Goodbye Dilbert cubicle, hello open office plans - small office furniture

by:EBUNGE     2020-05-29
Goodbye Dilbert cubicle, hello open office plans  -  small office furniture
Vancouver businesses are looking for ways to use less space more
Not just because they have an average of $34 in office space.
31, highest in Canada (
Source: high latitude Wakefield).
They gave up the vague layout of the offices around the Dalbert sea.
For example, open plan compartments that encourage cooperation.
Dean Harris, North West regional manager for office furniture at Steelcase, said the company recognized that mobility rather than restriction would encourage creativity.
"I have less square feet now.
This is about choice.
I have a laptop.
I can have a completely untethered place to land: 24 or 25 or a different campus.
"Alternatively, new shared spaces such as the staff lounge, and a bench plan with an open workstation on a table.
According to Steelcase's online magazine 360, employees need an opportunity to be both focused and shared in order to be creative: "Because, no matter how important the idea is, if we can't interact within the system, failure to communicate and help others interact around these insights makes innovation impossible.
"Employers now know that there is no single workplace size or style," Harris said.
If any, it's as important as the workplace.
"It's about starting to see workspace as a series of settings that support individuals and user groups engaged in a range of work patterns, including concentration, collaboration, social and learning.
"No matter what people are doing, we need to find support for it," Harris said . ".
Even the most traditional places like law firms are coming, he said.
It turned out that the lawyers were sitting at a big oak table.
To accommodate more and more documents, they added a wing to the table and made an L shape.
The file was added, so they nailed it on another wing.
Soon they were surrounded in the cockpit.
Almost a siege.
Like to arrange.
"I asked the client how much they paid for the vertical space. 'The wall? ' they say.
I told them, of course.
It came with the floor!
Why not use it in an innovative way?
You can access the file up or down instead of creating a spread.
"You can layer," Harris said.
So lose the extra wings.
Harris recommends placing a shelf 1 feet up and down your main working face.
"You have access to the active and archived files.
Norm Taylor, senior vice president of Jones Lang LaSalle real estate services, believes that there will be a major generation change.
"This is an evolution.
The days of Dilbert are coming.
The latest idea from the university is to look forward to cooperation.
They want some say in the way they work.
"The office is designed to facilitate communication so that everyone can see what's going on.
Everyone can hear valuable conversations like announcements or the latest market Intel.
This is more direct than waiting for a weekly staff meeting.
Taylor also suggested using a huge white wall, like a mid-volume line.
People use Wall brush paint to release the latest news, project requirements, etc.
You can't miss-
So you can't miss the information on it.
In contrast, yore's small whiteboards are easily missed and often placed in the lunch room where no one looks at them.
Open spaces don't always mean talking loudly, says Taylor.
On the contrary, in small-
"People tend to lower their volume.
They don't want to disturb others.
Another innovation is that the company offers cafes as a vibrant place rather than a traditional, windowless, dull lunch room.
"Have a chance to come and have a cup of coffee and share ideas.
Now people would rather stay in the office than spend 10 minutes walking to Starbucks and 10 minutes walking back.
We did it to me.
You can work at your desk and then go to other places to sit, like a cafe, and do other things.
We can also see high tables, spaces that can be used for standing, recliner, deck or outdoors.
For Joe Pettipas, senior vice president of design company HOK, the change in design reflects "the natural evolution of the community ".
We are creating an element that supports and enhances opportunities for business/social communities to happen in the environment.
One of the things we do at law firms is to maintain offices and workstations in due course
But we added some smaller, more open breaks. out spaces.
Now, you don't have to book a meeting room for conversation.
"The new open office design encourages casual conversations --the cross-
Pettipas says the spread of ideas and ideas.
"You walked along the corridor, saw Martha, and asked, 'What do you think? . . ?
You two talk in the alcove next to the corridor.
"For a client, Pettipas creates a lounge, a community space that can accommodate up to 80 people.
"You can have lunch after work, attend educational seminars, hold meetings, and watch the FIFA Cup. There's a full-
Food Kitchen with service.
Like going to a restaurant, there are two bars and stalls
Four people's tables together-, six-, eight-group tables.
Sofa, Chair, projector, large apartment-screen TV.
This is an environment where people can leave their desks --
Not far from work.
Ideally, Pettipas sees work as a happy celebration of sharing, interaction, in which work is more than just work.
This is a valuable experience.
Very pleasant.
No, I'm going to work;
Yes, I want to go to work.
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