Homes in old schools: Five pads with an educational angle including this neat £2.9m nursery conversion just a stone's-throw from the River Thames - room divider wall panels

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Homes in old schools: Five pads with an educational angle including this neat £2.9m nursery conversion just a stone\'s-throw from the River Thames  -  room divider wall panels
Ian and Natalie Cecil were first attracted to the location of the old nursery-in fact, it was in such a bad state of repair.
Ian, a 45-year-old consultant, said it was a former child nursery that was closed about six months before we saw it.
The main building is a Victorian billiard hall used as a classroom.
There is a modern restaurant with wild gardens and weeds.
It has a children's toilet and there is no real bathroom but we feel we can take advantage of it.
Sites in South Twickenham
West London, located on a large block of land that used to be an orchard and a distributed land, is shielded by the 18 th century high stone wall.
It is backed by a small street paved with pebbles, a stone --
Throw out of the Thames
The regulations limit the new development to a single storey, so the couple used the best elements of the original building as the basis to create a fabulous contemporary residence.
They kept the pool room but removed the restaurant and added a few new single
The extension of the layer creates a slender, flatroofed design.
They also added a basement that first reflects the size of the main basementfloor.
We had to be watched by archaeologists when we dug the basement.
Ian said they found clay pipes and animal bones in the 1800 s.
The design of the old nursery seamlessly connects contemporary and historical styles.
'What we want is a house with a heart, not a developed box, 'Ian said.
The old billiard hall was transformed into a beautiful lounge, and the original features were unmasked.
Ian said: "The brick fireplace is built with wooden boards, and unusual lantern windows are covered and installed with wired safety glass.
This is a beautiful feature.
They added six bedrooms, four bathrooms and a movie theater on the ground floor.
Tempered glass floors allow light to enter the basement from upstairs.
Most of the house is open.
Plan, focus on the spacious and charming kitchen and restaurant open to the garden through bifold doors.
It was embarrassing for the vehicles to enter and exit, so they added a link --
Style car turntable on drive.
It turns out that the house is a hot spot for TV and photography.
Celebrity visitors include chef Heston Blumenthal;
Musician Nick Keve and Gary leinkel filmed part of his film 20,000 Days on Earth.
'I think he's doing a clear ad for him,' Ian said. London: £2.
999 bedroom: 5 Unique features: modern house with large basement expansion based on Victorian billiard hall with decorative lantern window and original brick fireplace; huge open-
Kitchen/dining space with wine room and direct Garden; cinema room; gym; four bathrooms; lower-
A garden with a second terrace;
Car turntable and separate garage.
Contact: Knight Frank Knight. co.
8939 East Yorkshire, 020 2800, UK: 125,000 bedrooms: 1 unique feature: in the village of Asselby, near Holden, Grade II lists the school buildings of the previous Sunday; arched windows; stone floors; timber beams; wood-burning stove; no chain.
Contact person: purple brick, purple brick. co.
Information @ purplebricks, UK.
ComDerbyshire: 500,000 bedrooms: 3 Unique features: Fixed the secondary Victorian school built for the village of alkhorn on the edge of the peak area;
Clock and clock tower for school work;
Vaulted ceiling and clock gallery in the lounge;
This is the TV room in the principal's office with the original fireplace;
School of Modern Music
Contact: Fine and Country, fineandcountry.
Com, 01332 973881 North Yorkshire: 650,000 bedrooms: 4 Unique features: Secondary listed school buildings in East Langton village, near northleton;
Four reception rooms; conservatory;
Double garage and stables; gated entrance;
Large garden and paddock.
Contact person: purple brick, purple brick. co.
Information @ purplebricks, UK.
ComNorfolk: 800,000 bedrooms: 4 Unique features: Victorian school building in East Walton village, close to King Lynn; arched neo-
Gothic windows, vaulted ceilings and fireplaces;
Arch doorway;
Mezzanine Gallery overlooking the open air
Planning living space;
The six-acre grounds include a lawn tennis court and a stable.
Contact: solby, solby.
Com, 01553 766741 our love of luxury interiors continues and everything and any marble is a recognized element.
No longer high exclusive material
Today, the marble pattern features printed wallpaper, textiles and plastic to make it look more affordable and convenient.
You can still buy a real piece, which is a great choice for surfaces like kitchen countertops and coffee tables.
Marble is a lovely way to update the existing neutral scheme and give it tactile luxury-or you can invest more fully in the entire feature wall of subtle but sexy printing.
With gold accessories and velvet furniture, you will have a room that looks worth millions of dollars.
For a stylish and minimalist kitchen, you need to eliminate the surface clutter on the worktop.
Ditch the kettle on the hot water faucet and create a vertical storage space to prevent the jar from occupying the counter.
This shelf of brass and wood, 90 of rockets George. co.
The UK is the perfect choice for tea bags and biscuit cans.
If your kitchen/dining room is covered with debris, place a central storage unit between the two.
Creating areas makes space more organized.
Try a kitchen island built in
In a cabinet or a high shelf unit like this removable room partition (
290 from vivalagoon. com).
An electrical cabinet will make your countertop very clear.
Existing lockers (cotswoldco.
Com bought a good one for 999)
Or a carpenter can make one for you from scratch.
Make sure the power outlet is installed inside as well, you can use it to keep your daily lifeto-
You can't see daily necessities such as microwave ovens and mixers.
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