god is the only saviour for this coastal village in valsad | surat news - times of india - temporary wall

by:EBUNGE     2019-07-26
god is the only saviour for this coastal village in valsad | surat news - times of india  -  temporary wall
Surat: Villagers in the village of Bhadeli Jagalala in the valsade area have been living in the fear of drowning and they believe that only God can save them from disaster.
Without the help of the government, villagers are now starting to raise funds and repair the walls themselves.
The villagers have been organizing Ram Kathas to collect money.
In addition, they plan to raise money for the cricket championship.
After the seawater poured out of the broken walls, it destroyed the temple compound of Vekariya Hanuman in the village.
The incident raised concerns that flooding would enter villages and force them to move.
In the recent period, the walls were destroyed.
The tide poured into the houses of several fishermen.
"We raised about 4 rupees from Ram Catas.
Narayan Tandel, president of the temple trust fund, said: "In the total collection, we will be able to buy protective walls for about 2 rupees . ".
The trust fund will sponsor the costs of geobags and inflatable plastic protective wall bags.
"We will buy bags specially designed for the protective wall and as the old wall is completely destroyed we will use it on the coast.
"The price per bag is Rs 2,800 and the construction will start soon," added Tandel . ".
Katha is organized by the village fishermen's community and all other communities participate in the event.
In addition to katha, cricket tournaments have been organized in the village to raise funds to protect temples and villages.
30 teams will play, 12 of them-
There will be multiple games during Diwali.
"Given the rise in seawater over the past few years, we started the cricket championship to raise money for the construction of the walls.
Last Diwali, we collected a donation of Rs 5 for wall, "said Mohan Tandel, organizer of the cricket tournament.
"Without the help of the government, we have found our own way of protection," he added . ".
In addition to raising funds through various means, villagers also contribute their own labor.
After the recent destruction, the entire village gathered together to build a temporary protective wall with sandbags.
"A temporary wall was built within hours of the destruction to stop the water.
Every villager, from the elderly to the children, comes to help voluntarily, "said salpanchinanibn Tandel of the village.
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