fitting a nursery into a home office - temporary room dividers

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fitting a nursery into a home office  -  temporary room dividers
A family raised by Julie SCELFOMAY month, 2010 Chris Barker years ago, his wife Michelle Golden, would be familiar with many New Yorkers on this issue: where do we put our children?
The couple are two.
Bedroom apartment in Chinatown but second bedroom provided office and file for Sir
Advertising agency and magazine celebrity portrait photographer Buck, 45 (
Including the New York Times Magazine).
He worked there with an intern and sometimes booked appointments and arranged filming logistics with an assistant. But when Ms.
Golden, senior editor of the 35-year-old Golden at Survey, is pregnant and the problem is no longer hypothetical.
"We knew the baby would sleep in the cradle of our room at first," she said . ".
"After that, we really couldn't get our heads around where the baby would go.
"Although the couple thought they could make room for Mr. Buck’s 175-square-
Walking to the office, it seems overwhelming to find out the logistics.
So in September, Ms.
Golden sent an e-
The email to The New York Times volunteered to be a "guinea pig" for "a designer who can help us divide our rooms ".
She wrote, "now advertising, the room is packed with photos, negatives, etc, and when their daughter is due, we want to convert part of it into a baby room through a parade.
AD Kevin Dumas, principal of Dumas I. d.
An interior design company in Brooklyn has agreed to undertake the project, which he sees as "a real challenge for New York City ".
"It's not just about decorating a room, it's also about" space planning and organization that really makes the space they have available for two purposes, "he said. ".
At the beginning of February, he
Dumas went to the couple's apartment for the first time and heard what they thought. Mr.
Buck suggested putting up a wall to separate the space and put forward many opinions on the decoration.
"I want it to be female, but I don't want it to be a cartoon version of a female," he said. ”Ms.
Golden said they had a crib, a simple white model passed down from her sister, but other than that, she and Mr.
Buck, like many people. to-
As parents, they don't know what else they need.
"I hope you can tell me what's going on in the nursery," she said . "Dumais.
They want "works of double duty" but "nothing frivolous", she added ".
"We are already trying to take a simpler approach to raising and buying baby supplies. ”Mr.
Duma showed them the magazine clips of the nursery, and they were immediately attracted by photos of brown and black --and-
White color scheme.
"Do you think a little girl will be O? K.
Is there such a black wall? ” Mr. Buck asked.
The ad "I think it depends on what girl you have ". Dumais said.
The designer asked them how they planned to use the nursery and Mr.
Work requires a working space for Buck.
But few people discuss how babies deal with noise from busy offices.
"She just needs to get used to hearing her father's voice . "Buck said.
"If I get a long call, I might go out in the lobby.
"They want to spend no more than $3,000 ,"
But they admit that they are not sure how much everything will cost.
"Turning one room into two will really drive prices up . "Dumais said.
"We are not painting the walls and putting the crib here.
We have to make this function work.
A few days later, he came back with two plans and a tentative budget, listing everything he thought the project needed.
But even with temporary partitions, not real walls
He suggested a partition from a New York room or a "wall-
Like partitionand with Mr.
Buck drew all the paintings himself and spent a total of about $3,400. Mr.
Buck listened intently, but he said the more he wanted to share a workspace with a newborn, the more he felt they needed a real wall.
"I think we will be more relaxed here if we don't think about every breath we take," he said . ".
He and the lady reviewed the arrangements.
Golden began to guess if they should also have a window on the wall for natural light to reach the work space and a pocket door.
"We have two cats. We like them very much, but we don't know how they react to babies . "Golden said. Mr. advertising
Duma agrees that windows and doors are a good idea, but reminds them that any increase will increase costs.
The next day, sir. Buck e-
The Mail said they were willing to raise the budget.
"Your collapse seems reasonable," he wrote . ".
"We can budget $4,500, which will be as high as $5,000 if the cost increases (
Like construction and demo)
No bargaining.
"They asked.
When the baby grows up, Dumas makes sure the nursery is large enough to accommodate a bed.
Duma assured them that there was a lot of room for a double bed.
However, he is privately concerned that the expectations of the couple may not be realistic.
He said: "I would love to give them everything they imagined, but it's already" tense me to transform the office into half the size of the original space.
"By the end of February, after getting estimates from multiple contractors, it was clear that there was no way to do everything the couple wanted and reduce costs. Mr.
Dumas advised them to focus on the essentials and keep things like Mr.
Buck's office shelf for a while.
Once the plan is in place, the couple wants to shop immediately, although the installation will not take place until a few weeks after the baby is born. (
"Michelle is Jewish. we are raising this Jewish baby . "
Buck told the designer earlier, explaining the custom that Jews did not establish a nursery until they were born. )
On the afternoon of March 11, Madam
Golden realized that she was in labor and went to the hospital, but she was sent home because there were still a few hours of delivery. She and Mr.
Barkley used the extra time to get the building approval for the zoning and they carefully designed the zoning to meet all the requirements.
"I'm not sleeping here, very anxious, I called Kevin, 'We need to deal with this! ’” Mr.
Said buck with a smile.
The next day, Olive Eleanor Buck was born, weighing 7 pounds, 9 ounces, and her mother was exhausted, elated, and her father was at a loss.
"They brought her out and she was a twisted, totally lovely thing, magical and strange," he said . ".
A few weeks after the family metBuck sent Mr. Dumais the go-
Arrange work in advance.
Then they faced the task of moving everything out of the office and moving to the living room, where
Golden was used to feeding olives at first.
Of the biggest emotional changes in their lives, they are now also physically displaced. Mr.
Dumas arranged for three contractors to complete the project within 11 days, thus speeding up the progress, but there are still some moments that feel endless.
Nine days later, Sir.
Dumas stopped to check the progress of the painting --
The last thing to do before furniture and office equipment is installed --and Ms.
Golden seemed distressed and decided to stay for the time being to help.
"I thought it was okay at first, but it did . "
Later, when I was about to break down, Golden said.
"By the end of April, the room had been completed and she could sit in a rocking chair with olives.
"It feels really calm," she said . "
"Like a sanctuary. ”Mr.
Buck was full of gratitude to Mr.
Guidance of Duma
"He took up our space and made it coherent, intuitive and practical in a way that we took years to figure out," he said . ".
"His budget is reasonable and that's right.
He worked in the new office for a while a few weeks later, adding: "It's smaller but better.
I have an opinion on the design, but Kevin gave me the sharp, refined version I always wanted but didn't know how to solve it.
Reducing his workspace by half, he said, is no longer just a pragmatic strategy to deal with limited space.
"This is a strange metaphor for how I give up a part of my work life and welcome this new person into my life," he said . ".
"The idea of having my daughter by my side was great when I was working.
"A version of this article was printed on page D1 of The New York edition on May 13, 2010 with the title: snack for babies.
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