forever modern - living room partition wall

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forever modern  -  living room partition wall
Rachel Rosenbach was one of the first people to buy near unconventional houses known as Gregory aintré in 1948 in Vista in March.
"I saw it during the planning phase and I knew it was my house," Rosenbach said . ".
She and her first husband paid $11,800 for £ 1,050square-
Designed by Ain, the Foot Westside house, Ain, an uncompromising modernist architect, died in 1988. Fifty-
Five years later, the retired school secretary was one of the community activists who helped win the city's approval to protect the three children this month.
Area of 52 single blocksstory houses --
Most of them are still Square.
Like half a century ago, Edge, simplicity and grace.
The tract is The first
The residential area of World War II, as well as the first modernist buildings, became the historical protection coverage area of Los Angeles.
The historical name limits what buyers can do with the House: No insensitive changes can destroy the character of the house, or, worse, tear
Downs will be replaced by a "mansionized" residence.
Although some houses have been slightly changed, in many cases all but three houses have been recognized by Ain.
"This is the most complete and vulnerable community," said Dwayne Howard, a former owner of the area's promotion reserve.
Not all homeowners in the preservation area are excited about the new names, but the quality of the buildings that preserve the houses can be said to make them more valuable than others.
House designed by well
According to real estate sales agent Judy Sheller, well-known architects like ain usually have a premium of 15% to 20% over the property, he recently listed an Ain property with sales agent Rae Wayne for $699,000.
One of the owners who paid the high price was Todd Jerry, who bought his Ain house with his wife Ing Lee a year ago.
He is one of eight buyers who are forced to bid above the asking price.
The couple beat the next nearest competitor by $542,000 for $500.
First, Jerry second.
Guessed his own judgment and paid so much money for a couplebedroom, one-
Bathroom is only 1,000 square feet.
"It's a bit sad because the house isn't that big, and I'm starting to question things that cost a lot of money to buy the apartment that big.
"In retrospect," he added after living in the house for a year, "I think it was an amazing deal.
The layout of the house is very efficient and feels like 2,000 square feet, he explained.
"When the couple has guests, they can create an extra bedroom by closing a two bedroom
Folding doors in the living room.
"This is a feature that makes the house feel bigger than it is now," Jerry added . ".
Today's bid for the image of the buyer of Vista residential in March, and the initial market response was not good at the beginning of the market formed a ironic contrast.
Home builder, Senior Development Company
Promote the house as "modern", which is a combination of modern and unique.
However, the house is selling very slowly.
The lender's Federal Housing Authority told home builders to change their style, interspersed with more traditional houses with sloping roofs in modern-style boxes.
The builder refused, and there were still 50 houses not built in the second phase.
According to Anthony Desel, house builders and architects have lost money on the project, an architect who is working on a doctoral thesis on Ain.
The Ain community represents an optimistic period in the history of Los Angeles, where architects and builders believe that design can improve the lives of ordinary people without adding additional costs.
Ain, who grew up at work
Boyle Heights is basically himself.
Professor and work for Austrian Richard Neutralborn Modernist. With far-
Away from political tendencies, Ain is an idealist who balances his commitment to the top
The aesthetic of the modernist eyebrows and the practical commitment to the well
Life of ordinary people
"Ain has worked throughout his career to make architecture a social practice rather than a service reserved for the social elite," said Denzer . ".
He added that the Vista community in March "aims to serve the working people community and shows that modern design can serve everyday life.
"In fact, compared to the outward sculpture of Rudolf Schindler or Neutra, Eain's work doesn't seem exciting at first.
The appearance is very detailed and the interior is very simple.
Ain focuses on the quality of life, not on the display, especially by providing plenty of sunshine from all directions to make the home life feel closer to nature and landscape.
The side of the living room leading to the backyard is actually the floor-to-ceiling glass.
"Every room is a garden room," said Anne Michaelson, 35.
A one-year-old resident who raised two children in a small house.
Echoing the mood of the new Ain owners, long-time residents like Rosenbach also praised the versatility of the floor plan.
The sliding wall allows residents to divide one bedroom into two smaller rooms and narrow the other by closing a portion of the living room.
A Blind Venetian can open the kitchen in the living room.
"I admire the floor plan very much now, as I did when I first saw it," Rosenbach said, agreeing with other homeowners at the end of 1940, they began to appreciate the comfort and accommodation experience that did not depend on luxury.
Landscape is a major concern for architects, who, in collaboration with another design pioneer landscape architect, garlitte Eckbo, offers a rich palette of planting, including trees from six continents.
In landscape design, the front may be the boldest gesture, and Eckbo visualizes almost complete green lawn bands and exotic trees that extend along the length of each block and are only
The original deed of the property prohibits fences, so the continuous lawn looks more like a park than a row of private enclave.
Although it is generally designed for the working people, the relatively small Ayin House has recently been very expensive.
According to real estate agents Wayne and Sheller, the recently opened-to-host House, which costs about $650,000, listed the property.
Realtors are now obliged to disclose to potential buyers that the block is a historic one --
Protected areas, buyers will not be free to dismantle and "manage" houses as they do in the surrounding neighborhoods.
In a city that is often accused of ignoring its history and leveling its architectural landmarks, nearby-
The protection movement is moving forward.
15 New historic "Big Bang"
According to Kathryn Baird, a conservation advocate for the Los Angeles Conservation Association, the sanctuary is a non-profit conservation organization that has played an active role in the Ain Road district.
Not every homeowner in Vista tract in March supported this protection concept.
Susan and David Watkins are expected to be protected, and they started a massive renovation of their house last year, including a change in the front, shortly before an interim regulation banning such work came into effect.
"Do I have the right to decide what your house will look like, or what it will sell, or how you live in that house?
Susan Watkins asked that her family has owned the house on Mel Street since 1958.
According to the barrier, the Reserve protects "the outer envelope of the House and the ground", in short, everything that can be seen from the outside.
There are five enforcement areas-
Members of the community committee, appointed by the mayor, a representative of the local city council, and the Los Angeles Cultural Heritage Committee.
The board consulted with neighbors on the proposed changes.
Persons who do not act in accordance with the regulations may submit to the law enforcement department of the municipal construction safety department, and the latter may hand over the case to the municipal prosecutor for prosecution.
However, according to Barrier, most disputes are settled out of court.
"After all, they are neighbors," she said . "
Howard, a construction enthusiast who seems to know the details of each house in the neighborhood, says ain's design philosophy runs counter to the current taste of the giant house and building display.
"This is the equivalent of fast food housing.
The heat is the largest and the nutrition is the least.
Rosenbach said that when her first husband's friend, John enenza, suggested buying in the new Vista tract in March, she began to realize Ain.
Enenza, editor of Art and architecture magazine, is known for sponsoring case studies, a series of prototype houses commissioned by different architects.
Rosenbach remembers seeing architects.
When he talked about his job,Ain]
Very serious.
Besides, he has a good sense of humor.
However, Michaelsen said that when she bought her house in the 1960 s and came to appreciate it before she learned about the architect, she had never heard of Ain.
"You can't improve on the design," she said . ".
"There's nothing to get tired of, it's so simple and clean.
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Ayin's driving tour of Vista Tract in March will be one of the five historic protected coverage areas for 2nd "Home & history" self-presentation
10 a driving tour on April 6. m. to 4 p. m.
Pre-sale tickets are required: $30.
Please call L for information. A. Conservancy, (213)623-
2489, or visit www. laconservancy. org.
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