From 38 pitches at Chelsea's Cobham base to Manchester City's £200m Etihad Campus… Sportsmail's guide to the training grounds of the top Premier League clubs - flexible wall

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From 38 pitches at Chelsea\'s Cobham base to Manchester City\'s £200m Etihad Campus… Sportsmail\'s guide to the training grounds of the top Premier League clubs  -  flexible wall
The Premier League is back this weekend and players return to the club after the international match day.
The manager has only a few days to prepare their team for the upcoming race.
The big teams in the top league face the embarrassment of wealth in their state --of-the-
Art training facilities
Here, the sports Post can see the training ground of the "six big" Premier League club. Where?
Located next to the Etihad Stadium, the Etihad campus is connected by a bridge across Alan Turing Road, near the birthplace of Manchester City, Gordon-
There are also Manchester United near Newton Heath.
In December 2014, the Premier League champions revealed their pound campus.
"I have never seen such a thing," Pablo zhabalita said . ".
"Last month against Portugal, we came here with the Argentine national team and the players were impressed --
Even Messi.
"There are 16 outdoor football fields, a total of 8, and the watering effect is very good. 1million-
The liter underground water tank for collecting and recycling rainwater, as well as the longer and higher indoor facilities than St. George's Park.
2 out of 3 of the site is dedicated to youth development, so Guardiola and his players can enter three courses and a dedicated half-time --
A stadium designed for the goalkeeper.
Each has a different surface.
Desso, RouteZone and more serious master of sand grass-
Therefore, in theory, Manchester City can tailor the training for the away game according to the opponent's stadium situation.
There is also a "isolated" stadium surrounded by buildings that allows players to work on site
There are no debris hindered by strong wind conditions.
On the first floor-
There are three gyms at team headquarters.
Strength and conditioning, Pilates and technical skills
A lack of oxygen chamber consisting of treadmills that allow players to run at high altitude or at extreme temperatures, dedicated to freezing and overSound processing. In the hydro-
The treatment area has six separate components, designed for the treatment of injury water, including a cold swimming pool with a temperature of four degrees and a hot water swimming pool of 36 degrees for the treatment of injury.
City is even equipped with a hydro-treadmill with an underwater camera to monitor the player's movements.
After asking for advice on the design of the dressing room, the players asked the dressing room to be round and therefore more inclusive.
Players lounge, restaurant and 56-on the second floor-
Seating TV auditorium, where they can review training clips in the weather
Proof video cart for meeting shooting from the stadium-side.
There is also a player care department that meets all the needs of the team, from posting posts to advising on issues such as taxes, mental health, drinking, drugs and social media.
The third floor is reserved for the player's bedroom and they now live there the night before the home game. The four-
Star accommodation including King
The rooms are of moderate size and have an en suite bathroom. The hotel has all the necessary facilities.
A sleep specialist was hired when designing the decoration.
There are 80 bedrooms on site, including 40 reserved for scholars, and 12 reserved for tourists and parents in the nearby college building. Where?
The Ian training center is located in Carrington, Manchester, about 8 miles from Old Trafford.
The history of Manchester United's first team moved from the cliff to its current base in 2000, more than £ 60, while the youth team changed after the college was completed in 2002.
The Manchester United women's team started this season and is currently training on the cliff side because there is not enough space at Carrington base.
"They discussed plans and expansion in Carrington.
United Women's manager Kathy Stoney told the men's movement that the reason we didn't train there was because they didn't have the ability to play more teams, let alone us.
"We are not the only one who is training at the edge of the cliff, and some youth teams are training there as well.
But the women's team will be included when they start discussing how to change Carrington.
The base has 14 courses, an outdoor and indoor AstroTurf stadium with light and heating, and a designated goalkeeper training area.
Desso is the representative of Old Trafford stadium.
The main building is a first team home with fitness facilities, swimming pool, underwater treadmill, sunbeds, yoga room, office and five suite rooms on the first floor.
The ground floor consists of offices of managers and coaches, medical facilities and playrooms.
Manchester United have built a new 25-meter state. of-the-
Six years ago, the art medical institution in Carrington.
At the same time, the youth team also used the two floors of the college.
There are two football fields on the first floor, as well as dressing rooms and physiotherapy facilities.
The ground floor features a view balcony, a training suite and a MUTV studio. Where?
Tottenham's Hotspur Way training base in Enfield is about 7 miles from home White Hart Lane.
The historic training base was unveiled on 2012 and the club announced their new player accommodation hotel, which is adjacent to the club's training ground in mayenfield.
The facility was built taking into account the environment.
The club's website says: "The club has planted more than 150 new half
In order to establish and strengthen the ecological habitat, mature trees and thousands of new plants, hedges and flowers are spread throughout the site.
"Four of Maurreso Pochettino's first team's 15 stadiums are grass courses, and one semi-artificial is floodlit.
There are spacious restaurants and restaurants in the hotel. suite bedrooms.
Tottenham Hotspur players and staff can be at 40-
Bedroom, two floors, use-
A new moon building was built.
In addition, the facility contains a high
Quality gym including innovative flexible wall.
A yoga studio and a water and electricity
Physical therapy spa is also available to players and staff. Where?
Liverpool's Melwood training ground is about three miles from Anfield.
History: The Reds started using the base in the 1950 s and renovated it in 2001 when Gerrard Houllier was in charge of Liverpool.
On July, the club released photos of their planned state --of-the-
The college is currently located at the Kirkby art training base.
The program will bring the first team and the Academy in, and their football training business and facilities gather on a website as the new campus.
The first team will have an elite performance center and a state-of-the-
The art training base for the development team.
Liverpool 9,200-square-
The Rice training center at the academy site will have two first
The team stadium will provide players with first-class facilities including two gyms, a gym, a swimming pool, a spa and a professional sports rehabilitation suite.
The current training ground at FeaturesLiverpool has three artificial courses, including a stadium of the same size as Anfield, a gym, a swimming pool, a restaurant, a medical room, and a meeting and news suite. Where?
The Chelsea Cobham training center is about 17 miles from Stamford Bridge.
Historical owner Abu invested in the training ground after taking over in 2003.
Two years later, the first team moved here, and the official opening of the club's 20-meter training ground was in July 2007.
On 2011, left-back Ashley Cole shot and killed a student at the training base. Hewounded 21-year-
Old Tom Cowen accidentally fired a shot.
He brought an electric air rifle to Cobham.
The facility has 38 stadiums
Some soil is not heated enough to meet the standards of the Premier Leaguegyms, a hydro-
Sauna, sauna, steam room, media center.
Chelsea women, who won the Women's Super League last season, have their own indoor and outdoor facilities.
There is also a small stadium at the Cobham training center to host a European youth league level competition. Where?
The Gunners London Colney training base is actually next to the Watford training ground, about 20 miles from the Emirates Stadium.
Arsenal have been working at the training base for nearly 20 years.
Arsène Wenger joined the club as a coach in 1996 and played an important role in the opening of the base in 1999.
The venue, which cost £ 10, is a nine-year training base for the England national team from 2003 to 2012.
The training center has changed in the past 20 years, just last month, Arsenal boss Unai Emery banned his team from drinking juice.
According to The Mirror, Emory has changed her diet and set up a gym in a tent at the training ground.
Featured Arsenal team can use 10 courses, medical facilities, massage room, water and electricity facilities
Swimming pool, squash court, basketball court and gym.
The first team, the reserve team and the youth team each have three goals, and the rest are used for matches and friendly matches.
A medical and rehabilitation center was opened in October 2011 and the club was re-established last year
Renovated openedHale End Youth College.
More Gunners.
Pounds sterling, countryof-the-
The art facilities have many of the features the club wants to make sure the conveyor belt for their young talent continues to roll.
There are four full.
Named after the original four stands, Highbury, including a stadium with the same surface and size as the Emirates Stadium.
There is a new 4g stadium and a package inside the David rockbit Indoor Stadium
Around the design to replicate the feeling of playing at the Emirates Stadium.
The renovated main building includes gym, analyst suite, classroom, dining room, dressing room, medical space, office and entertainment space.
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