home improvement - room divider on wheels

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home improvement  -  room divider on wheels
Bernard Gladstone Scott
1971 this is a digital version of an article from The Times Print Archive, before it starts online in 1996.
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Despite showing thousands of items at this year's exhibition.
National Hardware Fair-
It closed on October.
After four days at the gym here
Including some really new or fundamentally improved products, showing some interesting new model tools, and some notable trends that should demonstrate a sense of home owners and apartment residents who are improving their minds
Among the larger national tool manufacturers, especially those catering to their own needs, it seems that more and more people have not only introduced models with finite element analysis at a lower price, these models were initially only available on higher-priced tools --
For example, the shockproof housing and variable speed control on the drill and Port clamp saw-
They also launched versions of tools that were previously primarily sold to professionals at an expensive and scaled-down price.
In the latter category, Stanley Tools presents their new jobmaster bolt cutter, which can be used not only to cut heavy chains and rods, it can also cut thread bars or bolts without breaking the thread end.
The tool has a series of threaded holes in which the bolt ends, so the amount to be cut out will stretch out from the other side.
When the hand is pressed together, it cuts off the end of the bolt, and when the bolt is screwed out of the threaded hole, the thread is automatically corrected. Priced at $13.
98, the bolt cutter can also be used to bend the metal material to inches in thickness.
Following the same trend, Rockwell Manufacturing has launched three new electric drills in inches.
Most manufacturers used to think that only "professionals" would buy the size --
As part of their regular double insulated shockproof line.
Keep one 2.
8 amp motor and high torque deceleration gear with a maximum rpm of 700 rpm, with an on-line model with the highest speed, variable speed in both forward and reverse, and switches that allow the required speed to be preset and locked;
Only the sec ond model and the single speed model with variable forward speed.
These three mod els are called Ultra Drills (Nos. 85, 84 and 83)
Prices are around $45, $30 and $25, respectively.
Each has a shell made of tough material that guarantees no impact or break, each of which is only slightly heavier than the usal inch drill bit and is larger in size.
Advertising portable gas-driven chainsaws are becoming more and more popular (
It is also a "professional" tool widely purchased by homeowners now)
Skil has been led to the launch of a compact new electric model for about half the price of most gasoline-driven versions.
De signs for regular suburban homeowners who will use a saw or this kind of saw in their backyard, and this lightweight chain saw can easily get there (Model 1600)
There is a 10-inch cutting rod, which means it will cut trees, branches or logs up to 20 inch in diameter. Priced at $89.
95, it has a plastic housing with double insulation to prevent impact, and since the motor is quiet and does not produce smoke, the tool can be used both indoors, it can also be used to cut beams or cut in on the wall floor.
Ads black and Decker re-demonstrate the improved store vacuum, which should be the easiest for workshop staff.
It has three wheels at the bottom to simulate the bending movement and a wire shaft at the top.
In addi tion, this hose does not stretch out from the top like most other models, but from the side.
This eliminates the possibility of accidentally pulling the whole thing while pulling the hose to move the vacuum or extending the hose to its full length. Priced at $36.
95. This new model (No. 7655)
With a capacity of 5 gallons, there are also extended tubes with hoses.
In addition to the vac uum store, Black & Decker also presents a new, affordable ($26. 88)
Desktop grinder with medium and coarse grinding wheel (5 inch)
Eye shield and wheel shield.
The person who made the vise (
Peterson Manufacturing Company)
They have expanded their product line by adding a tiny new 5-inch version of the lock pliers, which should be convenient for a lot of work at home, as well as the Cooper Group, the recently formed "conglomer rate" of Weller, Lufkin and Crescent wrenches shows a new 25-foot long locked tape measure of Luf kin;
The new wrench set, which combines the sleeve with the crescent fixing wrench;
A new small shop in Weller, consisting of an electric manual tool that can drill, grind, sand, carve, route and shape (
More information about this kit.
In the future column).
Of course, the products on display at the hardware show are more than just tools.
Reflecting the demand for increased functional and attractive storage space for homeowners and independent residents, many companies have demonstrated a complete range of attractive shelf systems with prefabricated shelves, Wall standards and supporting brackets.
The materials are available in a variety of finishes, as well as Chrome and wood-grain plastic laminated fins.
In addition, in order to make them more attractive, some people also adopt the wall standard of the top and bottom decorative finishes so that they can see the pillars or pillars when they are installed.
Such a line is the new flire shelf presented by Stanley Hard ware.
Their standard is to decorate the pillars of the walls with wood grain and leather-like decoration.
Dorfile manufacturing combines Chromium and wood in a range of new stand-alone shelf units they show at the show.
Each unit consists of four chrome plated metal square columns with walnut shelves on each corner square column.
These units can be placed on the wall or in the middle of the area as room partitions.
Three shelves and five shelf units are shown for $42. 95 and $64.
95 respectively.
Further in the wall rack series, some companies have also shown a wide variety of wood cabinets that can be hung on the wall with open shelves, or instead of open shelves.
Most of them are covered in plastic forests, so no further finishing or future maintenance is required.
The multi-purpose fur niture product shows a route like this. Inc.
Located in Brooklyn, New York. Y.
They have cabinets with walls, sliding doors, two revolving doors, and a fallen leaf door.
Another company in stougton, quality steel.
, Introducing more ideas for increasing storage space.
Their system, known as closets or ganizers, consists of a series of com components that allow people to rearrange closet rods and racks in order to have more space for hangers to use.
Reg ular rack holders and wall standards are used to support additional closet rods that cross the closet halfway or all the way to two rows of bars per MIT, one on top of the other, short clothes.
The same system allows for the addition of the required shelves inside the wardrobe.
The parts are sold separately, or there is a kit that can accommodate typical closets in various other products displayed.
A sili cone lubricant and anti-rust agent for New aerosol packaging produced by Universal Electronics.
The company claims to be different from most similar sprays, as this spray can be applied (when ac‐;
Must be sprayed on the sur surface painted later)
It lubricate moving parts made of almost any material and leaves a layer of dry film to prevent rust.
A version of this file was printed on page D30 of The New York edition on October 24, 1971, with the title: Home improvement.
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