Get this look: Sliding barn doors - sliding wall panels

by:EBUNGE     2019-08-20
Get this look: Sliding barn doors  -  sliding wall panels
They are called sliding warehouse doors, but the space is popular-
The save function does not have to be national.
Dallas explained that the barn door can have almost any material
Laura Umanski, a designer based in Laura's company
Interior design from steel and chrome to vintage wall panels and glass.
"You can do a lot of different things," Umansky explains . ".
"Somewhere in the attic, stainless steel looks very smooth and modern, but for a French country, something more industrial or rustic might be perfect [home].
"The barn door is a large paneled door mounted on a track lying flat with a wall.
They are becoming more and more popular as a space
Save money because the door did not open to enter the room;
They have also become the focus of a design, embodied and built on the style of a home.
"It adds something to the interior," Umansky said . ".
"You can make doors online and buy hardware ---
It can be anything you want.
What I think is interesting is that you see this mechanism;
It's really construction.
"One of Umansky's designs was designed for writers who chose the barn door to create a more open floor plan.
"She wants privacy but does not want to close the room," she said . ".
"The best part is that you can open [barn]
The door, which also shows the entrance of the arch.
"The barn door can be placed almost anywhere, as long as you have wall space to slide the door to the left or right, as well as the ceiling space on which the hardware is installed.
"It's relatively compact, but you can definitely do it if you have wall space," Umansky said . ".
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