glass loos with a view open in china - cubicle walls

by:EBUNGE     2019-06-29
glass loos with a view open in china  -  cubicle walls
China's recent obsession with glass attractions has bypassed the United States.
Bend with some of the openings seen
Public toilet through tree top
Near Shiyan Lake in the south of Hunan province, you can see the forest below and the beauty of other people who use these facilities.
The walls of the compartment, even between the male and female parts, are separated by only slightly frosted glass.
But state media said few tourists dared to use the toilets on the opening day.
Although in recent years, the upsurge of building glass bridges and sidewalks in places with beautiful Chinese scenery --
So popular in some cases, they have to close-
These are considered the first fully glass public bathrooms in the country.
However, this is not the first time that those who want to go are exposed more because of their passion for glass.
It has recently been reported that there are some male toilets in a university dormitory in Hunan, including a very public compartment.
Wide Message-
Watching WCs on Shiyan Lake triggered a series of reactions online.
Ejike Nnadi summed up the feelings of many people in response to a Facebook post from state television CCTV: "Hell doesn't.
"The idea is more appealing to others.
"When you really, really need to go, you will be surprised at what you can tolerate," a post said . ".
The other nodded to another modern use in the bathroom: "If there is a signal, I will be there until my battery is zero!
However, Tina Chen is pessimistic about all these projects. "(It)
It's not shy, it's just that someone has extra money to waste.
"Whether it's embarrassing or not, I hope these brave bathrooms will encourage tourists to visit the countryside around Changsha and enjoy the spectacular autumn colors of Changsha forest.
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