hanging room divider/door curtain - room divider wall with door

by:EBUNGE     2019-08-31
hanging room divider/door curtain  -  room divider wall with door
To add some talent to my newly designed bedroom, I chose to make a hanging room partition for my closet door. 1.
Process plastic acrylic plate 2. Alcohol Inks3. Felt Stamp 4.
Small hole 5.
No. 10 gauge jewelry line 6Dowel Rod7.
There is no pictured 8 for the wire cutter.
Spring curtain rod 9. Die Cutter 10. Glue (
Fast drying speed)
Using alcohol ink and felt stamp pads, add a random design on the craft plastic sheet before getting the desired pattern.
Die-cut process plastic sheet using any design you choose.
I chose 3 wall closet doors. 5" circles.
The opening of the door is 24 ", so I used 5, 18, 90 circles in total.
I used Cricut, if you don't have a die cutter that you can use, please check with your local teacher supply store and many times they will allow you to use their machine for free.
We can only cut 4 circles per page, but I'm sure we'll find something else to use these shards!
To determine the correct position of the hole, fold a circle in half and hole near the top of the crease, then repeat at the bottom to create the template.
Place the template at the top of each circle and make a small dot using the mark through two punch holes.
Continue to punch holes with your small holes until all the parts are punched at the top and bottom.
Wrap the jewelry line as tightly as possible with your pin stick.
Use your wire cutter to cut the top of each package to create a jump ring.
You can buy these pre-
But we already have the wires, so I chose to do it myself.
Link each die cut using your jump ring until you have 5 18 links.
Mark the center of the spring rod.
Arrange the mold to determine its position and mark the spring rod with a permanent mark.
Slide 1 jump ring for each link on the spring bar and use the dab glue (
Thick and quick drying works best)
Keep in place
Attach the link to the spring bar and hang it on the door post.
Add stickers or rub
More personalized ons!
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