Glass appeal: Architectural glass art offers versatile home decor option - living room partition wall

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Glass appeal: Architectural glass art offers versatile home decor option  -  living room partition wall
It definitely adds a little glass.
Art of architectural glass
Functional fusion of glass and art as building and design materials
How homeowners in Edmonton can change their home decor plans is changing.
For example, imagine a kitchen tailgate made entirely of glass, not a tile.
Or consider replacing traditional front glass doors with etched patterns abovehung door.
Maybe instead of drywall, you may still have a wall partition, but it's now made up of brightly colored glass panels to achieve the same overall effect, but they allow light to enter the room.
Local construction glass artist Dana Price, owner of Flux glass Studio Inc.
The design process is about beauty, strength, and functionality, he says.
"The Architectural Glass Art incorporates light, color, and texture into a space that not only changes the look of the space, but also the whole atmosphere, truly incorporating art into the building," Price said.
"It is rapidly becoming a building and design material that is extremely versatile.
"There are multiple options for residential applications.
Wall partitions are one of the more popular options
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"If a lot of privacy is needed, we can use heavy textures, as well as frost or etching of wall partitions," Price said . ".
"We can add colors if we need them.
We can use thicker glass if sound insulation is needed.
It's just a great way to divide the space and create privacy while providing an artistic feel while maintaining an open and light feel in the space.
This is one of my favorite things to do because art works here. ”Today’s open-
The concept floor plan drives demand for these types of partitions and increases the price.
"What people find now is (the home)
It's a little too open, "she said.
"We do a lot of partitions that separate the living room from the dining room, and we do a lot of things in front of the house, so if someone comes to the door, they don't look straight at the house.
They also asked for the toilet area to be separated so that it could be separated from a large bathtub.
"But the only way to incorporate architectural glass art into the home, wall partitions are far from enough.
"In my opinion, one of the easiest ways to update and update the appearance of the kitchen is to remove the existing tile back plate and replace it with a custom new glass back plate," Price said . ".
"It really changed the look of the entire kitchen.
"Once installed, the custom glass tailgate is very sturdy and tempered when heated at the back of the stove.
Created in large panels with a small silicone cord, panels need to be docked with each other, they are easy to clean in addition to mildewand stain-resistant.
Thick glass countertops are another possibility, although the price indicates that they are more suitable for featured products as bathrooms or raised bar countertops.
She notes that glass is easier to scratch compared to other table top options such as granite or Crean.
"Almost every home has windows, side lights, and French doors, but the standard selection may be generic," Price said . ".
"With customization, kiln-
The molded glass is unlimited for any style of space, and it creates a beautiful interior element that creates a unique modern fashion feel for the space.
"Glass menagerieMimi and Jason Chalupiak are looking for a working finish at their home in Edmonton, Northwest.
Through a Google search, they finally got four pieces of architectural glass from the flux glass studio.
"We built a very modern house and I have always liked glass and stained glass very much," Mimi said . ".
"We are looking for the glass tailgate, so we searched some local glass companies on Google;
We contacted Flux Glass and made an appointment with Dana, and we really enjoyed what we saw and appreciated her pride in her work.
"Chalupiaks originally had three entrustments: one complete
Height flat glass tailgate in their kitchen, kiln-
Form a textured sliding glass door with a carved edge from bedroom to ensuite and a kiln-
There is a molded glass fireplace around.
Chalupiaks were very pleased with the three projects and they became repeat customers, ordering a large piece of colored glass art for their living room.
Mimi also likes teal.
The kitchen tailgate is stained glass, clean and stylish.
The fact that there is no grouting line and it is easy to clean makes her appreciate the tailgate even more.
"Our houses are all modern and very modern," Mimi said . ".
"What we want is the tailgate, a blue-green color.
At the same time, carved sliding doors allow light to shine in, but still provide privacy for the bathroom.
"It's also functional, so that's fine," added Mimi . ".
"That's what we want to slide the warehouse door because we have so many straight lines and I want organic things that look more natural.
"Chalupiaks is satisfied that the customer said this is not too much.
"I think Dana is very open to ideas and listens to what homeowners think," Mimi said . ".
"She must know what we are all doing.
She definitely exceeded our expectations.
Mini added: "visitors to their homes are always blown away by glass debris;
They want to know who created them and where they were created.
Price is rightglass Studio, which uses a combination of technologies to create architectural glass art, is considered a warm glass Studio.
"Our glass has a maximum temperature of 1,600 degrees compared to the hot glass studio (such as glass blowing or casting), which requires more than 2,000 degrees of glass to get the glass into a molten liquid state, "Price said he added that every warm glass artist has his own specialized project or kiln recipe
Depending on the thickness of the glass and the amount of texture required for the workpiece, the glass is fired to achieve different effects.
Price and his architectural glass artist Rostislav Rusev further combine the glass work of Flux glass Studio with a variety of artistic designs in the finished product.
"In Alberta, we seem to like the outdoors, we like to bring in the outdoors, so we bring a lot of nature," Price said . " He noted the need for forests and flowers for works that focus on the landscape.
"But there is a change.
We're starting to see the need for cleaner, fresher abstract products --
There are many textured glass with bold colors.
"Depending on the project, the price per square foot is $35.
The extra cost per square foot for color, custom texture or artistic design, and the price indicates that she is happy to take on new challenges.
"Even though I love every project we do, my favorite project type is when we create a project --of-a-
Provide exquisite custom glass artwork for customers. ”
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