good prospects for digital buying - moving walls

by:EBUNGE     2019-08-06
good prospects for digital buying  -  moving walls
Malaysia is well-suited for data, media, and technology convergence as a leader in the Asian programme area, while there should be adequate safeguards to ensure that programme or digital ad purchases are not affected by fraud or abuse, the prospect of buying advertising through this channel is bright and increasingly popular.
Magna Global says project spending in the Asia-Pacific region will increase to $10. 2bil in 2017.
Malaysian industry leaders have agreed that the country is fully capable of using data, media and technology convergence to become a leader in the Asian programme field.
The path to programming, although seemingly simple, faces challenges such as a rebound in advertising shielding and the doubts of advertisers about the "authenticity" of consumers.
However, this has not slowed the growth of the programme.
In fact, Roopal Julka Accuen Malaysia, omnicom's programmatic department believes that ad blocking is an opportunity for the market to understand the real value of local advertising, "All consumers want brands to engage with them on an individual and related level about what they consume.
"With the data, programming will stimulate this targeted content," he said . ".
Ad Blocker is a program that will remove different types of ads from the online experience of network users.
These programs target certain types of advertisements, such as pop music.
Ups, banner ads, and other common forms of online advertising allow users to access the Internet without annoying distractions or interruptions.
Prazanne Kumar, president of Asian markets (pic)
He said there is a lot of growth potential for this form of ad buying.
"If all automatic purchases are included, then Malaysia's share of digital ad purchases could be as high as 60% to 70%.
I believe that with the surge in digital spending, programmatic will also usher in an exponential growth phase.
It is also important for the industry to develop strict quality parameters to ensure the visibility of products, services and activities for digital advertising.
Automation should not lead to mediocrity, he noted, and consumer preferences for interesting and interesting content must be woven with the products and services of advertisers.
When asked if he wants this channel to buy ads to go beyond digital and mobile applications to other media channels such as TV, printing, Prashant said all media will be planned in a programmed way
He added that this is because automated supply chain systems will combine with programmatic demand management systems in seamless data links to super optimize business efficiency.
"I believe all media owners should hire the chief programme officer to gain a first-mover advantage," he explained . ".
Director of Digital Communications Services at carat and chairman of Malaysia Digital Association, Kenneth Wong (MDA)
Once advertisers are familiar with the demand side platform (DSP)
-Market for media asset and data management platform (DMP)
-Accurately locate audience information and stay away from clicking/viewing bids only.
"Malaysia is a major exporter of digital talent in the region, and the technology platforms brought by various media partners provide a start for our leadership projects in Asia," he explained . ".
DSP is a market for media owners that allow them to list their media assets as well as coverage, availability, costs and other relevant information.
DMP refers to a data repository that can better target consumer audience information.
Jasmine Lee Sze Inn, chief marketing officer of Mobile Sdn Bhd, sees a shift in traditional media to digital media. “With on-
TV, iPTV, Mobile applications
"Programmatic use is logical based on print content and location-based outdoor advertising," she added . ".
To push digital ad buying and innovation to a higher level, media solutions company Moving Sdn Bhd leads the business with the first similar big data platform, "mobile insights ", offline tracking with online and market, "mobile audience" for purchase out-of-
Family Media assets
According to Srikanth Ramachandran, executive director of the mobile Wall, programming should go beyond data and automation to address the essence of advertising or consumer engagement.
"Consumers want entertainment for the content in question, and brands have to weave their products and advertising information into this entertainment.
This is the dawn of a new era of marketing.
In short, the program will shift advertising from "exposure" to "experience," Srikanth said ".
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