grandfather or godfather? - sliding wall system

by:EBUNGE     2019-08-22
grandfather or godfather?  -  sliding wall system
Carmelo Bruzzese is a quiet, doting grandfather or a "Padrino "--
The Godfather who keeps in touch with some of the most powerful mob bosses?
The Maple resident lived in Canada on and off for nearly 40 years.
He has a lot of family.
Immediate and extended-living here.
His lawyer argued that he had been living in an obvious place and had never tried to escape from the authorities.
However, his life was shrouded in mystery.
He and his Toronto
Carla kalabaro, wife of 38, received financial support from relatives living in Italy.
According to court documents, the relatives brought cash to Canada instead of telegraphic transfer to the couple.
He lives in a $600,000 house with a mortgage, but court documents show that it is a "mystery" where he gets his down payment ".
His wife says their family owns and operates an electrical appliance store in Calabria. Her sons —
Giuseppe, Phillips and Carlo
Bouluze lent his BMW to him with a friend.
According to court documents, bouluze could not remember the friend's last name.
He has an Italian coastal villa in Calabria, where police have found a complex bunker for hidden fugitives.
The bunker is hidden behind the counter at his basement bar with sliding walls and air filtration.
This is just a place to store wine, cash and legal guns without an air system, brouze said, so according to court documents, anyone hidden will suffocate quickly.
On August, Bruzzese was arrested at his home for an immigration arrest warrant, and he lied that his wife who visited Italy had his passport.
The court document said it was at the residence. —
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