history of the hohe domkirche st. petrus - temporary wall

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history of the hohe domkirche st. petrus  -  temporary wall
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What is Hohe Domkirche St Petrus or St Peter's Cathedral is the largest Gothic church in northern Europe.
It has the second tallest tower in the world and the front of the world's largest church.
It is the center of the German Catholic Church, the most popular landmark in Germany, attracting more than 20,000 people every day.
The construction of the church lasted more than 632 years.
The land where the ancient world was chosen as the location of the new Great Church houses many buildings of the ancient world.
The oldest remains found are the remains of a Roman temple dating back to the days of Augustine.
Starting from the 4 th century, the site will accommodate many Christian buildings, the oldest of which is the square building known as the "oldest Cathedral.
From the 6 th century, the remains of Freedom
The east wing of the modern cathedral is a vertical auditorium.
In order to make way for the second church or the "boss Church", it was demolished.
The cathedral, which was completed at 818, was later burned down at 1248, making way for the "New Church.
The groundbreaking of the cathedral and the first phase of construction began to store some of the most precious Christian relics.
In 1164, Renard of Cassell received the relics of the Three Kings.
Frederick Babarossa, the Emperor of Holy Rome, sent the relic to Cologne.
These remains are the center of many ancient and modern hajj, so the church believes that they have a home worthy of respect.
In 1248, under the leadership of Archbishop Conrad von hoshstatton, the construction of the cathedral began in the new Gothic style, drawing a lot of inspiration from the French Cathedral of the hypnotist.
The construction of the East Wing was completed in 1322 and closed by a temporary wall for use when continuing work.
Construction of the West Line began in the mid-14th century, but stopped in 1473.
The unfinished work made the South Tower only complete an old crane to place the bell tower in 400.
After discovering the original plan for the facade, construction resumed at the completion of the 19 th century.
By modern standards, the huge cost of more than $1 billion is set up by the new central-Dombauverein (
Central Cathedral Building Association)and one-
Third, these funds were provided by the Prussian state as a way to improve relations with the large number of Christian subjects acquired in recent years.
After the initial design, the project resumed in 1842, adding more modern construction techniques such as the iron beams on the roof.
Bells were added to the tower built in 1870.
In August 14, 1880, the cathedral was built. after the construction in 632, it became a national event.
During World War II, 70 allied bombs hit the cathedral, but never collapsed.
The two spires are reportedly used for navigation purposes, which is why it has never been destroyed by the Allies.
By 1956, the restoration of the cathedral was quickly completed, except for the emergency repair of the northwest tower base on 1944.
This restoration was done with poor quality bricks and was rebuilt in 2005 to restore the original look of the cathedral.
The cathedral has never been completely out of scaffolding today.
The constant erosion of wind and water is always confronted by the best Masons in Germany.
Half of the cost of maintaining the cathedral is still the responsibility of the cathedral.
1996 The cathedral is listed on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage list.
In the 21 st century, there was a legal dispute over the skyline of the area around the cathedral.
The battle put the cathedral on the list of "World's Endangered Heritage.
It is believed that building a proposed high-rise building nearby would visually damage the skyline.
On 2006, after the government decided to limit the height of all buildings around the cathedral, it was removed from the dangerous list.
As a world heritage site, the church's convenient location on the tourist route has become a major attraction for tourists and Christians.
Even in the modern world, the cathedral is a destination for many Christian pilgrims.
On this day, the cathedral plays the music of 11 church bells. St.
Peter Locke is the biggest swing Bell in the world.
St. Peter's bell-24 tons (St. Petersglocke)Pretiosa -10. 5 tons-5.
Six of the Three Kings, Tony Bell. 3. 8 tons (
Saint Ursula clock-255 tons (Ursulaglocke)
St. Joseph Bell-2. 2 tons (Josephglocke)
The first chapter of Bell. 4 tons (Kapitelsglocke)Hail Bell – 0. 83 tons (Aveglocke)
Angelus Bell-0763 tons (Angelusglocke)
Evening Prayer clock-0. 28 tons (Mettglocke)
Dedication clock-0425 tons (Wandlungsglocke)
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