home buyers reveal what made them fall in love at first sight - room divider wall with door

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home buyers reveal what made them fall in love at first sight  -  room divider wall with door
Love thewind/iStockAsk any homebuyer can describe what makes them believe that the house is the only one and you will hear the word come over and over again: "Love.
"After all, buying a house is usually an emotional thing, so when the right place appears, buyers will be more dizzy than high school students who go to the dance.
In addition, there are a lot of sellers who can learn from this sentiment, such as occupying their own place and selling like hot cakes.
Just look at these stories and learn what makes buyers fall in love with their house and how sellers capture the same magic in their own place.
"What I saw for the first time was what made me fall in love with my house for the first time: the gorgeous double doors at the entrance.
They are the same color as the raspberry in the foyer and are really popular.
-Atlanta, Cato Carol Ji captures magic: "Creative front door is a great way to add the" wow "factor to your entrance, design consultant Barbara mondoff Barbara Munte said at Lake Oswego Design.
The easiest way is to paint the door in bright but complementary colors, or stain the wooden door to match the porch railing or the hardwood floor inside.
You might also want to think about a different door style.
Suggestions from some Mounted Police include Dutch doors, double doors with beam windows, or antique doors --in an eye-
Colors such as red or yellow.
"Any style can provide you with an opportunity to try the paint color, which brings a smile to your face when you enter," she said . ". Sky-
"I remember the moment I walked into the house.
Like in my dream.
I was sold on the spacious and airy ceiling.
"-Amber Turner, Colorado Springs, COTo capture magic: of course, the biggest solution is to transform --
Jump up the ceiling or hit the wall.
But if this is not possible, it is recommended to install and paint your entrance White, ceiling and everything.
"The fluidity of this color will make the ceiling look higher and the room is more ventilated," she said . ".
Another trick is to hang the wall art very low, giving the illusion of a high ceiling and a sense of spaciousness.
Or, using the same concept, try to hang the mirror a little lower so that the window can reflect in.
"Just by reflection seems to be another window, you have an immediate sense of light and air," she said . ".
Finally, she suggested canceling the curtains as they would make the windows look smaller, which in turn would make the whole room look smaller in scale.
Stand out in the same ocean "one of my biggest worries is memories of all houses of essentially the same size --
There is "mcmansion" of one of the three types of floor plans ".
Near a house with red bricks, our house stood out for being painted white bricks, which really caught my attention.
"-Luke Johnson, Jackson, Mosto capture magic: If you find yourself living in a house that looks like a third house on the street, mount says, the first action plan should be to paint the house, decor and front door in three complementary colors.
Then add some building features such as blinds, flower boxes, new fixtures and updated door cards.
The wood tile detail in front of the eaves or garage is another great way to add textures.
Privacy Please "I have ended the" open concept "style from early to mid
2010, Love My Century
The rooms defined by the old house have a specific purpose to keep privacy with other activities of the house.
"-Rebecca Alt in Rebekah bu city captures magic: Mount recently had a client asking how to reduce the noise caused by the open floor plan of their home, she suggested adding a wall between the front living area and the dining room to create a space for more privacy and quiet.
"It seems strange to suggest re-placing a wall in an open floor plan, but more and more customers are asking how to create more privacy and differences between their living spaces, she notes.
Quick fixes include bookcases or room screens that act as room partitions.
In the children's area, a good option is to hang the curtains from the ceiling and separate their space from the rest of the room;
Since curtain is soft, they don't hurt children when they play. Good bones—
"My favorite is the potential: I want a house that is enough to live in, but there is enough room for it to be our own house.
I think if you have bones in your house, that's all you need.
There is an open mind and a little bit of vision that you can turn into yours.
Megan Carolan, Sommers, NYTo capture magic: "Good Bones" is a phrase that we often hear and is considered an old home, but what does that mean?
"For me, 'Good bone' means that with the change of TLC and cosmetics, the House will have the charm and personality I want, because it has started with all the basic elements you need, says mount.
Although the old house naturally has this feature, the new home can also have this feature --
So keep your eyes open no matter where you go.
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