here's what 10 disney movies taught us about interior design - room divider wall with door

by:EBUNGE     2019-09-01
here\'s what 10 disney movies taught us about interior design  -  room divider wall with door
Like most kids, my days are devoted to playing outdoors and embracing nature. Just kidding.
I watched Disney movies repeatedly in my childhood until the VHS tape was taken apart. True story. RIP.
On the good side, all the time I stuck my face to the screen was well utilized.
Now I'm-of-
The adults in charge of decorating my own apartment, I 've been looking for inspiration and I found it in the craziest places: those Disney movies.
Give some energy to your floor anyway
Thank you, Miss.
Or how to achieve the whimsical atmosphere of Alice in Wonderland, I recently realized that the iconic Disney movie has all the secrets.
So, sit down, relax and take a ride along memory lane with me as I point out Disney's best interior design moments: How cool is Jasmine's bedroom?
The layered carpet is everything.
As you can see, they happen to bring a lot of warmth to an open placeconcept space).
We all agree that Cruella is not the best girl, but we all agree with this bold pink-and-
The red combination in her bedroom is the winner.
No risk, no return!
Trapped a girl in a castle until she loves you? Um, no thanks.
But these
The bookshelf is our goal.
Well, your apartment might never be that big, but similar floors-to-
Ceiling storage will add a popular visual interest to the originally blank walls.
The killer wood products at the door of Snow White Cottage provide a strong reason for adding some decorative shapes to our own place. P. S.
As we told you before, the details of the wood don't have to be oldfashioned.
Strange but true: they will be better when the setting of the table does not match, and the dining chair can be like a hot pink shell.
Don't believe me?
Ask the mad hat and his friends (
See our story about modern shell decoration).
The neutral board is timeless, but the colored geometric floor also has its position.
Get a tip from Jim Dear and Darlin's home where they used the fusiquilla plaid carpet and colorblocked, green-and-
Blue tiles adjacent to each other.
Maximize the extreme.
Don't be distracted by the crazy decorative details on the Elsa door.
What really matters is hardware.
Change your boredom, standard-
Fun old fashioned door handle like this guy is a great DIY project.
I can't be the only one who dreams of having a window seat that can be installed.
I want to change the interior decoration of those folds, but those huge grille windows are a must.
We all know that Edna is the real star of Superman, so it's no surprise that her apartment is as stylish as she is.
Look at the stone wall!
Although there are a bit of scenes depicted, gold is the idea of a huge textured surface. (
Is that possible? )
Introduction O. G.
Apartment hacker: room partition.
We like that the folding screen can stick out or put away in a few seconds.
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