingle at all inappropriate times.
Please keep in mind that my students have learning disabilities such as ADHD or hearing impairment.
The next year I will be 14-2b to 14-2a.
I have other things to worry about.
If it is not a train, it is the woodworking shop opposite the hall, or the temporary boy locker room between building 15 and building 14.
A few Wood flew into classroom not rare.
Also, I had to deal with noisy sports students who used to bang on the doors of every classroom in Building 14 (including mine)
Another problem is that someone took over room 14. 2b.
For the students in the class, the only way to get there is through my classroom.
There are more distractions, especially when the teacher in that classroom is late, or when the students go to the lounge during class hours.
Is there any positive aspect?
Not much, to be precise.
However, I have very few dignitaries or visiting administrators to visit.
I have some autonomy in teaching.
Also, there are quite a few computers in both classes, which helps.
Still, I have education coaches and teachers who take classes for me when they often report to the principal that I should have a better classroom.
I won't get it until my fifth year.
In the years after that, this will be the best time in my teaching.
Room 204-all the good things in the Ye Olde classroom will not last, and in the fall of 2010 I took a lesson on this rule.
I was transferred to luminger high school.
It is struggling and threatened to be taken over by the state.
The area panicked and sent nearly 40% of its teachers to different campuses in the Centinela Valley.
Teachers do not like this massive transfer.
This has also brought me unexpected consequences.
One result was that I changed from having a well-equipped classroom in Hawthorne to a shabby room that should have been burned years ago.
What makes it terrible?
It is out of date and needs to be repaired urgently.
I often call my first two years at Luming Singh my worst.
I have problems with admin and teaching assignments.
Sometimes I feel like I'm the first one.
Although I had a lot of experience when I arrived, I was a teacher for one year (
By the way, I mentioned my problem with the principal in another article *).
The classroom I received the next year indicated my time at Luming Singh. (
I have a temporary bungalow in my first year there).
It is located in the oldest building on campus.
The paint fell off the wall.
Stains on the ceiling;
Rooms are smaller than any other room in the building (
This seems to be a recurring theme for me).
It is also in the main building.
This is a problem because the principal and the assistant principal's office are all downstairs and they like to come in without prior notice.
The principal and the principal's assistant were at odds with me and always wanted to find out that there was a problem with my teaching.
Those days have passed, but some physical problems still exist in the classroom.
The wood of one of the door frames is rotten.
The door will never open again.
The window was scratched or damaged.
In addition, the class is old (
So nickname).
Also, especially the school, my building was easily raided by Los Angeles
A county magistrate. 9 units.
I have five visits in the 2014 academic year.
The classroom shows its time in other ways: first, the cracked felt floor. Wi-
The Fi barely works inside, and there's a smell that lasts for a few days.
Nevertheless, the biggest interference for students is insulation.
The classroom is either too cold or too hot, there are always students complaining, or try to adjust the air conditioner in the middle of a class.
Very little maintenance or reconstruction will not take place in the near future.
Historical Protection determines that the building is too "historic" to be demolished.
Is there anything positive?
At the very least, the building where the yeolde classroom is located is historic.
The school opened on 1931.
It will become the home of the athletes of 1932 Los Angeles Olympic Games.
Also, the age of the building inspired students to come up with some interesting and interesting city legends about it being haunted or having a secret pool in the basement.
Let people talk about this place, as if it were a legend, and let the ordinary days in the classroom pass quickly.
In each of the cases mentioned, the condition or location of the classroom proved to be a huge disturbance.
Regrettable conditions not only bring inconvenience to some students;
This left a bad impression on them.
Many later said they felt like they were thrown into a classroom like this because the rest of the school didn't care about them.
Many of them want me to fight for a new classroom.
There is no doubt that I am fighting.
Even though one bad classroom after another was handed over to me, I did my best until I could find a better place for my students.
Update 205i received a new classroom of 2015-
Academic year 2016.
This time in one of the new buildings.
Spacious and spacious rooms;
Modernization of facilities;
There are more windows than the previous classrooms to absorb more sunlight.
Although this is not the biggest view, the windows are open to the west coast.
At least I don't see a busy street.
On the contrary, I can see baseball fields and football fields on campus, and there are many trees --
Streets lined up outside the campus (
All I can see is the top of the tree).
What is another advantage that can be seen in the South Bay West Side?
The sea breeze tends to blow in from the West, which means I can see the blue sky instead of the smoke that hangs over downtown Los AngelesA.
And everything in the east.
Also, it is located near a quiet residential area, not crowded and noisyriddled main-street (
Rosecrans Avenue).
Update 2016: new rooms and SchoolA lot have changed since the article was published.
I received a new room in Leuzinger for 2015-
Academic year 2016. It was up-to-
Date and spacious;
However, it lacks a filing cabinet and needs at least a large table.
Although I requested these items, I never received them (
One main rule: always be a thorn in the eye of an administrator on these issues, or ask for help from a custodian who might be helpful).
Again, this request is now a moot question.
I will return to Hawthorne High School from the fall of 2016.
The new classroom seems to be working properly so far.
Time will only tell me how the second job in Hawthorne and the new classroom is.
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