grand design by calbridge homes exudes charm, character and lots of curb appeal - retractable wall

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grand design by calbridge homes exudes charm, character and lots of curb appeal  -  retractable wall
It’sxa0a show-3,500-stopsquare-foot,xa0two-storey, four-bedroom walk-out with two-carriage-style garages —
One on each side-
Provide enough space for four cars, plus a lot of storage.
But its beauty really lies in the details, starting from the outside.
The facade of Berkeley exudes elegance and grandeur, and exudes the triple charm of the old world charm, creating a warm atmosphere.
A large number of stone products constitute an eight
Front door solid wood feet-
A piece of art in itself.
Attached car-style, side-
A huge driveway into a three-garage frame-
For the street hockey game, and single-car garage (
Think about summer Tesla hiding well in winter)
The anchor is opposite.
Inside, the descending front foyer creates a dramatic impression with a ceiling height of up to 12 feet.
The foyer extends to one side with plenty of light
Filled study, hidden for privacy, then opened
Great room, kitchen and restaurant. Banks of floor-to-
Ceiling windows along the entire rear of the home, as well as retractable glass walls open on a large L
The landscaped terrace allows the audience to enjoy spectacular views. Coffered 10-
The foot ceiling with beam details adds to the interest in the building and the oversized focus adds to the interest in the building
Amazing stone
Cladding island with oblique side details-
Of course, the candy in the room.
Jenn Air appliances including double wall oven and six wall oven-
The burner gas cooker will surprise the resident chef, while the restaurant adds a delicate air with quartz
Bar at the top and luxurious building-in shelving.
The home exudes a beautiful and fresh feel with a generous upper-
Vaulted ceiling and skylight in level.
Master suite with double French door entrance with a lovely free ensuite
Separate bathtub and tiled flooring inlays.
The ground floor of the strike features another 1,200 square feet of living space, including uber-
Cool play area, chi wet bar with wine refrigerator and shelf, and oversized open bar
Concept media room with fireplace.
In the warm months the French doors extend to the covered terrace, another great space to grind and enjoy good conversations with friends.
But this home is more than just a wonderful entertainment.
It is hidden in the mysterious Ridge, a West Side community that provides a wealth of tranquility and tranquility.
The home is huge, over a moment of acres, and 36 exclusive homes will be dotted with eight hectares of rolling hills dotted with large swaths of grassland grass and Aspen Woods, in untouched environmental protection zones, the trees are all four
All within walking distance of Aspen Landing.
This is a shopping enclave with boutique wine shops, bakeries, coffee shops, restaurants, banks and organic food markets.
The price of the show house is $1.
8 million, including-
Floor heating, basement development and four-person garage.
The base model starts at $1.
5 million including lot and GST.
Showcase: Berkeley, a showcase-3,500-stopsquare-foot,xa0two-storey, four-bedroom walk-out with two-carriage-style garages —
There is one on each side with plenty of room for four cars and plenty of storage.
Community: mysterious Ridge in the West End of Calgary.
Developer: Carbridge residential builder: Carbridge Residential is the exclusive builder of the community. Price: Quarter-
The acres begin at a high price of $500,000.
Rates, including lot and GST, start at $1. 4 million.
The price of the Berkeley show home is $1.
8 million of the basement development, lot and goods and services tax.
The basic model of Berkeley starts at $1. 5 million.
Direction: No. 4, mysterious Ridge RoadW.
17 S Avenue
To 85 W Streetand turn south.
Follow the sign
Time: show home starts at 2 and is open from Monday to Thursday. m. to 8 p. m.
, Weekends and holidays from noon to 5. m.
Rest on Friday.
Information: www. calbridgehomes.
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