give your older home’s story a happy ending - temporary partition wall

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give your older home’s story a happy ending  -  temporary partition wall
They told stories about the old house.
But without proper care, they tell a horror story.
"If you are realistic about your goals, you can greatly increase the value of the old house," said Brian Bowler . ".
"But too many people underestimate how much work it takes to decorate.
They think that things will cost less than they think, will happen faster than they think, and will be easier than they think.
These are the reasons why people get caught up in the most problems.
The host of HGTV left it to Brian and his colleagues.
Canada's Handyman Challenge star hopes to ease your DIY fears.
In a conversation with Alex Nino Gheciu, Baeumler answers questions from Star readers about decorating ugly sinks, cleaning up moldy basements, and insulation centuriesold homes.
Dear Brian: in our 70-year-
Old House, we have a room next to the kitchen, the windows are mainly three sides, there are bricks on the wall next to the kitchen.
We don't heat the room in winter.
Our neighbor has a washer/dryer vent that produces steam on that brick wall (
Very close to our property).
Now there is white powder residue inside the brick wall.
Is it a condensate that causes it?
Does acid help to remove residue? Anne T.
Annie. It would.
Acid, teaspoons and even scrubbing with water can remove white powder substances.
Is it caused by condensation? Yes and no.
The condensate through the brick is actually carrying some minerals from the brick.
This is the so-called weathering.
Salt and minerals are discharged from the bricks in moisture and when the moisture evaporates these crystals are left behind when we see white crystalslike substance.
Yes, you can scrape it off.
One way is to seal the bricks from the outside --
Put on the brick capping machine so you don't have moisture and condensate going through it.
Another way is to clean it up. Hi Bryan.
It is best to always keep the furnace fan open during heating and air-
Adjust the season, the stove is in automatic conditionmode?
Or use auto mode only?
If it's better to stay the same all the time, will this cost more, less or the same in terms of electricity bills? Mike S. Brampton, Ont.
This is a good question, Mike.
Personally, I think it would be good to keep the stove fan running automatically for at least half of the day.
You can turn it off at night.
Running a fan on auto brings cold air from the basement.
It will let the air flow and cool the house a little bit.
It will also work in winter by attracting warm air and spreading it to the whole house.
You will get a more even temperature throughout the house.
The second benefit is that by moving the air all the time, it will pass through the filter on your stove.
It would be better if you installed a secondary filter on the stove, as it will clean the air as it moves.
You will find it healthier and the temperature in your home will ease without having a boiling hot room and a cold basement in the attic.
Will it cost more, less or the same in terms of electricity?
It depends on the temperature you want to keep your house.
I can write some books about putting windows in the shade of your home, use window film to reduce the heat coming in winter and add R-value . . . and so on.
But, actually, I think it's easier to run this fan than to run the whole stove, ignite it and use gas all year round.
It depends on your comfortable temperature at home. One thing you can do is go to Labor's power department and simply get Black & Deckerto-Use the meter.
You tie it to the water meter outside the house and it will digitally record the amount of electricity you use.
It sends it to the wireless head unit in the house.
Once you have entered your electricity bill, area and peak hours, you can observe and monitor your expenses in real time.
Hi Brian: I have an actorIron, porcelain
Kitchen sink coating.
This is an original sink built in.
Drain board on both sides.
I spent $350 to redecorate it and it looked beautiful.
The problem is that gorgeous is temporary, the new surface is falling off in the cracks and peels, and now the sink is back with serious stains and scratches.
Can I get some durable plugins? Will it hide/cover the whole surface?
I cut a rubber pad to cover the bottom of the sink, but, of course, it doesn't cover the side of the sink. Thanks so much. Anastasia M.
Torasia, if you pay for this thing to be reworked, I'll go back to the refinery and say, 'What happened? '?
What type of product are you using?
Depending on the extent of the damage, there must be paint material to repair the porcelain.
As far as I know, there is no good solution for inserting.
Usually, in such a damaged sink, we remove it, or make proper repairs to it and apply an enamel coating on it, or just remove and replace it.
I know there are systems for bathtubs and showers, they go into the tub and shower, put the veneer on it, cover it and change the look of it, but I don't know anything about the sink.
So either redecorate or replace or live with it!
Dear Brian: our basement bathroom floor built in 1997 is white/sand-
Colored Vinyl on cement.
Across the hall from the cold room, there's a blue one on the floor-
Gray near the door.
About 14 years ago, our water lines were separated, backed up to our cold room, in the passage --
Opening of water and sewer.
There was never water on the floor of the cold room.
The water pipe is broken. our basement is dry.
If this is the mold caused by water damage, what can we use to clean the mold when we pull up the floor?
Now that it's on cement, will Bleach work?
Sharon and Bob.
Well, the problem with the mold is: Whenever you drink water where you shouldn't sit, the mold grows.
If you have a little flood and you clean it up right away, it is dry and it is not affected by constant water, it may not be mold.
But if you are worried that this may be the case, you can go down with mild soap and water and scrub well.
Be sure to wear masks, gloves, and eye care, basically just clean it up.
Bleach will obviously kill it, but it's a much tougher chemical.
Alternatively, you can use Concrobium, a mold spray that can kill it and prevent it from coming back.
After that, make sure to turn on the fan and dehumidifier to make sure the area is dry so the mold doesn't grow back.
The general rule is that if it is a 9 to 10 square feet area with mold and it is not really thick, it is something that homeowners can handle.
On top of that, I'll call a remediation company to check out itBryan: We live at 100-year-old, double-brick, three-storey semi-detached.
A lot of work is needed on the outside brick.
Would it be nice for Renault dollars to install exterior wall insulation and plaster outside?
We are thinking about making plaster (Bubble under)
Go to the bottom of the main floor window and point to the brick above and replace it.
Does it help with cold and airy floors on the main floor? Vivian D.
This is a difficult challenge.
We did a lot of 100-year-old homes.
Unless you're going to heat each wall, you really won't turn it into a modern, efficient, comfortable home.
But it will certainly be different to do a wall.
EIFS system in plaster
Foam covered with a leather coat outside --
A good idea, of course.
However, if the brick is in a rough shape, the first thing I would do would be to have a bricklayer come in and have a look.
If there are cracks and structural defects, the problem is that brick may be released from the house over time and may all collapse.
So you want to do a structural repair of the brick first, probably by patching it up and putting the plaster on.
You certainly don't want to cover it with foam and then smash it in with a bunch of screws, which will loosen the bricks even more.
If anything moves under his plaster, it breaks your plaster finish and you return to square 1.
This will help on the cold and airy floor on the wall.
But if you want all the benefits of it, you should use the plaster system in all three aspects.
Obviously you don't have to worry about the partition wall because you share the heat there with your neighbors. Good luck!
Bryan Baeumler shows up in new homes and apartments twice a month.
He was left to Brian's owner at 10 on Monday night. m. and co-
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