green home a sign of things to come - partition wall panels

by:EBUNGE     2019-09-04
green home a sign of things to come  -  partition wall panels
Both the upper and lower surfaces of the photovoltaic plate can be emitted from the light.
What details will you include in a house built to the highest environmental standards?
The answer to this question is always changing, but a new Canadian family I know is probably the closest to the art level.
Designed by visionary architect Bill Hudson, it combines more than 40 technical features to work together to reduce the overall impact on the environment, with a specific detail ready to make a difference in more and more Canadian families.
In terms of the location of their house, the owners ask for privacy, but they are open to the details that make their place green, including a detail that we see on more and more houses.
Photovoltaic power generation (PV)
It was the direct conversion of light to electricity, and while it was the effect first recognized by French physicist Edmund Baker in 1839, it has just become the mainstream choice for power generation.
There are more than 20 PV panels on this ecological roof. Home page generation 4.
6 KW on sunny days.
This is equal to the output of the medium-
Gasoline generators of the size, but without any confusion, noise or pollution.
These special panels, manufactured by Sanyo, contain two design features that extract more energy from a given area than most other panels.
The array generates electricity from the light hitting the top surface of the panel and the lower side, from the bright reflected light-coloured roof.
In addition to increasing the amount of electricity generated from a given space, two-
Double-sided power generation makes it unnecessary to install complex and expensive equipment that is used to continuously adjust the direction of PV plates so that they are facing the sun.
The economic benefits of photovoltaic power generation still require huge government subsidies to play a financial role, but this is changing.
The cost of photovoltaic power generation is declining, while the market price of traditional power generation is rising.
The Sanyo photovoltaic cells used here are hybrid vehicles that combine the two materials previously used separately
Photovoltaic hardware.
This leading technology can convert the 15-20 of the solar energy directly hitting the panel into electricity without moving parts.
It's not just the Green family building that makes this family special.
More than 10 per cent of the demolition garbage in the city's old houses was recovered and only 10 per cent was landfill.
The walls are insulated according to the R35 standard, and the geothermal heating and cooling system provides 300 more energy than it needs to operate it.
The exposed wood was the Douglas fir tree recovered from the Canadian military hangar and the forest management board certified the new wood.
The recycled bricks on the outside of the House come from the demolished industrial warehouse, and the hinge partition wall is rotated and opened to improve natural ventilation in warm weather.
LED lighting in dry areas
Tolerant native landscape plants, permeable parking pads, continuous vertical drainage planes behind the exterior wall surface and beeswax finishes applied to exposed steel beams and columns simply make this home Supergreen.
In more than 20 years of home building writing, I have never seen an interest in green home design that is now popping up everywhere.
Although the cost of this technology is now more than most of us can afford, the cost will fall. Leading-
Edge technology is always expensive, but if it turns out to be useful, the price will drop.
The enormous, imminent reality is catching up with us, making change even more necessary.
Although outdated Canadian attitudes have changed more slowly than the rest of the world, houses like this show that we are moving forward.
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